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    All The Best Black Friday Pets Deals

    The only thing sweeter than these savings will be seeing your pet so happy with their new treats.

    Cyber Week, the week when almost every store has deals (more than you could ever conceivably look through in an entire lifetime), is *here*.

    We're wading through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Cyber Week to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. 50% off a trial order PLUS free treats for life at Spot & Tango — aka running to the nearest pet store when you realize your bestie's food bag is empty has just become a thing of the past.

    2. 32% off a dog DNA kit that'll help you finally understand the exact breed mix of your rescued bestie.

    Diagram showing breakdown of dog's genetic makeup

    3. $131 off a Furbo Dog Camera so you can keep an eye on your furry friend when you're not home. In addition to viewing photos and videos via smart alerts, this handy gadget will toss treats to your doggo and you can speak to them with 2-way talk.

    4. 41% off Angry Orange pet odor eliminator to help make your living space smell fresh and clean. While pets are perfect in every way possible, their smell is sometimes... not. But don't worry! This stuff has you covered.

    reviewer holding bottle of cleaner

    5. 20% at Rexipets (plus free shipping on orders over $49) perfect for stocking up toys and grooming products for your feline or canine pal.

    striped kitty puts paw on gray mouse toy

    6. 43% off foldable pet steps to make it easier for your little buddy to join you on the couch or in bed for ALL the snuggle sessions.

    a dog next to the pet steps

    7. 43% off an Amazon Blink Mini that'll allow you to see, listen, and even communicate with your pet while you're not home. This is especially great for those who brought home new pets during quarantine and want a way to stay connected to their babies as they head back to the office.

    the camera and a screen with a dog on it

    8. 64% off a three-tier cat tree to give your feline friends their own special spot in the house. Are you the best cat pawrent or what?!

    The cat tree in black

    9. 24% off a Chewy Goody Box filled with two bags of treats, three tennis balls, a delivery man toy, and a squeaky gift box toy your furry friend will absolutely adore. Who says gift boxes are just for humans?!

    the gift box

    10. 52% off an elevated bowl set so your kitty can drink water and eat food more comfortably. It even comes with a durable stand that'll stay in place and spare you from a massive clean-up.

    striped kitty sits next to elevated food bowl set with two cat face-shaped bowls on stand

    11. 36% off a cat scratching post they'll love getting their claws on and you'll love because they'll finally (hopefully) stop using your furniture as a scratching post.

    two cats near the scratching post

    12. Up to 25% off a reversible dog coat that's both water-resistant and lightweight to help keep them cozy for walks in the snow. If your pup could speak, they would definitely thank you.

    reviewer's bernese mountain dog wearing a blue vest

    13. Up to 41% off a cat hammock so your feline can rest in the sun and catch some sweet views of the neighborhood without taking up your entire windowsill.

    two cats lounging in cream-colored hammock and looking out window

    14. 38% off a pet mop and vacuum robot because you're far too busy feeding your pet, scheduling vet appointments, bringing them on walks, and most importantly PLAYING with them to focus on cleaning up after them, too.

    the white circle vacuum on its dock against the wall

    15. 53% off a beloved plush duck toy bound to become their new favorite.

    16. $100 off a multilevel rabbit house because, yes, your buns deserve a small mansion to call their own.

    the multilevel rabbit house with two bunnies inside

    17. 48% off an airplane-friendly pet carrier that can carry small pets up to 22 pounds. If you need to travel with your kitty or puppy, this bag is waterproof, made with ventilated fabric, and gives them plenty of room to move around.

    18. 69% off a durable and waterproof fetch ball with ridges that create extra bounce so your good boy or girl can have even more fun when playtime comes around.

    a black dog holding a large orange ball

    19. Up to 33% off an automatic litter box to end the stand off between your cat and its old litter box. Reviewers say that not only does it help reduce the frequency with which their kitties leave surprises *outside* the box, but it also helps reduce the amount of litter that gets tracked into the house. Also, no more scooping poop!

    Reviewer photo of their cat sitting in the box

    20. Of if you wanna get really fancy, save up to $100 off a Litter-Robot, which is WiFi-enabled, self-cleaning *and* looks like a spaceship.

    cat in round covered litter box

    21. 44% off a pet hair remover that'll pick up all the fur hiding around your home. It'll quickly remove fuzzy hair embedded in carpets, yoga mats, and couch cushions — just lightly sweep the stone over each surface — and turn it into a fluffy pile that could be mistaken for one of Paris Hilton's small dogs.

    22. 23% off an orthopedic dog bed with all the bells and whistles: three side bolsters that provide support and double as pillows, a high-density egg crate foam that cradles your dog's joints, a nonskid bottom, and a soft flannel cover.

    cocker spaniel puppy lying on the gray bed

    23. 31% off a wall-mounted catnip toy to gift your kitty a fun treat. This groove board contains four balls to pique their interest — catnip, silvervine, gall fruit, and cat sugar. And it has the added benefit of helping keep you feline's teeth clean as they try to bite the balls.

    24. 26% off a joint support chew with glucosamine, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that'll lubricate your pup's joints so they engage in zoomies without pain. These are especially helpful for very active doggos as well as working breeds and senior pooches.

    Infographic that shows the treats and says they're proven to increase hind leg strength by up to 41%

    25. 30% off chicken and sweet potato treats that your dog will love so much, you'll never have to argue with them again. What would you do for a Klondike Bar? More like what would your dog do for these tasty snacks!

    french bulldog begs for rectangular treat

    26. A first-time BarkBox shipment for $5 so you can surprise your pup with cool toys and treats every month!

    dog dressed as charlie brown next to peanut themed toys and treats

    27. 30% off a smart pet feeder to keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule whether you're around to do it or not.

    28. 25% off site-wide at Wild One, known for their walk kits, but also offering treats, toys, carriers, wellness items, and more for your pup.

    large tan dog wearing cocoa-colored harness connected to a matching leash and poop bag holder

    29. 25% off site-wide and 50% off subscriptions at Bonne et Filou, a French-inspired luxury dog brand because your pup deserves only the finest things in life macarons and champagne plush toys.

    30. 25% off site-wide at Bocce's Bakery, a one-stop shop for all your doggo treat needs. From crunchy biscuits, to training treats, to high-protein jerky, they have all the good stuff to make your pup happy.

    31. $15 off site-wide and 20% off orders $90+ at Little Beast to give your floofy baby the cutest, trendiest wardrobe EVER.

    32. Buy 4 items and get the 5th free, spend $100 and get 10% off, spend $150 and get 15% off, and spend $200 and get 20% off at Supreme Paw Supply, a designer dog store with the most wonderful assortment of clothing, toys, and leashes and collars.

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