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Which Member Of Atlantic Group N1C Are You?

Get those pitchforks ready!

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  1. Who would write the play about your life?

    A stupid playwright. My life has been pretty unexciting.
    Lynn Nottage
    Suzan-Lori Parks
    Annie Baker
    Will Eno
    I don't think I can answer this yet, it all depends on how far into madness I descend over the next couple years.
    Simon Stephens (rip @ me)
    Martin McDonagh
    Aaron Sorkin
    Daddy Mamet
    Laura Hesse
    Tony Kushner... yas
  2. What part of your body could use some more release?

    My vocal flaps
    If we're talking about visceral release, then it's my shoulders
    The knot in my right calf
    My hipssss
    Probably my sphincter, because I'm still not completely sure what that is
    My unmentionables
    My "incredibly tense shoulders"
    Honestly every part of my body because I am a walking ball of stress and panic soooo
    My neck
  3. What are your opinions on the word "chomper?"

    I plead the fifth
    Absolutely repulsed by such a naughty word
    A strange mix of amusement and discomfort always comes up
    It's a sexual innuendo
    "Yum!" -Jacquelyn Landgraf
    The chompers come out when someone is disrespectful
    It made me uncomfy at first but it's grown on me
    Hell Yea!!!!!!
  4. What do you usually get from the Atlantic vending machine?

    I don't have a normal thing, but I can't stop spending my money at those things and it's quite the problem for me
    Those little gummy bears!!!!!!!!!!! Sour!...... if possible ;)
    Whatever I'm in the mood for that day
    Nothing, I don't eat trash
    Dried mango
  5. What's your ideal étude?

    A sleep study
    Empire/Music Label
    My legitimate wedding to Carl Howell
    Everyone crying
    OJ Trial
    A musical, bitches
    The Setting-18th century London. Times are hard! but not for this ragtag group of elites. Mr. Rumplestilskin has just informed the countrymen of their mission...whether they choose to accept save the king of his flatulence problem. jajaja. Will th
    We're all bees trying to run a successful hive
    We are all inmates in a state penitentiary.
    Murder Thriller Scenario
    NHL collective bargaining meetings
    A Comedy Central Roast of Jacquelyn Landgraf ft. All the Atlantic First Years
  6. Which voice text/exercise do you spiritually identify with?

    Jaw shake with sound
    Partner massage
    Do do do what you've (DON'T ASPIRATE THE T) done done done before DAVID
    None, I like didn't memorize any of them lol I'm a bad bad boy
    How do I feel? I feel huh
    WHEREFORE REJOICE (even though I refused to memorize it because it was far too long)
    Well, let me tell you something... I am sick
    Humming series
    Shaking it out (butt/hip area)
    Ha hummmm ppttthhbbbbhhhhh mmmmaaaaaaa
    My main girl Bessie
  7. What's your favorite obscure curse word/phrase?

    Fuckerzzzz (Hannah Vickery style)
    What the shit? (Hannah Vickery style)
    Pass the cottage cheese please!
    Square go cunt
    Feck ya, ya fecken twa
    Oh, nuts!
    Twatcicle fuck and tuck
  8. Who's your favorite Atlantic employee?

    Andy Schneeflock
    Hilary, duh
    Hilary's Dinckle
    HILARY HINCKLE but also Carl and also Katie Honaker lol
    Jacquelyn Landgraf
    Josh Lewis
    Hi, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and Savior Hilary Hinckle?
    Carl. Fucking. Howell.
    Katie Honker, Carl Howell, Allison Karman. Don't make me choose.
    Katja Andreiev
  9. What's your catchphrase?

    "Do it. Dismantle the Patriarchy."
    "Who's tryna fight me??????????"
    Oh shit me
    "It was unreal!"
    "Go team!"
    "That's disrespectful" or "That's a lie, that's a lie"
    Really loud laughter
    "Suh dudes!" ✌️
    "Da da da da da da, DA" (Katie Honaker's song)
    "Fucking puke," "donuting," *pop* "noice," and a quick moan
    "Renee! Put DNA on the playlist!"
  10. What's your ideal group hang out?

    The 15 minute rule
    Getting Connor Fudge shwasted
    Pregame ensemble meeting
    Dinner and Chill
    Starbucks downstairs
    Hide and seek in Bobst (in the dark, obvi)
    Getting high and watching the movie Rush
    I mean we have yet to hang out as a whole group so, I WOULDN'T KNOW
    Everyone gets blackout
    Shopping at Forever 21 followed by front row tickets to Wicked-The American Musical
    Bonding sesh
    A club or pool or roller skating rink
  11. What's your opinion of zafus?

    Wtf is that?
    I don't fucking know, they're pillows with rice
    They're okay
    Not my fave
    They're awesome
    They are pillows for dropped in queens
    Too much, my man
    "Sad!" -Donald Trump XD
    I think I need one in my life but I don't know why yet
    I won't discriminate
    I love a good pillow, but why are they filled with barley?
  12. What action are you always trying to get Hilary to let you play?

    To get a teacher to kiss me
    To get someone to wake up to reality
    To call someone out on their Katie Bullshit
    To get someone to submit
    To get someone to see that the jig is up
    To get someone to take their ball and go home
    To get someone to be kinesthetically aware.
    To get the sleep I deserve (I love our wildcards but good lord)
    To get someone to take responsibility
    Literally any other action besides teach a simple/obvious lesson
    To get a Judas to go to hell
    Honestly anything that lets me use my as if about being accused of being a witch because that will always be amusing
  13. If you could perform for Jacquelyn Landgraf with anyone in the world as your scene partner, who would it be?

    Sir Patrick Stewart. Can't give notes to a knight!
    Jacquelyn's favorite actress is Fiona Shaw so...
    Hilary Hinckle <3333
    Kerry Washington
    Daddy Mamet
    Robin Williams because I miss this man so much but honestly I'd rather not have to perform for Jacquelyn, so.
    Daddy Macy
    Christoph Waltz
    Sarina Freda
    Jacquelyn Landgraf's 'Partner' wearing just a football jersey
    My puss in Spring Awakening orrrrr...................Natalie Portman so she can fucking roast her ass!!! I hate Natalie!!!
    Lorielle Mallue's newborn baby

Which Member Of Atlantic Group N1C Are You?

You got: Hannah Vickery

Like Hannah, you're sweet at first, so nobody would expect the insane person you become when competition breaks out in games. You're extremely charming and extremely foul-mouthed.

Hannah Vickery
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You got: Emily Williams

Like Emily, you're so nice that it's confusing. You can usually be found either asking for consent or discussing University of Oregon, where you were a dance major.

Emily Williams
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You got: Connor Fudge

Like Connor, you are the king of draping and being old. Your sass is so good we may have to... call the cops.

Connor Fudge
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You got: Ariel Shani

Like Ariel, you're as delightful as you are basic. Don't let the smile fool you, though - that military and ballet training makes you the biggest badass of the group.

Ariel Shani
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You got: Cashel O'Malley

Like Cashel, you're who everyone can count on to make big creative choices, or recommend a hilarious action that Hilary would never actually allow (but save it for speech).

Cashel O'Malley
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You got: Maddie Eisler

Like Maddie, when you're not personally victimizing the ensemble, you're one of the most lovable members of the group. You are in on all of the jokes, because half of them came from you.

Maddie Eisler
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You got: Paris Storey

Like Paris, the only thing more impressive than your impeccable style is your ability to come up with the most outrageously profane phrases and noises.

Paris Storey
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You got: Sam Abelson

Like Sam, you thrive on the days when we come in at 10:30 because lord knows you don't trust your alarm. You're so happy just to be in studio, and you're in a constant state of awe at the talent of your ensemble.

Sam Abelson
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You got: Matteo Abbruzzese

Like Matteo, you avoid all drama and tension, so nobody would guess you're the wildest one in the group.

Matteo Abbruzzese
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You got: Caroline Parker

Like Caroline, your sense of humor is only matched by your adorableness and impressive jaw shakes.

Caroline Parker
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You got: Nick Kates

Like Nick, your eagerness in class is your most endearing quality. You just really love Aaron Sorkin, and we get it, you're a hockey fan!

Nick Kates
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You got: Epiphany Samuels

Like Epiphany, you don't take shit from anybody! You always speak your mind, and it's usually something insightful and wise that leaves the rest of the group nodding and snapping.

Epiphany Samuels
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