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    31 Things From Target That Were Practically Made For Tiny Living Rooms

    Small and light-looking seating options, storage furniture that'll surprise you, and a couple lifehacks to change the atmosphere of your small space.

    1. A cloth-upholstered storage ottoman that's double the usual size and a worthy adversary for the mountain of blankets and throw pillows currently cluttering up your space.

    The ottoman in gray, in a living room

    2. A small Nearly Natural plastic wreath for when you want to add a splash of living color to your tiny living room but the only space left is the door. Even if your house is Leslie Knope-level cluttered, you've definitely got space for this beauty.

    The wreath with yellow, red, pink, purple, and green flowers on it

    3. A tower fan that's small and mighty, for all y'all with tiny living rooms ~and~ no AC.

    The black tower fan

    4. A Safavieh clear acrylic bar cart for a gorgeous accent piece that's useful and doesn't add a lot of visual bulk. Yes, you can see right through it, but the ~really~ great thing about this for tiny living rooms is that it's got wheels...so it can live somewhere else when you don't need it.

    The clear bar cart in a living room

    5. An affordable 1080p projector because TVs are so bulky and who has space for that?!? This bad boy is about the size of a box of cereal, for easy moving and storage. It's also equipped with Wi-Fi streaming to connect to your phone, game console, and speakers...without a big ol' mess of tangled cords.

    The projector projecting from a phone

    6. A bright and beautiful abstract rug to tie together your whole living room. I know it seems counterintuitive to put something so bold in a small room, but hear me out: adding personality and interest to a space will go a long way towards making it more habitable, and since you probably can't make the room any bigger, the next best thing is to find ways to make it cheerier, more interesting, and more enjoyable.

    The yellow, pink, and blue rug

    7. A light and lean side chair named for my hometown, which was also the filming location for the movie Poltergeist. It looks like it costs ~stacks on stacks~, and is super minimal while still being pretty cozy, just right for occasional seating that doesn't make things feel hauntingly cluttered.

    The white chair in a living room

    8. And! A simple-yet-unique guitar pick-inspired accent table that has neat, elegant, clean lines. The minimalist aesthetic will help complement what little space you've got, rather than cluttering it.

    The tripod wooden end table in the color natural

    9. A minimalist coffee table with cute-yet-functional drawers, because you can take all the extra storage you can get. Unlike your living room, the drawers on this bad boy are *surprisingly* roomy.

    10. A mid-century modern TV stand that offers both open and closed storage, so you can show off the things you're proud of and hide the stuff you don't want to be looking at all the time.

    The stand in brown

    11. A TV mount so you can live it up like Michael Scott with a screen that comes out from the wall when you need it; if you've got a lot of people in the room and need more space, viola!, right into the wall.

    a television on the wall mount

    12. A small sofa with ~loving~ reviews from folks who live in small apartments. Even though you don't have a lot of room, you still deserve to have somewhere to sit down and take a load off!

    The loveseat in blue

    13. A slightly splurgey metal hanging planter with room for three plants in it. Even though your living room is tiny, you've probably still got plenty of wall space to make use of, and a little greenery is always appreciated. Plus, it's shiny!

    The gold plater with three plastic plants

    14. A versatile, six-cube organizer shelf that can be displayed horizontally or vertically depending on the size of your living room and the look you are going for. Reviewers love that the size of each cube is large enough to *actually* store items in — not just to display cute knickknacks.

    15. A sheer curtain panel that only lets in filtered light, so you can have some privacy. After all, if your living room's real small, there's also probably nowhere to hide. These will stop nosy folks from seeing all your business, while allowing the room to remain light and bright.

    The white sheer curtains

    16. A rad roll-out sofa bed that's under 4' wide, because its twofer functionality and smart design really help you maximize your limited space.

    17. A rustic floating shelf to add some display or storage space somewhere that's being under-utilized. There's all kinds of places where it makes sense, because you're not likely to bump into it; like behind the couch, above side tables and lower shelving units, or on free wall space near the TV (assuming you have room for one, ofc).

    The rustic triple cubby shelf in the color aged wood hanging above a couch

    18. A round, wire basket with copper handles to get décorganizing, because when everything has somewhere to go, your space will feel a whole lot bigger.

    19. A frameless, circular mirror that does all the mirror stuff you know and love like reflect things, add interest, and make the room look bigger...but in a slick Instagrammable design that's also super light aesthetically, because there's no hard border around it.

    The mirror hanging over a fireplace mantle

    20. A few sheets of peel-and-stick wallpaper to change up your room in a big way...without taking up any space at all!

    The pattern in green

    21. An air-conditioner that's sized just right for tiny living rooms, which also has a built-in dehumidifier to will help the air feel lighter, so your small space isn't so oppressive on sultry summer afternoons.

    The air conditioner. It's white.

    22. A G.O.A.T Glade scented candle two-pack with a fresh floral scent, that has an escapist vibe I've been using for *years* to make my small living rooms feel livelier and lovelier.

    The candle

    23. An accent cabinet that's not too deep but still has a fair amount of space inside it and a narrow-but-usable tabletop. This is a great alternative to a side table when you also need to add some storage.

    The brown cabinet in a living room with books and linens inside and some decorative stuff on the top