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    Just 10 Things You Can ~Treat~ Yourself To For International Cat And Dog Day This Month

    There's something *fur* everyone.

    International Cat and Dog Days are coming up and your pets are seriously wondering what you're going to get the pet-lovers in your life (including you!). Luckily, Shop BuzzFeed has a ton of great gifts to honor your fellow dog and cat enthusiasts, thanks to their Cat Day and Dog Day collections.

    We gathered up some of our favorites for you:

    1. A Cat Mom and Cat Daddy mug to show the folks at work where your priorities really are: with your cat, obviously.

    2. A T-shirt showing a very literary dog reading a very silly-looking book.

    Black T-shirt with a tan-colored dog in a blue shirt with a pink bowtie, holding a pink book that reads "How To Catch Your Tail".

    3. A Cat Day sticker to emblazon your computer, water bottle, bike, and anything else you can use to remind the world of how much you love cats.

    The round sticker with pink, blue, purple, yellow, and green cats on it.

    4. A tote bag that says "Eat, Sleep, Pet Cats," to help you keep your priorities on-point.

    A cotton tote that reads "Eat, Sleep, Pet Cats."

    5. An Eat Pray Loaf throw pillow that's the *purrfect* way to decorate your couch, bed, or desk chair.

    Black square pillow with yellow cat in blue shorts and a magenta shirt holding a book that says "Eat Pray Loaf." Oh, and it has glasses, and the inside of the ears match the shirt.

    6. A bearded dog T-shirt because canines with facial hair are indeed quite charming and this one has sunglasses, which is pretty rad.

    The black dog on the white T-shirt

    7. A Dog Day sweatshirt with a skateboarding doggo and palm trees because, it's true, the West Coast is the best coast.

    Black sweatshirt with a graphic of a skateboarding yellow dog and lettering that says "west coast best coast"

    8. A Dog Person mug, because the world needs to know, and you need this coffee.

    the white mug that says "dog person"

    9. And! An "Eat, Sleep, Pet Dogs" throw pillow to let people know how to make the best use of your couch.

    A square taupe pillow that reads "Eat, Sleep, Pet Dogs."

    10. A T-shirt showing a cat reading a parody version of Eckhart Tolle's classic 1997 book about interacting with people.

    The gray shirt with black decoration depicting a cat reading a book that says "Power of Meow"

    Don't forget to check out the rest of their fun stuff for International Dog Day and International Cat Day at Shop BuzzFeed!

    When your pet sees you sporting your International Cat and Dog Day merch: