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    If You Want To Replace Your Old Jeans, Levi's Is Offering Up To 40% Off Select Items

    It's truly a good day for denim fans.

    If you like denim and love deals, get excited, because from now until September 8th, you can score up to 40% off select items. Want to sweeten the deal? If you sign up to become a Red Tab member, you can score 40% off sitewide.

    Here's some of our top picks for what's on offer right now:

    1. A pair of on-point and versatile 511 slim fit jeans that are my personal favorite among everything Levi's offers because even though they're narrow through the hip, they still leave you with enough room to move.

    A reviewer wears the jeans

    2. A fleece-lined denim jacket to look hot and stay toasty this fall. This is one of those things you're gonna wanna wear all the time, just like my partner does with theirs. The best part is that it's great for layering, perfect for transitional weather.

    3. A pair of shaping denim leggings because sometimes you want to wear jeans, even though your heart's desire calls for leggings.

    A model wears the leggings

    4. A pair of OG 501 original fit jeans that are fitted through the hip and straight the rest of the way down.

    5. A pair of high-waisted bootcut jeans because bootcut is back, baby! Party like it's 2005...with the added benefit of a high waist.

    6. A trucker jacket available in four perfectly on-trend washes. Layering season is coming, and you're gonna love how this iconic fall go-to looks great even when sized up or down.

    7. A pair of 502 taper fit jeans for a more modern alternative to straight leg jeans that looks great with everything.

    A model wears the jeans

    8. A ~snappy~ Western denim shirt available in three colors, each with their own distinct vibe. I love snap shirts and these are the best of the best when it comes to a denim version.

    9. A rigid denim apron to keep yourself clean and carry around the essentials while you're working in the garage, shop, studio, yard, and kitchen. Also, I mean, just look at it! This thing is ~boss~!

    Models wear the aporon

    10. A pair of 541 tapered jeans that are narrow through the leg but roomy in the seat and thigh. Reviewers with thicker legs (who often have trouble finding stuff that fits) totally swear by them.

    11. A pair of 724 high-rise straight jeans – they look good enough for a night out but are still comfy as heck, in case your "night out" is just you spending an evening finishing all the ice cream in your freezer.

    12. A pair of cropped 501 jeans that are a great twist on the old classics. Show off those kicks, friend!

    A model wears the jeans

    13. A paisley bandana to really ~tie~ your whole look together. It also makes a great pet accessory.

    The bandana

    14. A pair of carpenter shorts in a rad yellow denim engineered to keep you cool even when it's super hot out. These also have a stretch waist, so they're comfy and easy to wear.

    A model wears the shorts

    15. A pair of 724 high rise straight cropped jeans that are mid-weight, mid-stretch, and pair great with heels, boots, *and* high-tops.

    16. A pair of primo sweatpants in luscious lilac so you can veg out in style.

    A model wears the pants

    17. A pair of 712 slim taper fit jeans that have a tapered leg and a versatile modern fit that you can style however you want.

    A model wears the jeans

    18. A two-pack of boxer briefs because Levi's really gets it right with this one (as you'd expect). They're 95% cotton with 5% elastic to give you softness and a little stretch, just how you like it.

    19. A pair of 501 '93 straight fit jeans for a vintage look that's also perfectly on-trend. Unlike your usual 501s, these have got just a hint of stretchiness, with a little extra room in the thigh thrown in for good measure.

    A model wears the pants

    20. A pair of Wedgie fit ankle jeans that are the ones you're looking for if you've been struggling to replace your skinny jeans.

    21. A pair of super high-waisted ankle cut jeans, because these will fit slim through the hip for a little extra definition.

    A model wears the jeans

    22. A pair of classic straight jeans, because sometimes there's nothing like your good ol' favorites.

    A model wears the jeans

    23. A pair of 501 high rise shorts because summer's not over and these are timeless enough to be sure you'll wear them next year, too.

    A model wears the shorts

    24. A black Westerns snap denim button-down you can wear on its own or layered with a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater.

    A model wears the shirt

    25. A two-pack of black or white T-shirts that are 100% cotton and slim-fitting. This is a great time to stock up on this essential basic.

    26. A vintage-look trucker jacket that appears as if it's well-worn right out of the box. It's nice and roomy, perfect for layering.

    A model wears the black jacket

    27. A fleece-lined jean jacket cropped to hit mid-hip and comes with soft, quilt-lined sleeves for extra toastiness.

    28. And! A fleece-lined jean jacket with all the same rad features. It's 100% cotton and nice and cozy.

    Model wearing the jacket

    29. A pair of super high-waisted jean shorts I'm actually wearing ~right now~, and love because they look great and win *tons* of compliments.

    A model wears the shorts

    30. A pair of 720 high-rise super skinny jeans because you don't let TikTok tell you want to do when it comes to your denim choices.

    Model wearing the high-waisted black skinny jeans

    You and your friends, after taking advantage of Levi's up to 40% off sale: