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    Hot Topic Is Having A 30% Off Sale, So Make Some Room In Your T-Shirt Drawer ASAP

    Admit it, you could use a new Slytherin sweathshirt.

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    Unleash your inner 13-year-old, superfans, because Hot Topic is having a one-day-only 30% off sale on everything — even clearance stuff!

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    Whether you're here for the pop culture merch or just appreciate the fashion, for the 24 incredible hours of July 28, you can take 30% ~anything~ at Hot Topic your heart desires. Orders $60+ get free shipping. call your mom and ask her to pick you up from the mall a little later today, because we're about to share with you our top picks from the sale:

    1. A Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus sweatshirt because, like me, you believe they were *clearly* the best part of the whole franchise.

    Hot Topic, Hot Toipic

    Be still my gay heart.

    It's light blue color-blocked, has Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus' Lip Rods on the sleeves, and the two together on the back. Oh, there's also a heart-shaped zipper pull, for maximum prettiness.

    Price: $34.93 (originally $49.90, available in junior sizes XS-3X); or $38.43 (originally $54.90, available in plus sizes 0-6)

    2. A pair of Demon Slayer hanafuda earrings to help you channel your inner Tanjiro. Fans love that they look just like the ones he wears in the series.

    The earrings
    Hot Topic

    His earrings were the whole reason I ever started watching the anime in the first place. So cute, yet so menacing: what a vibe!

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these! They are exactly as they are in the anime, and are amazing quality. The design is excellent and they feel sturdy without being heavy. I wear them all the time." —Nejian

    Promising review: $9.03 (originally $12.90)

    3. A Slytherin cloak, because unlike Harry, *you* would have actually listened to the sorting hat.

    The black zip-up hoodie, which has a green lining
    Hot Topic

    Ofc, nine-year-old me had a huge crush on Hermione, so I probably would have gone to Gryffindor, too. No judgement here, Harry!

    This zip-up jacket is made in Slytherin house colors, there's a house crest on the left chest and the back has a super rad fishtail hem with a drawstring. There's also *three* pockets: two at the hips and a hidden one for your wand. (Seriously: it comes with a wand pocket!)

    Promising review: "Love the lining, but love the three pockets even more!!! Two outside *and* a wand pocket inside... wow. And it zips! Awesome quality! One of my faves." —Pop Fan 2

    Price: $38.43 (originally $54.90+, available in sizes XS-3X)

    4. A 20 ounce Stitch travel cup that has ounces markings on the back, to help you make sure you're getting enough H20 every day. It includes a matching lid and straw.

    Hot Topic

    Stay hydrated and keep this bad boy out of the dishwasher, because it's hand-wash only.

    Promising review: "Fantastic and really cool cup, perfect for my milkshakes." —Snickers96

    Price: $6.93 (originally $9.90)

    5. A Nightmare Before Christmas backpack because it's ~not~ plain, and as anyone can see, you and this bag were meant to be.

    The bag
    Hot Topic

    Just remember what you put in it, lest you interrupt class by singing "What's this? What's this?!?"

    It's polyurethane with two zip-closure pockets (the bigger one has another little pocket hidden inside!), and it includes adjustable straps. It's small — 9" x 4 1/2" x 10 1/2" — but that's more than enough space for your keys, phone, wallet, tablet, and umbrella.

    Promising review: "This bag made this OG Nightmare Before Christmas fan happy! I'm obsessed! It's so cute and roomy, and the straps are comfy! And who doesn't love the famous Jack on the hill scene!!?! You need this mini backpack in your life!" —Britain FX

    Price: $34.93 (originally $49.90)

    6. A The Office paperweight depicting Dwight's stapler in gelatin that's the perfect meta prank for your office friends.

    The paperweight
    Hot Topic

    Promising review: "Pretty small as it’s a paperweight, bought for my partner who’s a diehard The Office fan and they loved it. It's very cute and the resin is clear enough to easily see the stapler." —Kayra E

    Price: $10.43 (originally $14.90)

    7. A chibi Disney Princesses chibi Disney Princesses blind box enamel pin featuring either Tiana, Jasmine, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Belle, or Ariel. Which one will you get? You won't know until unboxing. Fun!

    The pins
    Hot Topic

    Each box contains one of the pins.

    Promising reviews: "Nice little princesses manga-style, and the colors!" —Leutty

    "The details are really good!" —Kimdana

    Price: $6.23 (originally $8.90)

    8. A pair of My Melody strawberry milk socks that are pretty much the kawaiiest thing ever.

    The socks
    Hot Topic

    One size fits most, and they're machine washable.

    Promising review: "These socks are so cute and comfortable! The pastel design is so adorable and I'm a huge My Melody fan!" —Breakthyspell  

    Price: $4.83 (originally $6.90)

    9. A Hello Kitty pink tie dye T-shirt featuring your favorite cartoon cat in a candy-themed fursuit.

    The T-shirt
    Hot Topic


    Promising review: "Comfortable, cute, and nice to wear for any occasion. I love it!" —Crystal Ann

    Price: $20.23+ (originally $28.90+, available in sizes XS-3X)

    10. A Winnie the Pooh tabbed journal with a delightful watercolor design and all your favorite friends from the Hundred Acre Woods on the tabs.

    Hot Topic

    It's 6 1/2" x 8 1/2", spiral bound, and has lined paper.

    Price: $10.43 (originally $14.90)

    11. A Marvel Loki windbreaker featuring the Time Variant Authority crest and "Variant" on the back. It's also got pockets, easy-on/easy-off snaps, and a drawstring.

    Jacket front
    Hot Topic

    Promising review: " Amazing quality jacket! Fits very well and the stitching is fantastic. An awesome purchase for any Loki fan!" —Tiffany Moreau

    Price: $34.99+ (originally $49.99+, available in sizes XS-3X)

    12. A pair of Sailor Moon mom jeans with awesome embroidery, including the catchphrase "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you" on the back pocket.

    Hot Topic

    These actually made me cry with joy a little.

    They're safe to machine-wash and dry, by the way.

    Price: $34.93 (originally $49.90, available in junior sizes 0-19); or $38.43 (originally $54.90, available in plus sizes 16-28)

    13. A Pokemon floating art pen that you can tilt to see the little characters move.

    The pen
    Hot Topic

    Gotta catch 'em all... all the important details in your meeting, that is.

    Price: $6.93 (originally $9.90)

    14. A Spirited Away dust sprite ramen bowl and chopsticks set that's dishwasher and microwave safe, and also the exact right shape for slurping the last bit from the bottom of the bowl.

    The bowl
    Hot Topic

    Promising review: "As you eat from this bowl you will surely be...Spirited Away. Your soul will be taken to a new world! When you open up your cabinet and see the Soot Sprites bowl...may it remind you to eat so you don't become weak in this world." —Foxnflower

    Price: $13.23 (originally $18.90)

    15. A Beetlejuice pencil case to help you keep track of your writing utensils, because just saying "jelly pen, jelly pen, jelly pen!" doesn't quite work. And it was already on clearance, so you're getting it for more than half off!

    Hot Topic

    Promising review: "The pencil case is very cute and keeps its shape fairly well. It's able to hold all 15 of my pens and pencils without bulging all that much. I really enjoy using the case!" —Jessie J

    Price: $6.15 (originally $12.90)

    16. A Scaled and Icy T-shirt to show the world how much you love Twenty One Pilots.

    The T-shirt
    Hot Topic

    Promising review: "I got this shirt for my best friend and they love it. They said it was really comfortable and will totally be wearing it when they go see them in concert again." —Wili

    Price: $12.82+ (originally $22.90+, available in sizes XS-3X)

    17. A pair of Mary Janes because these shoes are so in right now and it's time you got a pair of your own.

    The shoe
    Hot Topic

    Promising review: "Sized perfectly, sole is very comfortable and the style is great and trendy!" —Kimberly85

    Price: $27.93 (originally $39.90, available in women's sizes 5-11)

    18. A lace duster with a skull design that you can pair with jeans or a dress for a little extra coverage *and* goth attitude...all year long!

    Hot Topic

    The polyester duster has a high-low hem and is hand wash only.

    Price: $23.03 (originally $32.90, available in junior sizes XS-3X); or $20.66 (originally $36.90, available in plus sizes 0/1-4/5)

    19. An official BTS photo book with 25 posters to decorate your bedroom with the greatest musicians of our time.

    Hot Topic

    Promising review: "Originally, I had ordered this somewhere else but when it had arrived to me, it came in a not so good condition, which was upsetting. But then when I saw that Hot Topic was selling this and I had bought the first edition from here too, I decided to rebuy this from here! And I am glad that I did because they shipped it in perfect and mint condition! Thank you!" —Janne

    Price: $9.09 (originally $12.99)

    20. A pair of Stitch slippers that have ears on them and say "ohana" on the bottom, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

    Hot Topic

    One size fits most.

    Promising review: "These are seriously the cutest slippers ever. So soft and warm too. I have stone floors so it’s always cold in the house. I never take them off!" —Ann Lee

    Price: $5.59 (originally $14.90)

    Don't forget to check out the rest of the cool stuff on sale during Hot Topic's flash sale today!

    When you're on Jeopardy! and the prompt is "things from Hot Topic I bought during this sale:"

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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