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    28 Things From Nordstrom That People Actually Swear By

    People adore these products and the reasons are obvious

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of Zella Studio Lite crop leggings reviewers swear are literally the world's greatest, which is definitely saying something because Lululemon offers some pretty fierce competition.

    A model wears the leggings in Pink Paradise (coral)

    They've got a 21" inseam, moisture-wicking amazingness, a hip pocket for your keys, and are made from bluesign®-approved tested and sustainably produced fabric. Nothing like looking fab and feeling guilt-free, am I right?

    5-star reviews: 344

    Promising review: "I am a former college athlete and practically live in athleisure. I’ve bought thousands of pairs of leggings from Lulu, Athleta, Nike, and Calia by Carrie. No other leggings compare to these! I wear these leggings for everything! They’re beautifully high-waisted, and the fabric is incredibly soft, comfortable, and breathable. You can’t lose with these leggings! I’ve ordered them for gifts for family and friends and everyone I have bought them for says they’re hooked! Well done, Nordstrom! Well done!" —TexasTennisGirl

    Price: $33+ (available in sizes XXS-XXL and five colors)

    2. A Giorgio Armani oil-free foundation, available in a dizzying array of shades, that's blissfully light while actually delivering on the claim to give all-day coverage. Reviewers say it's a splurge but you'll end up saving money by using less.

    A model wearing the foundation in 7.75

    5-star reviews: 2,991

    Promising review: "This is the best foundation I have used thus far. Used Laura Mercier forever but not working for me anymore. Tried Mac, Bobbi, Nars et cetera. It is light and luminous but gives amazing coverage that lasts all day, REALLY. I'm using much less concealer for my uneven pigmentation. It is expensive but I feel like I am using less product. Think I found a keeper!" —Jennyv

    Price: $37.40+ (available in 46 colors)

    3. A sports bra that's 83% merino wool for a fit and feel so unusually plush you're never gonna want to take it off.

    A model wears the black sports bra

    Unfortunately, this one's only sized for those of us under a D-cup. Thankfully, Nordstrom has a TON of other options that'll be supportive enough for the rest of us (no worries, that includes me too!).

    It's machine washable but can't be put in the dryer, and made of fabric that's OEKO-TEX certified to be free of harmful substances.

    5-star reviews: 135

    Promising review: "I've had several of these bras over the last few years and they are my absolute favorite! They're so soft, yet durable, and I can wear them for just about anything. Whether I'm working in the office, horseback riding, or doing even the sweatiest of chores, they always keep me comfortable and look very nice." —HappyOverHere

    Price: $50 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    4. A buildable, brightening NARS concealer so you can stay flawless for sixteen hours and then some.

    A model without the concealer on / a model with the concealer on

    It's free from fragrances, parabens, and alcohol, and noncomedogenic.

    5-star reviews: 731

    Promising review: "Let’s just say the hunt is finally over! I have horrible dark circles and it’s been very hard trying to find a concealer that could cover these circles, without aging me, with all the cakey and creasing. It covered my dark circles all day, no creasing! Flawless." —Kim45WH

    Price: $11.05+ (available in 29 colors)

    5. A Bobbi Brown brow pencil beloved especially by those of us with lighter hair to get full and precise definition without looking like one of the Marx brothers.

    Above, a model without the pencil on / below, a model wears the pencil in a brown

    5-star reviews: 188

    Promising review: "I'm a pale blonde. I've despaired over the years trying to find an eyebrow pencil in blonde because they come out reddish on me every time, so I look ridiculous. Someone recommended I try gray instead, which would be a perfect neutral. And I found out it's nearly impossible to find a gray shade in an eyebrow pencil that doesn't have to be sharpened with a makeup pencil sharpener. Then I discovered this Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil, and all my problems were solved. The gray shade is absolutely perfect on me — dark enough to define my brows, but not so dark that it looks harsh. I love the angled tip. I love the texture of this pencil, which gives me a softer look that is still defined. It wears well and lasts a long time. This is absolutely the best brow pencil I have ever used." —LinOhio

    Price: $38.25 (available in 8 colors)

    6. A Tory Burch leather flip-flop that also fits folks with wider feet (finally!). Reviewers say it's a splurge for sure, but totally worth it.

    The sandals in butter yellow

    It's SO HARD to find shoes when you have wide feet, but broad-pedded people love these.

    5-star reviews: 297

    Promising review: "These shoes are BY FAR the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I’m literally buying them in every single color. Thanks Tory for finally making a shoe that fits a wider foot!" —NordieGirl30

    Price: $198 (available in women's sizes 5-13 and six colors)

    7. A Lancome lash primer to keep whatever mascara you wear over it perfectly on-point no matter the weather.

    A model applies the white mascara primer

    Be sure to apply your mascara while the primer is still fresh for better adhesion.

    5-star reviews: 1,177

    Promising review: "New mascara holy grail. It can be very humid where I live and no matter what mascara I try, I get some transfer to my eyelids after a few hours. This put a stop to that! As an added bonus, my lashes look long, thick, and perfect! Will buy again." —BreinMO

    Price: $22.95

    8. A contouring wireless bra from the comfort geniuses at Natori to free yourself from pinching and poking, once and for all! Reviewers with larger cup sizes swear it's just as supportive as an underwire bra, which is pretty incredible.

    A model wears the bra in black

    I'm larger-chested for my small frame (the same band/cup size as the reviewer, actually) and it's ~virtually impossible~ for me to find bra that are actually comfortable and fit. Natori is one of the only brands I trust to give me the support I need without feeling like someone's trying to knead me like bread dough all day. I've tried this one, and even though I usually use an underwire it delivered just what I needed. If you have any desire to go wireless, get this right now. (You can thank me later.)

    5-star reviews: 214

    Promising review: "AMAZING! My new favorite bra. I am a 32DDD and didn’t think I would ever find a non-underwire bra that would work for me but this one does! Super comfy and provides adequate support. Had to come back to buy in all the colors." —WachelC

    Price: $64 (available in band sizes 30-38 and cup sizes A-DDD and three colors)

    9. A tinted setting powder from Laura Mercier with so many 5-star reviews it literally broke Nordstrom's website. Use it to give your face a flawless finish without feeling like French toast.

    A model without the powder on / a model wears the powder in Medium  Deep

    5-star reviews: 12,500+

    Promising review: "As a professional makeup artist, I learned about this product early on in my career. It's light, easy to put on with a puff, and a beautiful way to set your makeup. Beautiful! You'll look like you just set your makeup without looking like you've been rolled in flour." —Facefeeler

    Price: $19.55+ (available in two sizes and three colors)

    10. A blowdryer brush from Drybar to cut your after-shower drying/styling routine in half.

    A model with wet hair / a model after using the dryer brush

    5-star reviews: 193

    Promising review: "This thing is amazing. My hair is naturally super-curly and before I would have to shower, blow dry, straighten, then curl my hair. Now, I can just shower then towel dry, put in products, and use the double shot and it gives me amazing duchess of Cambridge hair in less than 20 minutes. I would highly recommend this to ANYONE and already have." —Saraharah715

    Price: $127.50

    11. A flowery Joe Malone cologne to smell like you just bathed yourself in fruit juice without having to worry about getting sticky.

    The perfume bottle on a table with nectarines and honeycomb

    5-star reviews: 176

    Promising review: "This is my absolute favorite JM fragrance. It is not too sweet, refreshing, uplifting, and grounded at the same time. It puts you in a good mood and I always get compliments on it. I'm never not in the mood to wear it and it works anytime, but it's especially perfect for everyday warm-weather wear. I love this fragrance! If it ever gets discontinued, I will never be the same." —NaplesMom

    Price: $61.20+ (available in two sizes)

    12. A Laura Mercier oil-free tinted broad-spectrum sunscreen moisturizer for a no-makeup look that also prevents sun damage.

    The sunscreen

    Thanks to my medications my face now burns almost immediately (looking at you, spironolactone). I am buying this right away.

    5-star reviews: 1,079

    Promising review: "I've had sensitive and acne-prone skin my entire adult life and this does not make me break out! It gives beautiful natural coverage, but also is buildable. It is an amazing product and lasts a long time. A little goes a long way!" —Princessdi232

    Price: $39.10 (available in 15 colors)

    13. A MAC kohl eyeliner pencil to give your peepers more definition without looking like a racoon a few hours later.

    The eyeliner in Photogravure

    5-star reviews: 318

    Promising review: "I was looking for a waterproof, smudge-resistant eyeliner and hit the jackpot with this one. Not only is it everything it purports to be, but it is very reasonably priced for a product with so many fine attributes. I wear lots of moisturizer, including around my eyes, which makes it challenging to find a long lasting eyeliner that doesn't end up moving while I participate in my day. I do wear a powder liner over the Mac pencil liner to help ensure its staying power, but I've done this with other liners and they still move with time. Not the MAC! It's great. I'm sold." —Massagemaven

    Price: $16.15 (available in five colors)

    14. A pair of Van's slip-ons that have been in my rotation since the early 1990s because they're comfy and go on easy-peasy, no laces necessary.

    The slip-ons in Leopard Black/True White

    I'm autistic and couldn't tie my shoes until I was nine years old, and to be honest it's still a challenge for me. So I've been wearing these since I was a toddler and never stopped. I can slip them on and go about my day without having to worry about tumbling down the subway stairs because my shoes came untied again. You'll see me in a pair everyday I'm not sporting my zip-up Doc Marten Jadons.

    They run big and stretch, so most reviewers say order a half-size down from what you usually do. And, yes, Nordstrom's site says these are for women, but shoes are shoes—wear what you want!

    5-star reviews: 561

    Promising review: "These are the best sneakers around. They are supportive, made well, and I wear them year-round." —Sglen

    Price: $44.95+ (available in women's size 5-15.4/men's size 3.5-13 and eight colors)

    15. A Bond restorative conditioning shampoo made by Olaplex reviewers rave is a veritable fountain of youth.

    The shampoo

    5-star reviews: 860

    Promising review: "My hair had become the texture of straw, with no movement. After trying things like biotin, vitamins, and collagen to no avail, I tried this line and I have my teenage hair back at 40 plus. I’d conceded to short bobs because my hair was thinning but now it’s growing past my shoulders and I’m thrilled. If you’ve struggled with hair changes from aging or coloring or medication give it a shot." —LMHT

    Price: $14+ (available in two sizes)

    16. And! An Olaplex Bond conditioner to get your locks shiny and vibrant again.

    The conditioner

    5-star reviews: 332

    Promising review: "The first time I used No.5 I noticed a difference in my hair it felt and looked soft, smooth, and shinny. The drying time was also accelerated it took me less time to blow dry my hair (which is long), and I like that. My hair feels full with body yet flows with the wind and the sun reflects itself in the shine of my hair. Thank you!" —Maroonmoons

    Price: $14+ (available in two sizes)

    17. A pair of Allen Edwards cap-toe oxfords that look sharp with everything and are a worthwhile splurge because they're sure to last a lifetime.

    The shoe in light brown

    5-star reviews: 411

    Promising review: "These are my first nice pair of dress shoes and they are definitely worth it . I think these shoes should be a staple of everyone's wardrobe, as they can be worn with everything from navy suits to jeans. With minimal upkeep, I can see myself wearing these shoes for many years to come." —RyanRH

    Price: $395 (available in men's sizes 6.5-13 in widths A-EE and eight colors)

    18. An AHA serum that uses licorice and lactic acid to resurface dull skin with radiant results.

    A model before using the serum / the same model after using the serum for 28 days

    5-star reviews: 444

    Promising reviews: "For me, it's everything. Instant gratification. From night one my acne scars were faded, skin was glowing and plump. If I could only keep one product in my skincare, this would be it. Whether or not it works for you is mostly dependant on how your skin does with lactic acid. Some people do better with glycolic acid, and some people do better with lactic. My skin (normal to dry) hates glycolic. I use this every night, but I use way less than directed. You do not need a lot of this to get results. I do a little less than half a pump before I go to bed and my skin is glowing." —Christinlinds

    Price: $40.80+ (available in three sizes)

    19. An Adidas baseball cap that's breathable so you can keep the sun out of your face without getting swamp-hair.

    A model wears the hat in Black/White

    5-star reviews: 687

    Promising review: "As a groundskeeper I like to look sharp. A white cap sets the expectation this overgrown landscaping is about to look like a golf course. This Adidas cap is made of quality breathable, cooling cotton, the emblem is sewn to perfection, and it has a comfortable snug fit. The price is a steal. I may not look as good as 2017 KPMG Women's Champion Danielle Kang but her never-give-up attitude inspires this oldster as I tackle some overwhelming jobs." —TheGroundskeeper

    Price: $19.50 (available in two colors)

    20. A Yves Saint Laurent perfume that smells like lavender and oranges and will make everyone around you ask "what's that incredible smell?"

    The perfume

    5-star reviews: 1,919

    Promising review: "I was at a wedding and someone smelled AMAZING! I asked what she was wearing and she showed me this perfume. I instantly bought it and every time I wear it I have strangers telling me I smell great. It lasts and it’s a combination of fresh and intoxicating." —Renie77

    Price: $25+ (available in five sizes)

    21. A refillable Dior lipstick that stays put even under a mask. Even if nobody sees it, you'll still look great!

    A model wears the lipstick with a matching outfit

    5-star reviews: 911

    Promising review: "This lipstick is everything! And it lasts a long time even when you put your mask on over it. I love it!" —Chantal

    Price: $38 (available in six colors)

    22. A sound, nightlight, and time-to-rise machine that's app-controlled to help your darling angel know when it's time to sleep or time to get up, so everyone in the house can rest a little easier.

    The machine and a phone showing what the app looks like

    5-star reviews: 3,333

    Promising review: "My kid finally stopped waking up at 4 a.m. because of this. It is literally every parent's dream. Throughout the night and early mornings, my kid would wake up and then come into our room. It became our daily routine in the morning and I have lost so much sleep because of this. Not fun! My parent friends told me about Rest and I wish I bought it way before. You can set up programs and routines to teach your kid when to get out of bed and when to stay in bed. This has helped my kid and mostly me get a few more hours of sleep. Worth every penny and I would buy it over and over again if I had to. Seriously, I would recommend this to any person with a young toddler who wakes up at the crack of dawn!" —Happymommy887

    Price: $59.99

    23. A wedge sneaker for heels-like height without torturing your precious feet.

    The shoe in Gold Glitter

    5-star reviews: 999

    Promising review: "I am 57 and like to be current in style but don't have great feet and can't wear heels like I use to. These are perfect because I get height along with comfort and style. Got so many compliments. Wore a thin low rise sock. Wore shoes with jeans and unstructured top, and it was so cute. A clean look. They're my favorite casual shoe due to comfort, height and style." —Vickip417

    Price: $199.95 (available in women's sizes 4-13 and thirteen colors)

    24. A pair of Adidias Adissage slides perfect giving your feet a stimulating refresh after a long workout.

    The sandals

    5-star review: 778

    Promising review: "These slides are perfect for after a workout or a long day to massage your feet and improve the circulation to your legs. They take some getting used to at first but I absolutely love them. Definitely the quality you expect from Adidas!" —LowEnd_Marauder

    Price: $21.97 (available in men's sizes 4-18)

    25. An eye makeup remover for sensitive skin because lids, lashes, and brows are more important than ever but you still have to take it off at the end of the day. Reviewers swear this one is as effective as it is gentle.

    The eye makeup remover

    5-star reviews: 1,265

    Promising review: "This has long been my favorite eye makeup remover and I can wear a LOT of eye makeup. I'm fond of high-pigmented pencils and waterproof liquid liners, not to mention many coats of mascara, and this tackles it all gently. I also like the design of the bottle's dispenser, because it prevents one from quickly pouring out too much of the precious stuff and wasting it. Love it!" —NicktheDM

    Price: $25.50+ (available in three sizes)

    26. A pair of Converse Chuck Tylor All Stars because they're comfy as heck and are never going out of style. And, great news if you have hard-to-fit feet: Nordstrom has these in up to a men's size 17/women's 19.

    The shoes in Optic White

    5-star reviews: 585

    Promising review: "My favorite shoe, just a classic look, I love them. Feel and look great after multiple wears. Can't go wrong with these shoes!" —MercedesO

    Price: $60 (availalale in women's 8-19/men's 6-17 and three colors)

    27. A maternity-fit version of Zella's famous Live In leggings designed to keep you and your bump snug and supported from week one to week forty.

    A model wears the leggings in black

    They're machine-washable, stitched with the buttery-smooth flatlock seaming reviewers just love, and like all of Zella's products made in a factory that supports the HERproject, which creates partnerships to enable workplace-based interventions on health, financial inclusion and gender equality.

    5-star reviews: 305

    Promising review: "I love these leggings! I am 33 weeks pregnant and these leggings fit over my bump and are lightweight but also hold their shape. I literally live in these leggings." —Nordstrom reviewer

    Price: $65 (available in maternity sizes XXS-XXL and two colors)

    28. And a Mario Badescu drying lotion to say goodbye to pimples once and for all.

    The lotion

    5-star reviews: 369

    Promising review: "In the past, I've had light to moderate acne and tried tons of different products over the years, including a variety of prescription topical creams and lotions. Surprisingly, this is the best thing I've ever used for spot-treatment. This lotion works miracles on all types of pimples. I've even used it on the tender spots beneath the skin that can become painful blemishes lasting for weeks, and this stuff nixes them before they make it to the surface! It's awesome." —EmilyMarie

    Price: $14.95

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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