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    25 Helpful Products From PetSmart You’ll Feel Smart For Investing In

    Self-cleaning litterboxes, automatic feeders, stuffed animals with body heat, and other ingenious pet problem solvers that basically pay for themselves.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A full pound value pack of all-beef bully sticks you'll thank yourself for buying because it's way cheaper than having to replace your chewed-up stuff.

    The bag of bully sticks

    2. A Marineland 75-gallon fish tank with integrated LED lighting and substantial under-tank storage. Your fish will be happy with all the extra space, and you'll be pleased at finally having somewhere to put your supplies that isn't out in the middle of living room.

    The aquarium set up with dedicated stand and LED lights

    3. An orthopedic dog bed reviewers say is an excellent value, so you sleep easier knowing your darling doggo has somewhere comfy to rest that doesn't irritate their arthritis, breathing issues, or back pain.

    The orthopedic dog bed

    4. A ceramic pet fountain that's safer and easier to clean than plastic, to keep your flow-loving fur baby well-hydrated and away from your toilets, faucet, and spigots.

    A cat drinks from the white fountain

    5. A Snuggle Puppy with a pulsing heartbeat and simulated body heat to recreate the intimacy of being with the litter to help you puppies' transition to their new home and you to sleep through the night.

    A puppy and their Snuggle Puppy

    6. A dome-top enamel-coated birdcage that's a well-constructed investment in your bird's future because they pretty much last forever.

    The smallest size wire birdcage in black on its own stand with wheels

    7. A bask and swim turtle home to help your favorite reptile get the light and UV exposure they need without leaving their habitat.

    A turtle in the home with straw and plastic grass

    8. A heated cat house that comes together in a flash with Velcro, has two doors so your kitty doesn't feel trapped, and will keep your feline warm and dry when they feel like escaping inclement weather.

    A cat in the house

    9. A weatherproof automatic pet door with programmable sensors to do the work of letting your pups out for you when you want them to go outside. Each side can be set individually, so you can make it so your doggo can only go through one way or not at all. Smart!

    A dog uses the door

    10. A car seat cover that'll reduce the pet hair you have to vacuum out of the seats by up to 95%.

    A chocolate lab sits on a blue car seat cover

    11. A flea collar to kill mites and their larvae without having to upset your poor kitty (and yourself!) with burning shampoos and topical treatments.

    The flea collar

    12. A waterproof 7,500-Kelvin LED light for smaller aquariums that'll make you feel extra smug about how vibrant and healthy your aquatic plants have gotten.

    The lamp in its box

    13. An automated feeder you can program for up to six daily mealtimes, with a gamma seal to keep food fresher longer, and the ability to unjam itself. Reviewers also compliment the design for resisting any dastardly pets who try to liberate a snack for themselves when you're not around.

    The black plastic pet feeder full of brown kibble

    14. An above-the-ground waterfall pond filter with a relaxing sound reviewers love, which you can clean without getting all wet.

    The black plastic filter

    15. A portable Bissell spot cleaner for carpets, rugs, and upholstery reviewers say is even better than professional equipment to fully remove stubborn pet stains with just one treatment.

    The cleaner in its box

    16. A roomy pet stroller for you and your mobility-challenged four-legged friend to enjoy the outdoors together again. It closes without zippers so to get your darling doggo or cunning cat in and out with ease.

    A model pushes the green stroller on a gravel path

    17. A self-cleaning litterbox so you can leave gathering up your cat's poops to a machine then just fold up the disposable litter tray and put it in the trash. Easy and less gross? Sign me up!

    A cat in the litter box

    18. A plastic doghouse that snaps together and is made of easy-to-clean and chew-proof plastic, because it's important for dogs to have someplace to get out of direct sunlight to stay safe and comfortable in the warmer months.

    The doghouse shaped like an igloo

    19. A fogger shaped like a tree stump that'll give your reptile the humidity they need to stay hydrated, with just the push of a button.

    The fogger in a tank dispensing fog

    20. A set of pet cameras with two-way voice communication and a dedicated app, to keep a reassuring eye on your fur baby when you're out of the house. Now you can try to tell them to stop chewing up the couch in real time, from anywhere with WiFi or cell service.

    21. A small animal cage that's nice and roomy and totally chew-proof so your small companion doesn't pull a Hamtaro and have an adventure outside.

    The white metal cage and green bottom

    22. A bucket of reef salt to add calcium, vitamins, and minerals to your reef aquarium. Reviewers already rave about what a bargain it is, and right now it's on sale for 50% off.

    A bucket of the reef salt

    23. A pet nail grinder that'll finally give your mutt a manicure they won't mind. It's remarkably gentle, very well-tolerated even by skittish pets, and is a heck of a lot easier than trying to use a manual nail cutter or take your companion to the groomer.

    The nail cutter with all of its parts

    24. A kitty mansion with every conceivable climbing and resting spot to accommodate a wide range of feline playtime preferences. Reviewers praise it for being sturdy and attractive to their cats right out of the box.

    The kitty mansion

    25. And a set of pet steps so your fur baby can get on and off high furniture like the couch or your bed without risking injury to themselves.

    A small dog uses the brown and tan steps

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.