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    30 Canadatastic DIY-Able Manicures For Canada Day

    Let's celebrate, eh?

    1. Subtlety is overrated. Spell out your love on your hands!


    Use a toothpick or striping brush to make letters!

    2. Or, show where your heart is with a cleverly placed flag of love!

    3. Nothing says Oh Canada like a great Maple Leaf design


    Look achieved with a stamping kit - Google 'Konad Nail Stamping', or 'BundleMonster Nail Stamping' to find patterned plates

    4. Draw your leaves by hand if you're steady under pressure


    This is not for the faint of art (see what I did there?)

    5. Check out this fab French-Canadian Manicure!


    Sometimes I am even too clever for myself.

    6. And this one too!


    Nope, no idea how they got those leaves so perfect. Guessing stamps or magic.

    7. Ok, leaves are hard. Take a look at these patterned pretties. Dots..

    8. ..Arcs

    9. Snazzy spirals

    10. And fab houndstooth


    Click the link for a FULL DIY instructional

    11. Be a metallic maven with a foil leaf


    Seal on a cutout with clear polish layers

    12. Or join the gliteratti with stamps and sparkles

    13. Bring on the bling with some tapered talons

    14. Or some carefully curated crystals

    15. Or get psychadelic with custom tie-dye

    Google "marbled nail polish"

    16. Show your bleeding love for Canada

    17. Or pick a slightly less sanguine style

    18. Add some subtle zigs and zags in colorblocked nails

    19. Or highlight your half-moons with radiant red

    20. Can't pick just one design? Mix and match!

    21. Or, match and mix

    22. And don't be afraid to overdo it- holiday nails are made for fun!

    23. Fly flags from every finger

    24. Or just focus on one fantastic accent

    25. Alternately, go for the split with dual-personality nails

    26. Not so into red? Go with a creative monochrome take, eh?


    Hint: this design used tiny temporary tattoos

    27. Won "Steadiest Hands" in the latest yearbook? Try this one on for size


    Who's an eager beaver now?

    28. Full flag stamps make sure no one misses your message

    29. Switch up the look with an unexpected white-on-red motif

    30. Whatever design speaks to you, just go with it- it's all about celebrating Canada, and your own awesome skills.

    Not a DIY Diva? Grab a full set of fab fakes, and claim to have done them yourself!


    Click link to purchase

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