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The 5 Most Romantic Songs In Human History

For real.

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The 5 Most Romantic Songs in Human History

Looking for that perfect playlist for your upcoming Date night? We got it!

Here’s a list of the top five all-time favorite classic romantic songs which are sure to get you and your partner swoon together in love.

#1 The way you look tonight – Frank Sinatra

An Old time American classic, this song was the one of its kind romantic track which has remained a classic since decades. From the emotional and amazing lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s deep and lovable voice, this particular track succeeded in making its place in the list of the world’s most famous love tracks there are. Sinatra is one of the most iconic Jazz singers of his time and till date his romantic tracks are known for their magical lyrics.

#2 Rhythm Divine – Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias is one of the few male singers whose voice is enough to make girls go weak in their knees. One of his debut tracks, Rhythm Divine was an instant hit when it released in the 90s. This song is a perfect example of what happens when steamy feelings of love are combined with the best of beats. If dancing is something you and your partner enjoy, then this is the song you would love to play. Enrique, who hails from Spain is one of the most popular romantic singers globally. His voice has an incomparable charm and that’s what makes him a favorite for music lovers.

#3 I just called to say I love you – Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is one of yesteryear’s most popular artists. Known for his sugary sweet voice, he certainly rules the territory when it comes to creating the best love songs. Stevie’s music is an infusion of melodious beats, warm tunes and of course, his soft and pleasing voice. This is a perfect song which shows that love exists in the simplest of gestures. It’s the little things that matter the most.

#4 Love Story – Taylor Swift

This song is one of the most popular song among millennials. Taylor Swift immediately became a musical sensation when her debut song, Love story was released in the industry. Set with the backdrop of Romeo and Juliet as the main characters, this song is the perfect version of countryside romance. From the symphonic guitar beats to Taylor’s mellow voice, this song is still counted as one of the best love songs to have been ever made.

#5 Right now (Na Na Na) – Akon

Even though Akon seems to have vanished off the radar lately, there certainly was a time when he used to rule the playlist with his music. This song perfectly describes the feelings of a broken heart. The lyrics are enough to make the strongest of hearts melt and show the wrath of a failed relationship. Most often people let go of their loved ones and then regret their decisions later. This track symbolizes this pain and the related emotions through its apt lyrics.

Wondering which one to play tonight? Light the candles, lay the tables, pour some wine and invite your partner. Put on some mood lighting and there you go. Here’s your perfect recipe for a date night. Play them on repeat and Try em’ all!

Happy Date night!

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