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    32 Pinterest Inspired Ideas To Fall Into Your Wedding

    Because there's no such thing as too many fall puns when it comes to love.

    1. Rustic wedding invitations


    Your DIY heart will flutter if you get this invite in the mail.

    2. Or send this cute Save the Date picture

    3. Don't forget to take your engagement photos!


    Autumn leaves are the perfect backdrop to take adorable engagement photos like this one.

    4. Engagement ring on leaves


    Just don't lose the ring ladies ;)

    5. Off-white wedding gowns


    You don't have to go with the traditional white gown. Choose a dress that matches your skin tone. Besides, an off-white color like this champagne colored wedding gown will match beautifully with autumn colors. Which leads us to...

    6. Choose a warm color scheme


    Plan your wedding with fall colors in mind. The season is perfect for warm colors like yellows and oranges or deep colors like navy blues and purples.

    7. Bright jewel-colored bridesmaid gowns


    With autumn leaves and flowers in the background, this color will really pop in your wedding photos. Also note the cute hangers.

    8. Subtle touch of orange


    This footwear is a cute way to break up the austere black and white scheme without being garish about it.

    9. And if you're getting married around Halloween time


    These socks are a subtle nod to the holiday without being super creepy about it.

    10. Pinecone bouquets


    A white rose and pine cone bouquet nicely blends the traditional and unique, adding a classy touch to your fall-themed wedding.

    11. Add flowers to your hairdo

    12. And a matching boutonniere for your groom!


    He'll look positively dapper.

    13. Even your flower girls will want one too!


    No pun intended.

    14. Offer blankets for your guests for an outdoor ceremony


    Save them from shivering throughout the entire ceremony by supplying fleece blankets. This way, they can focus better on the I do's.

    15. Leaf-lined walk to the altar

    16. And if you can't have an outdoor ceremony...


    Bring the outdoors in! The effect is absolutely magical.

    17. Toss some leaves up in the air


    Celebrate with your wedding party for an Instagram-worthy moment.

    18. Enjoy a moment of cuteness with your new spouse


    This is a great picture to put in a frame and hang in your new home.

    19. Post-wedding rings on leaves

    20. Bright red apple centerpieces


    Points for ingenuity and for perfectly matching colors with the outdoor venue.

    21. Give your indoor reception a warm glow


    If your reception is at night, these warm orange tablecloths, combined with all these candles, might be just what you need to create an inviting atmosphere.

    22. Start the party with a shot


    These enticing tomato soup shots (complete with a mini grilled sandwich) is a great idea to keep your guests satisfied... at least until the next course.

    23. Skip the fish and serve this hearty entree instead


    Roast pork loin with apple, raisins, and carrots. YUM.

    24. Cinnamon apple cider


    What's a wedding without drinks? Whether it's spiked or alcohol-free, this yummy looking cider will refresh your guests after a night of dancing. Here's an easy recipe you can try on your own.

    25. A true autumn-inspired wedding cake


    Because what says autumn more than a tree stump, leaves, and marshmallows?

    26. If you're not into cake, this cookie bar might satisfy your sugar craving


    Complete with more tree stumps.

    27. Or serve up bite-sized seasonal pies


    Pumpkin spice pie, apple cinnamon pie, pecan pie - need I say more?

    28. Or have a make-your-own candy apple station


    Because you can't have a fall wedding without some candied apples!

    29. Coffee with dessert anyone?


    Pumpkin spice latte with a munchkin stirrer? YES PLEASE.

    30. Warm up your guests with this pashmina scarf


    A bonus wedding favor too!

    31. Give your guests s'more love


    A sweet wedding favor they can't say no to.

    32. Light up the night with this sparkling send-off


    Pun intended. #sorrynotsorry

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