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15 Great Gadget Gifts Under $150

Cutting edge tools and toys for everyone on your list. Some of these are so far ahead of the curve, you have to pre-order.

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1. COIN: The All-Your Cards-In-One Electronic Credit Card

$50.00 This buzzworthy beauty is on deck for summer 2014, but order now to save 50% off the eventual $100 price tag. Coin turns your whole mess of credit and debit cards into one sleek, swipeable card fit for any wallet or pocket. Smartphone connectivity with an emergency shutoff means your info won't fall into the wrong hands if you're separated. Pre-Order Here

2. Chromecast: The Friendly TV-Takeover from Google

$35.00 Google finds a way to bring you even more awesome with this inexpensive device. Chromecast plugs into your TV, and works with your wifi to let you enjoy entertainment beamed from your smartphone, laptop, tablet and more. Chromecast can stream Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies and Music, and Chrome content, among other things. Lots of bang, not much buck. Order Now

3. TrakDot: The Lost Luggage Locator

$59.99 + Annual Fees FINALLY! TrakDot solves the hassle of trying to get the airlines to tell you where oh where your missing luggage might be! TrakDot uses the cellular networks on the ground to monitor your luggage before and after a flight, and sends you text or email updates on its location so you'll always know where your bag is located. Sadly, it still can't get your bags from Siberia to your beach vacation any faster. Order Now

4. 3Doodler: The Meet-Your-Maker 3D Plastic Drawing Pen

$99.00 With Plastic Bring your doodles to life! The 3Doodler pen "extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure. This allows you to build an infinite variety of shapes and items with ease!" Talk about too cool for school - but I still wish my school had had these! Pre-Order Here

5. Nest Protect: The Smart Smoke and CO2 Detector

$129.00 For the safety and style conscious homeowner. Like its cousin the Nest Thermostat, this gadget takes something boring but necessary and makes it way better. Great design aside, the detector comes with smartphone connectivity, battery indicator (no more 4am screeching when it runs low!), a night light feature, easy gesture recognition for false alarms, and clearer warning systems. Order Now

6. Tile: The Where's-My-Butt GPS Tracker For Everything

$19.95 And Up Anything you can Tile, you can track. Attach this little device to your keys, wallet, bike, or dog, and use the connected smartphone app to GPS track it down to a few feet away. Secretly stick one in your kid's pocket and prepare for the world's easiest game of hide and seek. Pre-Order Here

7. Breathometer: The Smartphone Sobriety Test

$49.00 For the college kid or fun loving adult in your life, who definitely won't use this to have a who-can-get-drunker contest with their buddies at the bar. Plug, breathe, refrain from driving. Don't worry, the integrated app can call a cab for you. Will be available for December delivery. Order Now

8. ChargeCard: The Wallet-Sized Power Cord

$25.00 Keep the iPhone or Android version of this card in your wallet and you'll always have a tangle-free power cord on hand when your battery runs low. Finding a USB outlet is still up to you. Order Now

*ChargeCard just launched little sibling ChargeKey, which fits on a keyring. Pre-Order Here for $25.00

9. MYO: The I-Feel-Like-Ironman Gesture Control Armband

$149.00 Another step on your path to becoming a superhero. MYO is worn on your arm, and uses magical powers to "read" your minute muscle movements, letting your wrist, hand, and finger gestures control your devices. Control your computer, phone, console, and other TBD tech toys with this revolutionary bit of nerd-bling. Pre-Order Here

10. earHero: The Nearly Invisible Open-Ear Headphones


$149.00 (25% off sale now with code "25DISCOUNT"). This great new take on headphones lets you magically listen to music without blocking ambient sounds. earHero built these with micro-speakers taken from hearing aid technology to ensure quality sound without blocking the ear canal. Great for athletes of all kinds, and anyone who wants to rock out without missing out on what's going on around them. Order Now

11. The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

$59.00 Great for all those Way Back Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, and Flashback Fridays you've got to post on Instagram. Scan, edit, and share your 35MM film directly from your iPhone or Android. Order Now

12. Projecteo: The Tiny Insta-Projector

$25.99 + $8.99/Image Wheel Combine this tiny projector with custom-made image wheels printed from your Instagrams, and prepare to wow everyone at your cocktail party with eleventeen photos of your baby, vacation selfies, beach feet, and more. Too bad their ooh's and ahh's won't count as "Likes" in Instaland. Order Now

13. Mighty Purse: The Gadget-Charging Handbag Helper


$129.00 This little purse contains more than just your credit cards. Wear it solo for a night out, or tuck it inside your larger tote to keep your gadgets powered up. The internal high capacity, lightweight rechargeable battery can fill up your phone up to 2x per charge. Adaptors make it compatible with iPhones, Androids, Tablets, and more, and the sleek leather finish helps to conceal the geek tech inside. Order Now

14. Sifteo Cubes: Tactile Tech Toys with Games For Your Brain


$129.95 For kids big and small, these are an intelligent toy that lets you play with your hands and your head. Sifteo Cubes sense each other and your gestures, display full-color graphics, respond to touch, and communicate wirelessly. The Cubes come with four pre-installed games, and you can sync to the computer to add more. Start with 3 cubes and expand up to 12 as you master your games. Order Now

15. Hammerhead: The Handlebar Navigator for Smarter Cycling


$85.00 Connect the Hammerhead to your GPS-enabled smartphone to safely view turn by turn directions, share the best bike routes, compete in real time, and track your training progress. Works in all weather and light conditions, recharges via micro USB. Bonus: Clips onto and interacts with city bike-share bikes so you can carry it with you and transfer from ride to ride. Pre-Order Here

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