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    23 Long-Sleeve Dresses From Amazon That You'll Actually Want To Wear

    'Tis the season for sleeves.

    1. A printed swing dress to check off your bucket list of clothing items you're dying to own already.

    2. A plaid pencil to change up your autumn wardrobe without sacrificing your favorite seasonal print.

    3. A collared dress you're about to pull out your credit card and splurge on. LOOK AT IT!

    4. A floral beauty that'll have you dazzling all day.

    5. A casual swing dress cute enough to make you look dressed up and comfy enough to keep you relaxed.

    6. A black fringe-neck dress — it's not like a regular black dress, it's a cool black dress.

    7. A babydoll flared cutie you'll feel like prancing around in.

    8. A floral tulle beaut sure to make you look like you just stepped out of a magical fairy garden.

    9. A turtleneck pencil bodycon for all you fine, fresh, and fierce rockstars who also want to show off that booty.

    10. A pullover dress for wearing on those mornings when you can't decide between a sweatshirt or a dress.

    11. A floral off-the-shoulder to wear when you're feeling a boho chic look.

    12. A collared dress as a good option for work, dressing up at school, or being Wednesday Addams for Halloween.

    13. A lace-sleeve chiffon dress to channel your elegant side.

    14. A bright-colored pencil with flared sleeves that'll say "I'm serious, but not that serious."

    15. A knitted number perfect for when you're trying to decide between buying a simple black dress or a floral dress.

    16. A tie-dye maxi so cute, I could rant about how great it is, but you probably won't even get through reading this without it ending up in your cart.

    17. A floral maxi – if you just can't get enough maxi in your life.

    18. A sparkly bodycon that'll truly make you the life of any social gathering.

    19. A ruffled off-the-shoulder you can wear for an out and about day or extravagant event.

    20. A turtleneck dress ready to take on the chilliest of days with you, your favorite tights, and cutest booties.

    21. A lace garment for wearing while you sip a lavish martini and live your best damn life.

    22. A retro piece Audrey Hepburn would definitely approve of.

    23. A casual number with a lace bottom that's hard to not fall in love with.

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