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    28 Incredible Shampoos Our Readers Swear By

    Take care of that hair.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community which shampoos they absolutely swear by. From sulfate-free products to luxury brand splurges, check out their suggestions to discover the next bottle you'll want to add to your own shower's line-up!

    1. Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish to give curly locks with three times the nourishment as an ordinary shampoo. Basically a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment all in one.

    @garnierusa / Via

    "The cheapest, sulfate-free, curly shampoo that money can buy. My hair is dry and extremely frizzy and textured, and this stuff is great!" β€”maitlandquitmeyer

    Get it from Amazon for $3.25, Jet for $4.17, or Walmart for $3.42.

    2. Redken Extreme, which promises to make hair four times stronger (pretty freaking strong).

    Facebook: Redken

    "I bleached my hair twice and this is my greatest hair savior. It works and it smells good! Most importantly it doesn't cause back acne." β€”hadhinahfawwazahn

    Get it from Amazon for $15+ (available in two sizes) or Walmart for $14.68.

    3. OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco for a sulfate-free shiny head.

    Facebook: OGXbeauty

    "I have very fine, thin hair that is super susceptible to breakage. This stuff has saved my hair countless times. Plus, it smells amazing." β€”catielu21

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99, Jet for $6.23, or Walmart for $5.79.

    4. Lush I Love Juicy to fight the oiliest of hair in the gentlest way possible.

    @lushexeter / Via

    "My hair is very, very fine and it basically starts to feel oily almost immediately after I take a shower. Ok, that's a little hyperbolic, but only a *little* hyperbolic! My absolute favorite would have to be Lush's I Love Juicy, because β€” not only does it work incredibly well β€” it also smells amazing." β€”mallorymcinnis

    Get it from Lush for $9.95+.

    5. Neutrogena Anti-Residue – you should use this once a week, not every day. Clean AF hair, here you come!

    @neutrogena / Via,

    "I use it once every week/every other week, depending on how much product I used in my hair that week. It cleans all of the gunk from dry shampoo and hairspray out of my hair. I use this, and then follow with a deep-conditioning mask. My hair has so much volume after I use this, and it’s cheap! β€”kbo525

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $20.05, one from Jet for $5.38, or one from Walmart for $4.89.

    6. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Drink It Up Coconut Milk may do exactly what its name suggests, moisturize your mane to maximum smoothness.

    Facebook: albabotanica

    "Such an amazing cruelty-, sulfate-, paraben-, and formaldahyde-free shampoo! Every time I use it, (which is the only shampoo I use now), it never strips my color, and leaves my hair super soft, hydrated, and smelling like a piΓ±a colada. I'll never go back to anything else!" β€”c4ad95e322

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $13.89, one from Jet for $6.02, or one from Walmart for $7.87.

    7. Aveeno Active Naturals Pure Renewal for a gentle cleanse that won't strip your hair of natural oils.

    @aveenous / Via

    "Sulfate-free and it makes my curls amazing. I was going to try the curly girl method, but my hair is too thin and fine to co-wash. So, I settled for sulfate-free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner and my curls have been thanking me!"β€”stephykneejo

    Get it from Amazon for $5.97, Jet for $6, or Walmart for $5.97.

    8. L'Oreal Paris EverCurl – managing those curls will never be easier than with this stuff.

    "Nothing else makes my curls look as good. Smells awesome and cleans well. Sometimes I switch just to change it up, but using other products always just reminds me of how much I love this stuff, and I always come back to EverCurl." β€”j497776c57

    Get it from Amazon for $4.34, Jet for $6.23, or Walmart for $6.72.

    9. Renpure Coconut Cream β€” it can protect your hair no matter what special treatments you do to it at the salon. It's that safe.

    Facebook: renpure

    "I have really curly and thick hair that gets dried out and is very fragile. I use this shampoo and it works wonders! The conditioner is also just as amazing! Another good thing about this shampoo is the amazingly low price! I recommended this shampoo to my friends and they adore it as well!" β€”secludedanxiety

    Get it from Amazon for $7.59 or Walmart for $7.99.

    10. Kristin Ess The One Signature Shampoo to achieve celebrity-style locks.

    @kristin_ess / Via

    "Not only is she a stylist for celebs such as Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, and Jenna Dewan Tatum. This is great for all hair types. This shampoo makes my hair feel so clean and lightweight. Sometimes after using this I don’t even need a conditioner, because this just makes my hair so damn silky. Such a steal for an amazing product." β€”kristah44885698c

    Get it from Target for $10.

    11. Dove Revival to moisturize your mane with a nourishing and yummy-smelling formula.

    "I’ve been using it for at least seven years. It makes my hair feel so soft, and it smells so good. From long hair to short hair, it has made my hair feel healthy and happy." β€”cariv2

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $22.50, one from Jet for $6.22, or one from Walmart for $5.92.

    12. John Frieda Frizz Ease β€” it's bound to become your best friend on the most humid of days. Or if you're just prone to frizzy hur.

    "I recently moved to the South and thought my naturally wavy hair would just explode. This shampoo keeps my frizz and the curls around my face calm. My hair has been a lot easier to style too, (when I get around to styling it). It's been a godsend. Not to mention, it smells great!" β€”ellieglobal

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $10.87, one from Jet for $5.72, or one from Walmart for $5.49.

    13. Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore for those willing to splurge on a product your hair will adore you for.

    @oribe / Via

    "I've never had my hair feel so soft or look so shiny!!" β€”christinariou

    Get it from Amazon for $17+ (available in three sizes), Jet for $17, or Walmart for $17.59.

    14. CrazySmooth by ColorProof for keeping color safe and hair vibrant.

    @lovecolorproof / Via

    "Absolutely amazing for thick, coarse, and frizzy hair! Anything by ColorProof is great, actually." β€”570chick

    Get it from Amazon for $38.23, Jet for $26.99, or Walmart for $42.90.

    15. Lush Shampoo Bars β€” they last up to 80 washes and are going to make you and your hair feel so glamorous.

    @lushcosmetics / Via

    "They're all amazing. They smell great, clean my hair and scalp so well, and have no packaging, so they're good for the environment! On top of it all, one bar lasts up to 80 washes!" β€”brittanyv402eb2f08

    Get them from Lush for $10.95+ (available in 13 types).

    16. Drybar On The Rocks to make your mane feel as good as you feel after having any sort of alcohol...on the rocks.

    @_whiteafterlaborday / Via

    "I absolutely live for this shampoo! It makes my hair feel clean and silky smooth! The charcoal removes impurities and product buildup without stripping or drying out my hair!" β€”pauls454d38e51

    Get it from Drybar for $26.

    17. UltraSwim Chlorine Removal – perfect if you spend lots of time swimming and looking for products to remedy chlorine-damaged hair.

    "Great for swimmers or for people whose hair doesn't react well to chlorine. Even if you don't swim, it's still a really smoothing and wonderful product!" β€”chartreuseq

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $18.06, a two-pack from Jet for $29.99, or a two-pack from Walmart for $15.88.

    18. Loma Moisturizing Shampoo because when your head is feeling dry, you'll want to lather this on ASAP.

    "It's paraben- and sulfate-free, and totally safe for colored hair. It's a little expensive, but honestly saved my bleached and fried hair. It's also cruelty-free, and it comes in a variety of naturally fruity scents like tangerine and pear." β€”sophiet47f805b44

    Get it from Amazon for $14.50+ (available in two sizes) or Jet for $18.08.

    19. Fanola No Yellow – a shampoo that actually wants you blondes to have more fun.

    @silkybow / Via

    "This is God's gift to blondes." β€”averym4d1b945f2

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in five sizes), Jet for $13.49, or Walmart for $19.99+ (available in three sizes).

    20. Cantu Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream for gently killing...yucky residue buildup in your hair!

    @cantubeauty / Via

    "Having curly hair, you need lots of moisture! This shampoo cleans without stripping your hair of oils. Love it!" β€”acast063

    Get it from Amazon for $9.28+ (available in two sizes), Jet for $6.02, or Walmart for $9.04.

    21. Nature's Gate Enriching Biotin for anyone with thin hair, because all hair needs to be treated differently.

    @ilovemariarheza / Via

    "I am allergic to a lot of harsh chemicals that are in most shampoos, so I have been using this brand since I was a little kid. It gets my hair clean and it smells amazing." β€”stargategirl21

    Get it from Amazon for $14.93+ or Walmart for $13.08.

    22. Lush Rehab if heat, dye, or any other sort of ~dangerous~ styling is taking a toll on your locks, this'll restore it back to health with this good stuff.

    @lushie_gabrielle / Via

    "I have extremely thick hair with a really oily scalp and dry ends. I've been looking for a shampoo that doesn't overly dry my scalp, but keeps it from getting so oily. This is the best shampoo I've used. It leaves my scalp smooth and perfectly balanced. And a huge plus is that the ingredients are natural. Just make sure to use a good conditioner if you have dry ends." β€”dessjae

    Get it from Lush for $13.95+.

    23. Mane N Tail, which was originally made for horses. It can make your hair (or shall I say mane?) feel luscious.

    @reaganibach / Via

    "It was first made for horses, but it's so good for your hair, it smells good and leaves my hair smooth and silky. β€”marcellaschlote

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $16.77 or a two-pack from Jet for $34.99.

    24. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo for starting your day with the most refreshing shower of your life.

    @teatreehaircare / Via

    "My hair always looked greasy, (especially my bangs), by the end of the day until I started using this. Gets out product really easy and it's concentrated, so you don't need much. It can be a bit drying though, so make sure you use a conditioner with it." β€”cayliej3

    Get it from Amazon for $34.15+, Jet for $55.99, or Walmart for $42.

    25. Living Proof Full so your hair will literally be living proof that real full hair is possible, thanks to this stuff.

    @livingproofinc / Via

    "My hair has seriously never looked better. I'm fortunate to get by with just one wash a week, so it lasts me a while. If you're willing to invest, you'll end up with beautiful, smooth, soft, and shiny hair!" β€”christinak4c924587c

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $43.13.

    26. Enjoy Sulfate-Free Luxury Shampoo to volumize hair so it always looks sleek.

    "This stuff is magic, people! My normally coarse, rough, frizzy hair, that’s been weakened from years of flat iron use, was basically brand-new, healthy hair. It’s sulfate-free, protects my color, extends my blowouts, and also helps detangle. My hair just feels and looks so much healthier! I used to switch shampoo all the time, but I’ve moved to exclusively using this for the past three to four years, and I won’t go back." β€”meganm43e775de3

    Get it from Amazon for $16.96+ (available in two sizes) or Jet for $18.80.

    27. Function of Beauty that'll allow anyone to customize their shampoo to fit their personalized needs.

    "It has made a huge difference in my hair, and you can change your customization for future purchases if you wish. They use all-natural products, and are sulfate-, paraben- and CRUELTY-free! You fill out a questionnaire and hair profile on their website, and then submit which goals you have for your hair. They ship it to you and give you instructions for washing to meet your needs/goals. You even get to pick out the color and smell! Within the first wash I already noticed a huge difference in softness and curl enhancement. I've been using it for four months now, and I will definitely keep buying! I used to have to use two to three styling products and a diffuser to get some wave. Now, I just wash, use one styling product, and air dry. β€”artistthateats

    Prices vary, take your personalized quiz and make your custom selections here.

    28. SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention to ensure your locks stay hydrated and don't dry up.

    @sheamoisture / Via

    "This stuff is the shit. I've permed, bleached, and dyed my curls more times than I can count. But SheaMoisture always makes my curls bounce back." β€”rhiannonh4cad2ddf9

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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