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    31 Organizational And Storage Products From Walmart That’ll Make Your Home Unrecognizably Neat

    We're here to take advantage of every inch of storage.

    1. An innovative outlet mount with a cable organizer to charge your phone or keep your smart devices plugged in neatly and out of the way.

    white wall outlet mount

    2. A stackable wire basket with a wooden base that's even classier than you might expect for a simple storage solution. Use it in any room in the house, and it'll look like it belongs there.

    gray wire basket with wooden base

    3. A set of honeycomb drawer dividers to wrangle all the small items in your sock or underwear drawer from getting lost way in the back, never to be seen again.

    white honeycomb drawer dividers

    4. A sleek file folder bin to keep all the important documents that, if you're anything like me, you want to keep just because they look important. (Who knows if you'll actually need a paper copy of that ever again. 🤷)

    black square file folder bin with gold corner accent

    5. A set of three under-bed storage bins to keep your winter clothes out of sight (but not out of mind) so you can just enjoy the warm weather.

    3 gray under bed storage bins with dividers

    6. A woven basket that's the perfect place to drop extra blankets or pillows in the living room. Or keep it at the bottom of the stairs as an easy way to carry shoes or toys back to where they belong. Maybe, just maybe, they won't be scattered everywhere anymore.

    round woven basket

    7. A cute over-the-toilet cabinet because that area is valuable real estate for extra space to hide away extra unsightly bathroom items.

    wooden over the toilet cabinet

    8. A skinny rolling cart that makes use of the small awkward spaces in your home. Use it in the laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, closet, or really anywhere, to fully utilize every inch of storage space available to you.

    white wire three tier rolling cart in between a washing machine and dryer

    9. A storage bookcase with a modern farmhouse barn door to give you extra storage wherever you need it, without looking like an eyesore.

    wooden tall storage cabinet with sliding barn door

    10. An adorable laundry detergent holder that also includes a guide to laundry icons that I personally can NEVER remember and have to look up on my phone EVERY time. Just me?

    white laundry tin container with laundry icons printed on it

    11. A wire laundry basket to upgrade from your old, dingy plastic one. It actually looks cute while collecting your dirty clothes, and the washable liner keeps everything nice and clean.

    wire laundry baskets with white cloth liner

    12. A 12-tier over-the-door shoe organizer that can hold up to 36 (!!!) pairs of shoes and keep them accessible while also out of the way and off the floor. I definitely need this to convince my husband that we actually DO have room for me to buy more shoes!

    12 shelf over the door shoe rack in gray metal

    13. A bar storage cabinet to keep your mixers and liquors (or anything else) quietly tucked away out of sight until it's time for happy hour. The shelves with bottle dividers will eliminate any bottle rattling for good.

    black cabinet with two gray wooden doors

    14. A 10-piece set of clear organization bins to keep everything close at hand while wrangling all the random items that end up shoved in the back of a drawer. Bonus points if you arrange it in rainbow order!

    10 piece set of plastic clear bins

    15. A set of glass canisters with wooden tops to keep your items organized and looking stylish. Who knew the simplest items like cotton balls could actually be so adorable when displayed in these?

    1 tall and 2 shorter glass containers with wooden tops

    16. A wooden bookcase that upgrades the classic square cubby organizer into a sophisticated piece of furniture with literally thousands of uses. Go ahead and count them all.

    eight cube wooden bookcase

    17. A set of 100 thin velvet hangers to fit even more clothes in your closet without anything falling on the floor. I can tell you from experience, switching to these hangers will completely change the space in your closet!

    gray thin velvet clothing hangers

    18. A set of hanging wall baskets to take advantage of any empty wall space that is begging to be used for storage. Get that fruit basket off the valuable countertop for good!

    2 gray wire hanging baskets

    19. An innovative four-tier hanger to save tons of space by fitting multiple pants, tanks, scarves, or anything else, all on one hanger while still having easy access to your items. I wish I had heard of these sooner, so I'm telling you now!

    silver hanger with four tiers

    20. A six-piece set of wire cupboard organizers because you need to make the most of every 👏 last 👏 inch 👏 of cabinet space.

    set of 6 white wire cabinet organizers

    21. A set of seven clear stackable pantry containers that'll keep your pantry looking super tidy. The airtight locking lids keep everything fresh, and you can see exactly how much you have on hand.

    7 clear plastic containers in various sizes

    22. An over cabinet wire basket to free up valuable drawer space. Perfect to store plastic shopping bags for reuse and pull each one through the dispenser at the bottom. You no longer have to keep the growing bag of bags under the sink!

    white wire over the cabinet basket

    23. A stacking silverware holder that holds all your pieces in less than half the space of the traditional holder. There are already little labels to tell you what is in each section, which is just genius.

    white plastic utensil holder with 5 sections

    24. An organization rack to protect pans, lids, and cutting boards from scratches and keep them easily accessible. Forget the days of having to lift every pan to get to the one you need!

    25. A spinning spice rack with 16 jars, labels, and five years of spice refills included. That's right; you'll never run out of spices for FIVE years!

    round turning spice rack with 16 spice jars and labels

    26. A wall-mounted wine rack to save space and put your collection on a display. The sets are available to fit 12 or 24 bottles displayed side by side to save even more room. Cheers!

    27. A heavy duty wire strap to contain extension cords, hoses, or other wires that are always finding a way to get ridiculously tangled.

    black wire wrap holding up a yellow extension cord hanging up on a wall

    28. An electric wall outlet with six grounded outlets that include easy-to-reach openings on the side to work in tight spaces. It also has a built-in circuit breaker to stay safe and avoid overloading.

    white wall outlet with 6 outlets

    29. A multifunctional lift-top coffee table that truly does it all. Keep the clutter off your coffee table by hiding it away inside. Plus, lifting the top makes it easy to eat, work, or play games without leaving the couch!

    gray wooden coffee table with lift top and dark metal legs

    30. A nine-piece set of refrigerator bins to corral your chaotic groceries into clear, easy-to-reach sections, so you know exactly when you run out. Use a dry erase marker to label each one, and switch out labels easily!

    set of 9 clear storage bins for refrigerator

    31. A sturdy Command spray bottle mount that holds the weight of your go-to cleaning goods without budging, saving tons of space in messy cabinets and bathrooms.

    hands pulling on the command strips

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