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    • samantham15

      Does anyone question where Chip came from besides that he doesn’t have a father? Mrs. Pots looks more like grandmother age, compared to him being closer to 5 years old. What if Chip is actually the beast’s little brother? Maybe Mrs. Pots never could have children then her husband died/left, so she was left alone. As she was clearly like headhouse keeper/ Castle manager, she probably would have oversaw the raising of the children. The beast was a terrible child that the parents let do what ever and didn’t tell to mind her and goes into I’m a prince, I can do what ever I want mode. So when the beast’s parents die she just kind of takes over raising Chip and still keeps an eye on the beast. But, since the beast was so wrapped up in his own self pity to care, he just kind of forgot that he has a little brother (that was far nicer and would have made a much better Prince/King then him) and lets Mrs. Pots have him…