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    36 Amazing DIY-Able Manicures For The 4th Of July

    Also for Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, days named after presidents, and whenever you want to show your patriotism on your fingers. Nailed It.

    1. Classic stars and stripes can be mixed and matched with other designs.

    2. Can't figure out how to make a star? Take the easy route.


    Stars... Polka dots... whatever.

    3. Or, skip the polish details entirely and go for glitter.

    4. Rock out with metallic talons.

    5. Or be a heavy-metal superhero!


    Extra points for saving a life without breaking a nail.

    6. Extra ambitious? Try a tiny flag French manicure (err... Freedom manicure).

    7. Go for a bit of prep with pretty bows.

    8. Get crafty with a stamping kit to add some precise stars.

    9. Put your stripes where your stars are...

    10. Or skip the stars altogether!

    This one is so easy even your little brother could do it.

    11. Go for retro with clean lines.

    12. And don't leave your friends out of the fun!

    13. Go nuts with stripes...

    14. ...Or overload on stenciled stars.


    Ombré is totally still trendy on holidays.


    Hint: Find a tiny star hole punch and painter's tape.

    15. Let your nail-flag wave.

    16. Use stamps to get detailed.


    Full disclosure: This requires lots of practice and a steady hand!

    17. Or take the easy route with polka dots.


    This is very lazy of you, but points for trying.

    18. Go with a marbled look for some nostalgia.


    This gets messy. Google "Tie Dye Nails."

    19. Choose alternating stripe patterns for a more subtle approach.

    20. Not into overkill? Set an accent nail among solids for a punch of patriotism.


    21. Bring Lady Liberty along for a cameo.


    Requires serious concentration and nerves of steel.

    22. Add some 3-D decoration for a blingy twist.

    23. Alternate patterns to catch the eye.

    24. Pay homage to Captain America with stars and shields.

    25. ...or with a more interpretive take.

    26. Bring on some Team USA cheer.

    27. Or go for the gold with a touch of shine.

    28. Forget the stars entirely and get the point across with a nautical vibe.

    29. Mostly dots should make this look easy to achieve.

    30. Get two looks in one with a diagonal division.


    Keeps both of your split personalities happy

    31. Be extra charming with delicate details.

    32. Or some bold bling!

    33. Load on the sparkle and shine

    34. Keep it simple and elegant.

    35. Don't forget the fireworks!

    36. Whatever else you do, let your flag fly and have fun! It's the American Dream!

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