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    28 Things From Amazon That Reviewers Truly Love

    Leggings that actually pass the squat test, a gallon water bottle that reminds you to hydrate, miracle fans that'll help you save *a ton* of money on AC this summer, and a whole bunch of other stuff reviewers rave really lives up to the hype.

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    1. A 3D-cushioned sleep mask that truly does stay put and blocks out ALL the light. I would know: I have a streetlight outside my bedroom, and use this to actually get to sleep every night. In fact, my partner and I have both bought several, because people who stay at our house keep stealing them (they're that good!).

    A reviewer wears the black mask

    2. A 24-katat gold-surfaced hot styling brush folks rave over because it'll cut your styling time by 80% and does an even better job than a blow-dryer without also making your hair snap off.

    A reviewer using a blow dryer vs using this product, showing how with this product their hair is way less frizzy

    3. A pet tunnel/tent set reviewers marvel over because it lets their fur babies go outside without getting attacked or wandering off.

    Cats in the tent in a backyard with a tunnel leading back into the house

    4. A set of barbells with a stand people love because it's well-made and cheaper than most of the alternatives.

    A reviewer photo of the set in a home gym, in black

    5. A high-quality legging compared favorably to Lululemon because they're way cheaper, last a while, unequivocally pass the squat test, and move with you like nothing else. Many have called them "perfect."

    A reviewer demonstrates the opacity of the black leggings with a squat test. You can't see through them at all

    6. A thicc stuffed seal that's a highly necessary addition to the plushy collection of anyone with an appreciation of chonksters.

    A model hugs the stuffed seal

    7. A propane fire pit folks say comes together easy, is super-simple to use, puts out great heat, and earns them compliments as a nice addition to their patios and yards.

    reviewer's fire pit on a porch

    8. A Yeti cooler with wheels so you can finally know what all the fuss is about without throwing your back out moving it around. This ruggedly handsome, heavy-duty miracle is designed to keep ice cold for eight days, holds a heck of a lot, and actually stays put in your trunk or truck bed. Be still my butch heart!

    A model takes a drink out of the blue cooler

    9. A portable USB speaker that's smaller than a roll of toilet paper. It's got big sound, it's impact-resistant, waterproof, and also floats (wow!). Reviewers say it's a solid product and a heck of a bargain. I have one myself — it's awesome, and it comes with me everywhere.

    A black speaker floats in a reviewer's pool

    10. Detransition, Baby, a stunning debut by trans author Torrey Peters about what happens after a Brooklyn translesbian couple breaks up, one detransitions, and then gets their cis boss and lover pregnant. Peters handles her trans characters with a depth, fullness, and compassion that's as remarkable as it is refreshing.

    The book cover

    11. An all-natural, gluten-free, no-sugar-added yoyo snack that's 100% fruit and totally delicious. Also, each pack comes with cute cards with country facts on them that are fun for kids and kids at heart.

    The snack in strawberry with the package, two yoyos, and a card

    12. A UV-proof, glass, 500-ml stash jar, which comes with a Boveda humidity pack and reviewers rave keeps their buds fresh for weeks.

    A reviewer compares the size of the jar to a lighter

    13. A bagless Bissell pet hair vacuum that's a heck of a deal for under $100 and that even Dyson diehards concede is a superior machine. I've had one myself for about a year, and my floors have never been cleaner.

    A dog next to a vacuum full of its hair

    14. A gallon bottle of water with times of day and affirmations on it to encourage you to finish it, because like literally everybody on Earth, you're probably not drinking enough water right now.

    A reviewer compares the teal and purple ombre product to a normal-sized water bottle, which is much smaller. Affirmations include "feeling awesome," "don't give up," and "keep chugging"

    15. A hair towel reviewers with curly hair love because it dries their hair in a reasonable amount of time and has a button to keep it nice and tight, so they can go about their business without it falling off all the time.

    Two reviewers wear the towel

    16. A set of five resistance bands of different colors and tensile strengths that reviewers love to use for at-home strengthening and PT. They're easy to grip, nice and long, and they don't snap.

    17. A Moroccanoil hair oil folks swear by for reducing frizz and keeping your hair nourished.

    A model before and after using the product, with their curls looking more styled and defined

    18. A Bentonite clay mask that's powerfully effective at clearing and healing your skin.

    A reviewer with acne before using the mask and showing their acne cleared up after three months of use.

    19. A polish from OPI's Mexico City collection, which features some rad bold and pastel shades that are totally on-point for spring 2021. OPI is the gold-standard in nail lacquer for a reason: it spreads smooth, won't chip for a while, and the color-quality is A+.

    The pale lilac nail polish on a model's hand in Hue is the Artist

    20. A fabric shaver that'll erase months of pills and dog hair and other linty grossness from your most precious knit goods, so you can leave the house without looking like you just got in a fight with a washing machine and lost.

    A reviewer shows how much lint they removed from a garment

    21. A Gaiam 5-millimeter yoga mat reviewers say is the real deal — it is thick enough without losing control, rolls and unrolls easily, and lasts a good long while without tearing or going flat.

    A reviewer shoes their mat rolled out on the floor

    22. A fan-fave Opalex hair-repairing leave-in cream people labelled "miraculous" for smoothing their hair out and making it lustrously shiny. It's so good you're gonna wanna throw everything else you've tried that didn't work in the garbage, where it belongs.

    23. A hidden bookshelf to turn your Debbie Macomber romance novel collection into a jazzy new wall accent. People will be impressed both that you actually read and apparently know enough sorcery to make things float like magic on the wall.

    Three of the shelves on a wall

    24. A pair of Levi's premium 501 denim shorts reviewers love because they fit great and are well-made.

    A reviewer holds a dog while wearing the blue denim distressed shorts.

    25. A Vitamix blender that can reliably eviscerate just about anything into a drinkable nutri-paste.

    26. A cooling mattress topper, which is going to make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning.

    The topper on a mattress

    27. A two-layer honeycomb self-sifting litter-catching mat that reviewers swear works better than the spongey kind (like the popular one from Gorilla Grip) both to trap trailings and to then easily throw them away. The bottom of the rug separates from the top, so fold it in half and all the litter collects for easy disposal.

    A reviewer shows off how much litter their gray mat caught when placed in front of their litter box (it's a lot!)

    28. A Vornado air circulator to shoot a high-velocity airstream across the room, encourage more circulation, and lower the air temperature up to 10 degrees. It's a surprisingly helpful way to increase the effectiveness of your heating or cooling system without spending more on oil, gas, wood, or electricity. I've used it myself — it really works!

    The black fan

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.