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    31 Bestselling Home Products From Walmart That Are Popular For A Reason

    Under-bed storage, cheap-but-awesome bedding, money-saving fans, and other stuff people absolutely adore because they really work.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 6-quart Instant Pot that makes everything from soup, rice, and slow-cooked meats, to sautéed vegetables and even yogurt. Also, Instant Pots cook food up to 70% faster than your stove. It's so easy to use that I've basically stopped getting delivery, because why wait an hour for cold food if I can have dinner ready in less than 20 minutes?

    An Instant Pot being used to make mac-n-cheese

    2. A 70-inch open storage TV stand with a transitional aesthetic that'll fit in anywhere. Reviewers say it's worth every penny because of its ideal storage capacity. Plus it's 30% off right now!

    The stand in White Oak with a TV on it.

    3. A mesh-backed armless desk chair people like because the mesh keeps them cool and arm rests just got in the way.

    The chair in black with blue mesh

    4. An iron that also works as a steamer to get your clothes, drapes and other fabrics wrinkle-free in a jiffy. It also turns itself off in 30 seconds for those times when you accidentally leave it hot and plate-side-down.

    The iron

    5. A mattress-in-a-box made of moisture-wicking foam to keep you cool and dry this summer. It blew reviewers away with the best sleep they'd ever had.

    The mattress that's white with gray sides, on a wood bed frame with the box next to it. The box is open.

    6. And! A 3-inch memory foam mattress topper infused with graphite to transfer heat away from your body. It's soft but still firm enough to provide extra support.

    The gray topper on a mattress

    7. A Hamilton Beach two-pound digital bread maker that everyone totally ~loaves~ because it's versatile and easy to use. If you're gluten-intolerant and tired of paying $8 for bread (I'm looking at you Canyon Bakehouse), this thing pays for itself in a month or two.

    The white bread maker surrounded by delicious loaves

    8. A Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker so you can enjoy bodega-style deliciousness without dropping $3.50 every morning.

    The sandwich maker shown on a kitchen counter with breakfast foods

    9. A container of OxiClean stain remover to add to your laundry for removing persistent spots and set-in stains, so your clothes are as clean as new. It also works on carpet, upholstery, and a ton of other household surfaces.

    A package of the cleaner

    10. A side table with a drawer and wheels on it. Reviewers rave over the rustic look and solid construction.

    The brown and black table in a living room

    11. And! A matching coffee table to complete your newly antique-looking living room. Or use it as a TV stand for sets up to 42-inches. It'll look great either way.

    The brown and black table

    12. An open-shelf nightstand so you'll have somewhere to put your phone and book at night. Reviewers like that it's affordable and easy to put together.

    The nightstand in dark brown

    13. A cube storage organizer that stands out from the rest because it has legs! Reviewers say that the legs make it look a lot more refined.

    The organizer in dark brown with white storage cubes and books and other bric-a-brac on it

    14. A Honeywell air circulator fan that redistributes the heat in your room so your heating and cooling systems don't have to work so hard, leading to some serious seasonal savings. This fan can save you 20% on your electricity bills, which means you'll make your money back in about a month. Ka-ching!

    The black fan in a home office setting with white furniture

    15. Or a smooth-operating and wide-oscillating remote-controlled rotating tower fan with an ionizer that reviewers rave about because it keeps the whole room cool without making much noise.

    The fan in a bedroom. It's gray with wood detailing and a silver grille.

    16. Or! A window air-conditioner sized just right for your bedroom. It doesn't have any bells and whistles, but it will keep you cool all summer long for under $150.

    The white A/C

    17. A set of microfiber sheets that are totally wrinkle resistant plus nice and soft after the first wash. People also like the nice deep pockets — no naked mattress corners here!

    The sheets on a bed

    18. A floral Pioneer Woman 6-quart portable slow cooker in which you can take your pot roast to the potluck without having to swap out containers.

    A model demonstrating the top clip on this floral and light blue slow cooker

    19. A Keurig coffee maker which will make your morning routine a whole lot easier. It uses pods to make you a fresh cup of that sweet pick-me-up java in under a minute. And this small version will fit just about anywhere!

    The coffeemaker in black with a white mug in it.

    20. And! A K-Cup compatible coffee pod because filling your own coffee pods with your favorite grounds is more affordable than the pre-packaged variety. It's also better for the environment since you won't be throwing away single-use plastic every time you brew your bean juice.

    The purple pod, in packaging, and out of the packaging

    21. Also an Ozark Trail vacuum-sealed 30-ounce tumbler so you can take your joe on the road. These tumblers are ~super~ popular — in fact, they were the best-selling item at Walmart two years running, and it's easy to see why. Reviewers swear it's a great alternative to the popular Yeti tumbler at a quarter of the price.

    The tumbler in gray with lid

    22. A countertop ice maker to make the cool stuff way faster and in bigger quantities than your fridge. Having a BBQ? Just really like ice? It's got you covered.

    The ice maker in silver

    23. A 900-watt microwave that does all the microwave stuff you need it to but in a smaller-than-usual size. It's just right for y'all with tiny kitchens.

    The microwave in stainless steel

    24. A stain-resistant area rug so cheap the price shocked some reviewers, which you'll appreciate in the event someone spills red wine all over it at your next dinner party.

    The taupe and brown rug in runner-size

    25. An indoor/outdoor electric grill that comes with a stand and a panini press, if you want it, so you can barbecue without propane or charcoal. It's easier, it's cleaner, and it's safer!

    A model uses the grill for burgers and asparagus

    26. A Brita tap water filtration system so you can stop buying bottled water. By the time you replace the internal filter, you'll reach net savings since each one cleans about 100 gallons of tap water. That's the same as 750 16-ounce water bottles!

    A person using the filter to get a glass of water from their tap

    27. A blackout curtain that keeps the light and sound out while also cooling your room this summer. That means more sleep and savings on cooling.

    The curtains in blue

    28. A pair of affordable but expensive-looking throw pillows with cuddly-soft chenille, so you can curl up on the couch with a touch of glam.

    The pillows in brown

    29. A towel reviewers compliment for being thick and staying true-to-color. Made of durable 100% low-lint cotton, these fluffy machine-washable bad boys will keep you dry (while still lookin' fly!) for years.

    The towel set in Sage

    30. A rolling storage box so you can live your best life by actually utilizing all that space under your bed.

    Two of the clear boxes under a bed

    31. A can of L'Oréal Magic Root Cover Up gray concealer spray which will give you a quick touch-up for way less than the price of a salon. It can also help you go grey naturally without resorting to costly highlights. Whatever your preference, it comes in a bunch of colors, one of which is probably just right for you.

    A person applying the concealer spray to their grey roots

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