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    32 Pinterest Inspired Ideas To Fall Into Your Wedding

    Because there's no such thing as too many fall puns when it comes to love.

    1. Rustic wedding invitations

    2. Or send this cute Save the Date picture

    3. Don't forget to take your engagement photos!

    4. Engagement ring on leaves

    5. Off-white wedding gowns

    6. Choose a warm color scheme

    7. Bright jewel-colored bridesmaid gowns

    8. Subtle touch of orange

    9. And if you're getting married around Halloween time

    10. Pinecone bouquets

    11. Add flowers to your hairdo

    12. And a matching boutonniere for your groom!

    13. Even your flower girls will want one too!

    14. Offer blankets for your guests for an outdoor ceremony

    15. Leaf-lined walk to the altar

    16. And if you can't have an outdoor ceremony...

    17. Toss some leaves up in the air

    18. Enjoy a moment of cuteness with your new spouse

    19. Post-wedding rings on leaves

    20. Bright red apple centerpieces

    21. Give your indoor reception a warm glow

    22. Start the party with a shot

    23. Skip the fish and serve this hearty entree instead

    24. Cinnamon apple cider

    25. A true autumn-inspired wedding cake

    26. If you're not into cake, this cookie bar might satisfy your sugar craving

    27. Or serve up bite-sized seasonal pies

    28. Or have a make-your-own candy apple station

    29. Coffee with dessert anyone?

    30. Warm up your guests with this pashmina scarf

    31. Give your guests s'more love

    32. Light up the night with this sparkling send-off