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6 Stages Of College Debt

Because there's nothing better than being $100,000 deep in debt.

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Stage 1: Ignorance

When you started college, you were so excited


You’re FREE!

You applied for all the loans


Because graduation is 4 years away and you didn’t know any better.

And ignored all the small text on your loan conditions


What’s interest rate anyway?

Stage 2: Apathy

You go through your year and forget that your loans exist


Because you're too busy living to think about that nonsense.

Until you come home for the summer and your parents keep reminding you to reapply


And even then, it was more annoying than concerning.

You eventually do it

But only because you want them to stop bugging you about it, and after, you promptly forget about them once more.

Stage 3: Denial

Then somehow, 4 years flew by and you’re done with college


You don’t even know how you finished or where it went.

It’s time to graduate

Congratulations – you are now an educated human being.

But then you realize that you’re a grownup now


With great power comes great responsibility (aka all those loans you forgot about until now).

Stag 4: Panic

You see your bills for the first time


What are all those 0s doing after that number?? That can’t be right.

You didn’t even realize you had all these loans


Cue the anxiety attacks.

Where are you going to get the money?


It’s not like money grows on trees.

Stage 5: Rage

You start getting angry


At who? At EVERYONE.

Just looking at your bill fills you with rage

And you start wishing you were a Starbucks barista


Because even though you’ll hate your job after dealing with angry people claiming that you messed up their venti skinny caramel macchiato order, at least Starbucks will pay for college.

Stage 6: Acceptance

Eventually, you calm down


Because you can’t avoid taxes, death, and your student loans.

You organize your finances


You create a dozen financial spreadsheets, planning out every single dollar you spend and calculating how long it will actually take to pay off all your loans.

And even though your soul dies a little every time you make a loan payment, it’s okay


Because college is worth it. And realistically, it’s the only way you’ll get a job in this economy.

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