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    30 Of The Best Things You Can Buy For Your Home At Walmart’s Fourth Of July Sale

    Generators, basketball hoops, lawnmowers, vacuums...everything you've been eyeing all year is on sale ~right now~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Fire up the grill and put on some victory steaks, because Walmart has some ~incredible~ rollbacks on housewares going on as a part of their Fourth of July sale.

    We know you're busy being amazing, so we put together a list of the great stuff on sale that's *just* the hits, just for you:

    1. A feature-packed robot mop/vacuum so you can let a machine do all the hard work of keeping your floors clean despite the chaos of kids and pets. Not only will you be saving time and work, but it's also $650 cheaper than buying the comparable Roomba products.

    The robovac

    2. An 18-piece nonstick cookware set that has everything in it you need to up your culinary game, at a price lower than you'd spend trying to buy just one pot or pan somewhere else.

    The set in red

    3. A 4K UHD 50" LED TV reviewers rave over because it's just as good as a Samsung, for way less.

    The TV

    4. A pair of reclining outdoor loungers to soak up some rays with good company. There's cupholders (four total!), the lockable recliner modes go from an upright chair to almost flat with little effort, and they fold up for simple toting to and from the beach.

    Two models sit on the chairs with a table between them

    5. A Samsung Chromebook that's got everything you need to WFH at an unbeatable price.

    The computer

    6. A shatterproof, portable, adjustable-height basketball hoop with a spring-loaded rim, designed to let you slam dunk your heart out without causing damage.

    Two people jostle over a ball near the rim

    7. 40% off a Pioneer Woman knife set available in all of Ree's favorite colors. It includes 11 knives to cover every possible everyday scissors and a sharpener and a block, all for less than you could spend buying just one of the included items.

    The knife set  in the block, in a floral print. The knives and the block are all printed.

    8. An electric bump-feed string trimmer to keep your lawn neatly edged and weed-free without annoying your neighbors with excess sound and emissions.

    A model uses the product

    9. A dehumidifier that'll make your basement dry and mold-free and save money on your A/C bills this summer.

    The white and gray dehumidifier

    10. A 2300-watt gas-powered generator to get your campground or tailgating party ~lit~ (literally!), or to keep the lights on the next time your grid goes down. It's rated to run at 59 dB, which is super-quiet by generator standards and basically silent once you get 10 feet away.

    A person carries the generator

    11. A wireless USB-charged Dremel tool perfect for light-duty tasks around the house. It comes with 10 accessories to help you sand, buff, and cut all sorts of stuff.

    The tool and accessories

    12. A SodaStream bundle with two bottles, a cartridge, and two flavors, so you've got everything you need to get fizzin'...right out of the box!

    The flavors, bottles, cartridge, and machine

    13. A gaming monitor that renders 3D graphics seamlessly and with impressive detail, and is super easy to adjust up and down or rotate vertically.

    The monitor

    14. A 100-ounce capacity automatic pet fountain with an activated charcoal water filter to prevent bacterial growth and keep your fur baby hydrated.

    A cat drinks from the fountain

    15. A set of 14 color gel pens with free-flowing ink that will dry fast and stay set on a variety of surfaces, to mark and label just about anything without having to worry about bleeding or permanent damage (lookin' at you, Sharpies).

    All the colors of the pens

    16. A Cuisinart four-burner gas barbecue with an insulated lid for solid temperature control, 42,000 BTUs of grilling awesomeness, a useful shelf to hold your tools and/or beverage while you cook, and an additional side-burner for accompaniment prep.

    The grill

    17. A window-unit air conditioner to keep your place blissfully cool when the summer weather turns dreadful.

    The A/C, installed in a window

    18. A metal fire pit that comes with a screen top so the only sparks that'll be flying will be between you and your boo while you cozy up on a cool summer night.

    the fire pit

    19. A fold-down futon upholstered in trendy classic velvet, which unfolds to about a twin-sized sleeping area. It's an affordable way to add a little extra versatility for occasional guests for less than the price of a few nights in a hotel; it's also pretty stylish as well.

    20. A floor cleaner that's a vacuum ~and~ a mop, so you'll never cry over spilt milk again.

    The product sucking up spilt cereal

    21. A wireless weather forecasting monitor so you can know hot and gross it is outside, without ever actually having to go out into it.

    The weather monitor on a countertop

    22. A pet washer with an attached soap reservoir to wet and suds-up your darling angel with all hands on ~dog~, because you never need to reach away to grab the shampoo. It has attachments to hook up to a shower, a sink, or an outdoor spigot. 96" of hose means that it has plenty of reach to get the job done.

    A model washes a dog with the shampoo on

    23. A trunk for summer camp, college, or as a coffee table with a ton of extra storage.

    The trunk in black being used as a coffee ta ble

    24. A classic five-gallon beverage cooler to keep your kids on a hot day, and that also has a number of other potential uses, like brining a turkey come Thanksgiving time. Such a useful thing to add to your backyard!

    A model uses the cooler

    25. A soundbar to turn your home theater and gaming sound quality up to 11. It hooks up fast and sounds ~amazing~.

    The black soundbar

    26. A sheer chenille curtain panel for when you want to some privacy but don't want to block the light.

    the curtain panel

    27. A mini ceramic charcoal grill that has everything folks love about The Big Green Egg Mini Max, including excellent heat retention and a cooking surface just right for a couple steaks or four burgers. It's also almost $400 cheaper right now.

    28. An adjustable weight bench and squat bar to get your pump on even if all the space you've got for a home gym is that one empty corner in the bedroom.

    A model uses the product

    29. A cordless electric lawnmower with ergonomic height control and a battery life long enough to mow 10,000 square feet of the green stuff.

    A model uses the product

    30. A box fan to keep your place cool by encouraging the air to circulate more. It costs way less than running your A/C and can even help your existing cooling system to function more efficiently!

    That's a lot of rad stuff, but there's deals galore right now. Don't forget to check out ~the rest~ of the hot houseware rollbacks at the Walmart Fourth of July sale!

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