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    7 Reasons Why Social Media Is Killing Your Social Life

    In this day and age its hard for most people to hold a conversation; ever wondered why? Your tablet might be the source of all your problems. And to think... you rely on that thing.

    1. The Entire United States of America Has Jumped on the Bandwagon

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    Statistics have proven that in about twenty-three years web usage has morphed from a handful of academics and researchers to most of the United States. Most people haven't even noticed this change of pace but it has taken a major toll on society. Its becoming an epidemic.

    2. Most People in America Haven't Seen the Sun in Months

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    "This may not come as a shock, but about 1 out of every 4 people socializes more online than in person, 32% of people would rather text you than talk to you, and a whopping 51% of teens would rather communicate digitally than in person (even with friends)." Most people today spend their time online, they send emails instead of meeting in person, they text instead of calling, they even send pictures of themselves to one another to take the place of having to actually pay a visit to their friends.

    3. We Don't Even Know How to Speak to Each Other Anymore

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    "Humans send many nonverbal cues, from fidgeting to foot tapping, long pauses to eye contact. Reading those signs is a skill “that young people are not learning when they’re using these devices,” Small said. 'We all know the story of kids breaking up with each other through text message. When you have to fire someone or give them bad news, it’s uncomfortable. In face-to-face conversation, you’ve got to think on your feet. ... You’ve got to respond right away.'" -Katherine Bindley, The Huffington Post

    4. Text Messaging Can Get You Into Some Deep Shit

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    Text messages that are meant to be lighthearted can easily be misconstrued as malicious or rude and vice versa. Most people today cannot have an argument face to face for fear of upsetting someone or just confrontation in general. However, through a text message an argument can be much more detrimental to a relationship. A 2005 study was done to test how well emotion could be identified through text message and "In fact, the recipients only identified seriousness or sarcasm 56% of the time."

    5. It Causes Depression... / Via

    It has been shown by many researchers that spending more time online can lead to mental diseases such as depression and anxiety. Lawrence Lam, an epidemiologist at the University of Notre Dame and a colleague conducted a study to test this theory. While they couldn't quite say why the internet causes a rise in these disorders, they concluded that "slavish use of the internet could be a red flag for underlying depression" as well as the fact that depression and internet use are directly linked.

    6. It Consumes Far Too Much of Our Time

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    Teenagers never get a spare moment in this generation; neither do adults for that matter. Whether it be school work to social media, we are expected to do it all. However, there is a point when most teenagers just want to be alone and that takes place in their spare time. Social media is the outlet they have at all times of the day right in the palm of their hands. I mean honestly, who would want to go out when you can binge-watch The Blacklist on Netflix... Am I right?

    7. Its Completely Misleading


    Things that happen on social media generally stay on social media... That is, if you don't know the person or you never plan on getting to know them (so basically they never stay on social media.) There are those times where you wish more than anything that things would stay on social media though. "Catfish" is a term used basically meaning to trick someone into thinking you're something you aren't so that they will like you. This happens quite frequently-- so frequently that MTV made a tv show about it. However this is not the only time social media can be misleading. Rumors are spread extremely fast over the internet and WebMD is constantly trying to convince you that you have cancer. No matter how many times the internet gets it wrong our society as a whole always comes back to it... (but we blame the internet for our problems.) How are you expected to socialize with people who don't even exist while rumors are being spread about you and you're busy being diagnosed with cancer? It would seem that socializing becomes the last of your worries.

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