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    17 Things From Bellesa Boutique With Reviews That'll Probably Convince You To Buy Them

    A vibrating cock ring, a finger clit vibrator and more toys you ~definitely~ won’t have any regrets about buying.

    1. A Luvli Ditto 2 couples vibrator that comes with a remote so you and your partner can control all 11 vibration modes from the palms of your hand. This wearable toy, which is flexible and hands-free, was designed to deliver clit stimulation while your partner handles the G-spot. Reviewers love that this waterproof vibrator stays in place no matter what you get up to.

    A model holding the red couples vibrator and the matching remote

    2. A 7-inch silicone dildo that warms with your body or by running under warm water. This easy-to-clean toy is harness compatible, but also features a strong suction cup base that’s perfect for when you want to have some solo fun in the shower.

    The blue dildo with a slightly enlarged tip

    3. A BuzzFeed AirVibe waterproof vibrator so you can stimulate your G-spot and clit ~simultaneously~. This super discreet vibrator delivers vibrations to your G-spot and uses pressure wave technology to gently suck and caress your clit. It’s also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about always having batteries on hand.

    A model holding the red and gold vibrator in its matching red clamshell case

    4. A hands-free prostate stimulator with two arms that can stimulate four erogenous zones at once. Reviewers love that this anal toy is wearable and waterproof. It’s also great for beginners.

    The black stimulator with one arm on each side

    5. A Kiiroo interactive clit vibrator because, even if you and your partner aren’t in the same place, sometimes you just need to get off. This waterproof, pocket-sized couple’s toy is designed so that you can have your pleasure controlled by your partner ~or~ transmit touch to your partner’s device from a distance. Go ahead, make quarantine more fun!

    A model holding the small purple and gold vibrator

    6. A water-based, hypoallergenic lubricant that won’t irritate your skin. This lube is completely vegan, fragrance and paraben-free, and won’t stain your sheets. Reviewers love that it lasts a ~long~ time.

    The 4-ounce bottle of lube

    7. A flexible Halo cock ring that’s designed to amplify pleasure for both parties. This waterproof toy will have him lasting longer and you riding the wave of both vaginal penetration and clitoral vibes to orgasm bliss.

    A model holding the purple and gold cock ring and demonstrating its flexibility

    8. An Aurora waterproof vibrator that’s made for either G-spot or clitoral play and is controlled with just one button. This rechargeable toy has seven different vibration settings and is great for beginners.

    A model holding the curved black and gold vibrator

    9. A couples kit that comes with a cock ring, clit bullet vibrator and anal vibrator so everyone is satisfied in more ways than one. What’s more? Each toy has 10 different vibration settings.

    The red set that includes an anal vibrator, a cock ring and a bullet vibrator

    10. A set of three butt plugs of varying sizes for anal play. These smooth and tapered plugs are suited for beginners *and* experts — reviewers love that they’re made of silicone and offer a unique backdoor sensation. They’re also hypoallergenic and can be cleaned easily using warm soapy water.

    The three butt plugs of varying sizes, each with crystal embellishments on the end

    11. A rechargeable rabbit vibrator that’ll stimulate your G-spot and clit at the same time for a killer blended orgasm. With two motors and seven vibe settings, this waterproof toy won’t let you down!

    A model posing with the two-pronged vibrator

    12. A sexy lace strap-on harness that comfortably hugs your contours while keeping your toy securely in place. Reviewers appreciate that this stylish toy is one-size-fits-most.

    The black lace strap-on harness

    13. A luxurious wand with seven vibration modes that’ll bring you pleasure in the shower, in the bedroom, and everywhere in between. This sleek silicone toy matches each vibration pattern to a color via an LED lightbar so you can easily discern what works best.

    A model posing with the curved black and gold wand vibrator

    14. A Satisfyer vibrating stroker that’s designed to stimulate the tip and part way down the shaft thanks to two powerful motors and 14 rhythmic vibration patterns. This waterproof wonder can also stimulate the sensations of oral sex for even more fun.

    The stroker in black

    15. A sleek, waterproof vibe – it's as versatile as it gets. This rechargeable toy features a strong vibrating head for clit stimulation, a curved tip for G-spot orgasms, and a flared base for anal pleasure. It also has seven different vibration settings.

    A model holding the black and gold vibrator while demonstrating its flexibility

    16. A strapless strap-on that stays in place with an insertable, curved probe and a textured clitoral pad — not a harness — so even the wearer feels amazing pleasure. Its waterproof design means that it’s great for some fun in the bath or shower.

    A model holding the purple strap on with its insertable, curved probe

    17. A finger clit vibrator to mimic your finger with an egg-shaped paddle of 105 textured silicone rods, but is ~so~ much better. The star of this wearable toy is its flickering tongue with 10 vibration intensities that range from a gentle brush to life-changing stimulation.

    A model holding the vibrator and showing off its 105 textured rods

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