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    31 Things You Can Get On Sale At Chewy Right Now

    You should grab these deals before they're gone.

    1. An ultra-tough rubber ball that's a favorite for doggos and their parents because they're impossible to destroy and last ~forever~.

    2. An orthopedic cat and dog bed with a removable machine-washable cover and a wraparound bolster that will help your darling angel feel more secure. Reviewers say these are a big hit with pets who like to have an extra cuddly and cozy environment to sleep in.

    A dog and cat in the bed

    3. A pair of grooming gloves that'll gently massage your pet at bath time and also capture more hair than a brush — wet or dry! People also rely on these for times when you need a more softer touch for sensitive areas or for kitties and puppers who don't like brushes.

    A person demonstrating how much hair they removed with the gloves (it's very impressive!)

    4. A cardboard cat scratching toy to give your fur baby something to destroy that isn't your carpet or furniture.

    A black cat scratching the toy

    5. A knot nibbler small animal chew toy that's reconstructible and can hide treats inside. Your chinchilla, gerbil, hamster, rat, or mouse will love tearing it apart again and again.

    Two guinea pigs with the toy, on grass

    6. A SpongeBob pineapple house aquarium ornament to add some nautical entertainment to your fishes' aquatic home.

    The ornament in an aquarium

    7. A cat harness with extra-strong Velcro that gently secures even the squirmiest of cat explorers. It's extra soft and made from cotton with an undyed lining that's good for cats with allergies.

    A cat in the harness, on a walk

    8. A non-skid slow-feeder bowl to help your pupper pace themselves at mealtime.

    A brown dog eating out of the blue slow feeder bow.

    9. A parrot chew toy because your feathered companion deserves to be entertained, too. The all-natural toy is made of wooden blocks and a cotton rope, and features multiple shapes and colors.

    A bird on the toy, shown in an outdoor environment

    10. A cat treat goody box that comes with a chute, toys, and treats. Your furry friend will be ~feline~ excited for all the fun stuff that comes with this. Also, it makes a great gift for the cat lover in your life.

    The box, shown open with contents

    11. Or get a goody box for your dog that comes with treats, a toy, and a handsome bandana. It makes a great birthday gift for your canine buddy, or someone else's for that matter.

    The box, shown open with contents

    12. A Sherpa dog and cat carrier bag with mesh panels and a spring wire frame that's approved by most airlines. The furry-lined bottom will help keep your buddy extra comfortable while you travel.

    A person carrying the carrier, with a cat inside

    13. A package of natural small pet bedding – it's odor-resistant, biodegradable, compostable, and virtually dust-free. Your small pet will totally ~dig~ it.

    14. A bed ramp – a great alternative to stairs for furry friends with mobility issues. It supports up to 120 pounds, is constructed of sturdy wood for long-term use, and comes covered in a heavy-duty carpet surface for extra traction.

    A dog on the ramp

    15. A concealed motion cat toy with a teasing tail and blinking lights that will keep your feline friend entertained for hours.

    A cat playing with the toy

    16. A package of Greenies Pill Pockets, because sometimes it's hard to get your picky pal to take their medicine. All you do is put the pill in the pocket and pinch closed. These treats are made with real chicken and taste great, masking unpleasant tastes and smells from pills. They'll definitely make giving medicine to your pup a more pleasant experience for you both.

    A package of the pill pockets

    17. A bottle of an immune-boosting DMG liquid that reviewers swear by for improving the health of their dogs, cats, and birds.

    A bottle of the liquid

    18. An aquarium cleaning magnet because the water should stay ~inside~ the aquarium when you're cleaning it, and not all over your clothes. This magnet removes algae efficiently from both glass and acrylic aquariums, and reviewers say it won't stress your fish out while you're using it.

    A person using the cleaning magnet

    19. A cat fountain shaped like a flower that reviewers adore for their kitties with sensitive drinking needs. It's virtually silent and made of BPA-free materials.

    A cat drinking from the fountain

    20. A bag of orchard grass hay with a sweet smell and taste your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla will love. This hay is soft in texture, high-fiber, and low-protein. Reviewers with allergies say this is a great alternative to timothy hay.

    A guinea pig in the hay

    21. A deoderizer safe to use on all surfaces and that reviewers swear by for defunking even the stubbornist of stinky stains.

    The deoderizer

    22. A litter box deodorizer that's specially formulated to break down stuck-on messes and permanently eliminate odors. Reviewers love how much easier this product makes it, when it comes time to clean your kitties' litter box.

    The deoderizer

    23. A ceramic reptile heat emitter reviewers say does an excellent job regulating the temperature with the precision you need to keep your cold-blooded friend cozy and warm. Also, because it doesn't emit any light, it's great for using 24/7.

    24. A supplement to support health hip and joint function fortified with Glucosamine, Chondrotin, and MSM to alleviate minor aches and help maintain joint flexibility.

    The supplement

    25. An above-tank basking platform for turtles with a ramp underneath, so your turtles can get in some premium sunning time. People rave about how well-designed it is for stability, durability, and easy access.

    A turtle basking on the platform, while another swims up to join it.

    26. A cat litter disposal system that reviewers rave over because it does such a great job trapping odors for days at a time.

    27. A customizable metal ID tag with a unique design that attaches directly to the leash — no more jingles!

    A dog with the tag on its collar

    28. A container of Oxbow Poof! dust bath for chinchillas to keep your little guy dirt- and oil-free.

    29. And a dust bath house for chinchillas – it'll help contain the mess when your furry pal needs to clean themsleves. It has a rounded bottom for your chin' to roll around in, and is easy to wash with just soap and water.

    A chinchilla in the dust house

    30. A styptic powder for dogs, cats, and birds that'll help your buddy stop bleeding from minor cut and scrapes. It's perfect for clipping wings and nails, and superficial injuries for the skin. This product has no alcohol, so it won't cause unnecessary stinging.

    The powder

    31. A bottle of Stress Coat aquarium water conditioner to dechlorinate your water so it's safer for your fish, and which replenishes your fish's protective coat to reduce their stress.

    A bottle of Stress Coat

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