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    31 Best-Selling Products From Walmart That Practically Pay For Themselves Over Time

    Your future self sent me here to thank you for all the money you saved.

    1. A Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker so you can enjoy bodega-style deliciousness without dropping the $3.50 every morning.

    The sandwich maker shown on a kitchen counter with breakfast foods

    2. A set of flannel sheets so you don't have to crank up the heat at night to stay toasty. The sheets come in a ton of fun patterns so you're sure to find one that's on point for you and your bedroom. And, even though they're a bargain, reviewers swear by the quality.

    The sheets and pillowcases on a bed, shown in the pinecone pattern

    3. An eight-pack of Bounty select-a-size paper towels that are awesome because you'll end up using less of them in the long run. These are cut into smaller sizes so you use only as much PT as you need, and they also absorb way more than the other brands, meaning you can sop up whatever you spilled with fewer sheets.

    The eight-pack of paper towels

    4. A 3M headlight restoration system that'll have your cloudy lamps looking brand spankin' new for a whole lot less than replacing the lens or light.

    The headlight restoration system shown with all its components

    5. And! Some masking tape to keep your car hood scratch-free while you're restoring your headlights. Or, to make sure you've got extra neat and clean lines when you're repainting you're house or apartment. Or for, like, a million other things.

    The tape, shown hanging on a wall with tools

    6. An air circulator fan that'll redistribute the heat in your room so your heating and cooling systems don't have to work so hard, which will lead to some serious seasonal savings. This fan can save you 20% on your electricity bills, which means you'll make your money back in about a month. Ka-ching!

    The black fan in a home office setting with white furniture

    7. An Oral-B 1000 electric toothbrush – it's a total game changer for keeping your ivories plaque-free and pearly white. Oral-B says this puppy removes 300% more plaque than a manual toothbrush, and based on my experience, I think they're right on the money. Sure, it costs more than a manual toothbrush, but it's way cheaper than the out-of-pocket costs for extra dental work.

    The toothbrush and its packaging

    8. A Hamilton Beach two-pound digital bread maker that everyone totally ~loaves~ because it's versatile and really easy to use. If you're gluten intolerant like I am, and tired of paying $8 for bread (looking at you, Canyon Bakehouse!), this thing pays for itself within a month or two.

    The bread maker surrounded by delicious loaves

    9. A three-piece Rachael Ray cookie pan set with a snazzy nonstick coating that reviewers swear nothing sticks to, saving you money by alleviating the need for foil, parchment, or wax paper, not to mention all the sponges you would otherwise be ruining scrubbing off burnt-on messes.

    The pan set, with orange handles

    10. A package of OxiClean stain remover to add to your laundry to get out persistent spots and set-in stains so your clothes are as clean as new. It also works on carpet, upholstery, and a ton of other household surfaces. With all those uses and a price tag under eight bucks, your return on investment is pretty much instantaneous on this one.

    A package of the cleaner

    11. A SodaStream so you can stop paying so much for bottled sparkling water. Bubbles are a staple in my household, and given how much we go through, our SodaStream paid for itself in the first month.

    The SodaStream, in white and rose gold

    12. A Brita tap water filtration system so you can also stop paying so much for bottled regular-type water. You'll reach a net savings by the time you replace the internal filter, since each one cleans about 100 gallons of tap water — that's the same as 750 16-ounce water bottles!

    A person using the filter to get a glass of water from their tap

    13. A SodaStream My Only Bottle to take your filtered or fizzy water on the go. Reviewers swear by the half-liter size, saying it's just right for toting around town. For less than fifteen bucks, this thing will pay for itself after five or ten uses, compared to buying bottled water while you're out.

    A person with a My Only Bottle on their wrist

    14. A Pioneer Woman 6-quart portable slow cooker so you can take your pot roast to the potluck without having to resort to a separate container.

    A model demonstrating the top clip on this slow cooker

    15. A relaxing sounds machine to help mask other annoying sounds so you can get some shuteye already, because sleep is priceless.

    The sound machine on an end table next to a bed

    16. Or, a pair of Bose wireless Sleepbuds that gives you relaxing sounds as you fall asleep, then masks other sounds the rest of the night, so you can rest soundly. Let's face it, even though your neighbor loves to play Call of Duty until 2 a.m. everyday, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than moving.

    A person sleeping with the buds in their ears

    17. A Keruig pod coffeemaker to make getting a cup of sweet java so easy, you'll reconsider you're daily drop in at the café across the street. Three bucks a day adds up quick, y'know? With that in mind, you'll make your money back on this thing in a month or two.

    The Keruig in black, with a cup in it

    18. A reusable K-Cup because filling your own coffee pods with your favorite grounds can save you up to 70% compared to the store-bought kind. It's also way better for the environment, since you won't be throwing away a little plastic thing every time you brew your bean juice.

    The purple pod, in packaging, and out of the packaging

    19. And! An Ozark Trail vacuum-sealed 30-ounce tumbler so you can take your joe on the road (get it?). These tumblers are ~super~ popular — in fact, they were the best-selling item at Walmart two years running, and it's easy to see why. Reviewers swear it's a great dupe for the similar Yeti tumbler, at just a quarter of the price.

    The tumbler, in pink

    20. An OPI base coat for a professional quality manicure at home. Base coats mean your polish goes on smooth and stays adhered much longer. It's always cheaper to do your own nails, and you'll spend even less by using less shellac.

    The base coat

    21. And an OPI top coat reviewers say will keep your colored claws chip-free for up to ten days, and with a longer-lasting mani you'll be painting your dainty digits way less often. Win-win!

    The top coat

    22. A diagnostic code reader so you can find out why the check engine light came on ~and~ turn it off, without a pricey trip to the mechanic. Plug this puppy into your vehicle's OBD port, and it will display the code for whatever's wrong as well as what the code means. Mechanics' labor rates are usually $70-100 an hour, so a self-diagnosis can save you some serious cash.

    The code reader

    23. A Roku streaming stick so you can stream to your heart's content and save $100 a month or more once you kick your cable box to the curb.

    hand holding the Roku stick

    24. An 6-quart Instant Pot that's like six appliances in one because it can easily make everything from soup, rice, and slow-cooked meats, to sautéed vegetables and even yogurt. Also, Instant Pots cook food up to 70% faster than your stove. I have one and it's so darn easy to use I've basically stopped getting delivery, because what's the point in waiting an hour for cold food if I can have dinner ready in less than 20 minutes?

    An Instant Pot being used to make mac-n-cheese

    25. A high-power Nutribullet blender so you can make literally hundreds of smoothies at home. With all those skipped trips to the juice bar, the Nurtibullet will pay for itself many times over.

    A person loading their Nutribullet up with fruit and nuts to make a smoothie

    26. A FoodSaver vacuum sealer to protect your foods and extend their shelf life up to five times longer in the fridge and twice as long in the pantry. The less you have to throw out, the more you're saving.

    The vacuum sealer, sealing up some meat

    27. A small and mighty 1,000-amp jump starter reviewers swear by in case your battery dies and you'd rather not splurge on a new one, or roadside assistance, or in the worst of scenarios, a tow.

    The jumpstarter

    28. A combination convection oven/air fryer/microwave that's a miracle of modern science because it's not only three awesome appliances in one, but it can also convection cook and microwave ~at the same time~ so your food is ready lickety-split. It also has auto-reheat and sensor cooking! You'll save time, you'll save money, and you'll save counter space. Win-win-win!

    The microwave air fryer with some French fries inside

    29. A can of L'Oreal Magic Root Cover Up gray concealer spray to give you a quick touch-up for way less than the price of going to a salon, or to help you go grey naturally without resorting to costly highlights. Whatever your preference, it comes in ten colors, one of which is probably just right for you. It's a bargain, whatever you use it for.

    A person applying the concealer spray to their grey roots

    30. A package of Duck heavy duty weatherstripping that'll seal your exterior doors and windows against winter drafts, summer heat, bugs, dust, and pollen. It's a simple investment with big returns that's easy to install, guaranteed for ten years, and won't freeze or crack all the way down to -40 degrees.

    A person installing the weatherstripping

    31. A set of mesh washing machine bags to protect your delicates and keep your wallet safe from having to replace your favorite clothes after your bra clasps decide to chew holes in everything.

    The bags, with clothes in them

    You after you invest in all these neat money-savers:

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