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    31 Affordable Things From Wayfair That’ll Help You Redecorate With Little To No Effort

    Unleash the instant makeover hacks.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dog-shaped ottoman for a splash of whimsey that's also, dare I say it, a pretty tasteful accent to uplift your living room.

    The dog ottoman in yellow, in a living room

    2. A Kelly Clarkson tuft-upholstered wingback rolling chair that'll immediately upgrade your WFH space from ho-hum to yaaas-hunny! It rolls, is ergonomically designed for eight-hour comfort, and has a flair for high drama that I frankly envy.

    The chair in a fabulous deep emerald.

    3. A neat and tidy-looking solid wood desk with deep drawers to hide all the random pens, office supplies, and papers you usually sprawl all over your workspace. It also has plenty of room for makeup, making it an awesome vanity, or maybe a work and work-it twofer.

    The white desk with natural wood legs in a reviewer's room

    4. A small, round accent mirror that will both make your room look totally up-to-date and make it look bigger. Honestly, it puts all of your other lazy, lazy furniture to shame.

    The mirror, in pink in a living room

    5. A geometric openwork table lamp with a drum shade and just the right trendy-but-not-overwhelming-about-it aesthetic to give your place a subtle, grown-up ~glow-up~.

    The lamp, which has an openwork body, with three pieces of metal pipe that meet together at the base and the top of the lamp, below the bulb

    6. A matte-finished metal Novogratz indoor/outdoor rocking chair that's a Dwell-worthy addition to any patio or living room and stands out in a good way, without being too flashy.

    The chair in yellow on a back porch

    7. A bamboo tray you can use to round up all the stray little things cluttering up your bathroom and give them a home. It works great on top of the toilet, to make use of that under-utilized space.

    The tray on a reviewer's toilet with a candle, spray, and a jar on it

    8. A natural-edge coffee table made of a single slab of teak, to give your room a makeover that's part Bag End, part mid-century modern. Each one's different, but they're all just as durable and water-resistant as you'd expect from this kind of wood.

    The table in a living room

    9. A tweed throw blanket to give your couch or bed a surprisingly effective one-step coziness makeover. It comes in 35 colors to coordinate with your other stuff no matter what your palette is.

    The blanket in a buttercream color on the edge of a bed

    10. A Regency-style glamorous upholstered bench that'll turn your boring hall or area into a retreat fit for royalty. And it's nearly half-off right now!

    The bench in gray

    11. A pair of cute-as-heck feather pouf lamps for an Insta-worthy dose of aesthetic whapow! They also put off a nice, diffused light that'll have a dramatic effect on the room they're in: namely, one that's and welcoming, just how you want it to be.

    The lamps in white, on and glowing from the inside. It's frankly gorgeous!

    12. A bed skirt made of slick-looking microfiber modal, to hide all the embarrassing stuff you keep under your bed and look good doing it.

    the bedskirt on a reviewer's bed

    13. A salt lamp made from an actual chunk of the Himalayas. It's supposed to improve your mood, help you sleep, and purify the air, but also it'll look *really* cute on on your nightstand.

    The himalayan salt lamp

    14. A recycled-plastic essential oil diffuser to give the very air you breathe a makeover. Put in whatever essential oils you want, and enjoy their ethereal aroma for hours.

    The essential oil diffuser

    15. A loveseat that's like magic for taking that awkward little nook in your bedroom or studio apartment and turning it into a full-fledged sitting area.

    The couch in gray

    16. A vanity set with a two-drawer mini-desk, attached mirror, and matching stool that's pretty stylish, giving your room just a dash of got-it-together glitz, without going over the top.

    The white vanity with drawers and a round mirror attached, also a stool

    17. An unfinished natural wood side table or nightstand with real branch legs, to give an otherwise meh space the missing dash of marvelous it deserves.

    The table in a living room

    18. A set of plastic stacking dining chairs with a stunning tree-like design that I own myself and can confirm are: a) gorgeous, b) comfy, and c) a fabulous accent in a place most folks don't expect (under their butts!). I also love that you can pile 'em up and out of the way when they're not needed (because my apartment is *small* and every inch counts).

    19. A floor lamp because lighting is actually super important and can totally change the way a space feels. Also, this one makes a great accent by a chair, and is a pretty sweet deal at this price.

    Floor lamp in living room

    20. A filing cabinet that arrives fully assembled and we have at our place and really love. Honestly, it's just a filing cabinet, but the splash of color does a heck of a lot to brighten our WFH space.

    The filing cabinet in pink

    21. A set of new towels whose dramatic impact, wherever you hang them, is not to be underestimated.

    Six piece set of towels sitting on the counter

    22. A metal basket that's attractive in and of itself and you can stuff it full of all the bric-a-brac that currently makes your place such a mess. That's a redecorating double-whammy, folks.

    Metal basket with throw blankets inside

    23. An area rug that'll ~really tie the room together~. It'll go with just about anything and it's so darn cheap, it won't throw your life into a tailspin if someone messes it up.

    The rug in a living room

    24. A wall-mounted over-the-toilet storage unit because it looks nice on its own and now you'll have somewhere for that sprawling mess of toiletries and pill bottles currently taking up your bathroom counter. Boom, bathroom makeover accomplished!

    Storage cabinet in bathroom

    25. An enameled bathtub-shaped soap holder so utterly precious it'll make any bathroom a thousand times cuter. It has holes in the bottom to prevent the accumulation of watery goo when you put wet soap back into it, but to be honest it's so cute a lot of people use it as a decoration.

    The soap holder on a reviewer's shelf

    26. An artificial palm that looks so real, it'll fool you from time to time. A large plant is one way to pull your apartment together. Place this next to your TV stand, office space, or any corner of your house to give it some life. Not literally, in this case, but you know what I mean.

    a reviewer's photo of the fake plant in their home

    27. A geometric bookcase you can use to uniquely display your favorite books and knickknacks. It's not too big, but makes a strong impact for sure.

    the yellow bookcase in a reviewer's home

    28. A freestanding toilet paper holder to hide away your rolls and instantly unlock tidier vibes in the bathroom. It also has a nifty tray for your phone, but like everything from Umbra, of course it's well-designed... and pretty, pretty classy-looking, if I do say so myself.

    The stand next to a toilet

    29. A TV stand with rad color accents that's a fun twist on Danish modern and a standout piece for any living room.

    The stand with yellow accents

    30. A set of two bookends to ~give yourself a hand~ in redecorating your space. You know when a librarian takes their glasses off and then everyone realizes they were actually actually fun and interesting this whole time? It's like that, but for a bookshelf.

    a reviewer's white hand bookend

    31. A pack of peel-and-stick tile that totally looks like the real thing. Unlike real tile, it takes no effort to install.

    The product installed in a bathroom

    You, after one of these products changes your place's vibe with, like, no effort: