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    26 Pieces Of Furniture And Decor From Amazon With Positively Glowing Reviews

    Someone drop these reviews' skincare routines, because they're ~glowing~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A tufted headboard that’ll make your bed instantly more comfortable and stylish. This headboard comes with black metal stands that have adjustable bed rail slots, so you can set it at your preferred height.

    The blue tufted headboard with a slightly curved shape on a queen bed

    2. A weather-resistant patio table with a built-in wine and beer cooler that’ll keep your beverages ice cold no matter how warm it is outside. The brown rattan exterior is chic, while the cooler can hold up to 40 12-ounce cans and has a drainage plug for easy cleanup.

    3. A three-drawer accent dresser that can also be used as a chic nightstand. This wood piece features a mirrored surface on the front of each drawer with intricate geometric overlays. There’s a matching accent chest, sold separately, that will add even more glam vibes to your space.

    The wooden three-drawer table with mirrored drawers geometric accents

    4. An end table with a leather hammock so you can store extra magazines, books, and other odds and ends. This wooden piece also has one drawer and a durable metal frame that gives it a clean, modern look.

    The wooden table with a metal frame, one drawer and a leather hammock underneath

    5. A pair of table lamps with two built-in USB ports a piece because being able to charge your phone and other electronics while you sleep is super convenient. These industrial-style dimmable lamps have three brightness settings that you can adjust by touching the base and an AC outlet. Each lamp also comes with a trendy Edison bulb.

    6. An extra-wide dresser with eight drawers so you have ample room to store your clothes. Each drawer features a wooden handle, and the chest includes a steel frame so it’s durable, yet lightweight. It also has plastic feet, which will prevent your floors from getting scratched.

    The dresser with eight drawers of different colors with wooden handles

    7. A mid-century inspired nightstand that’ll add some warmth to your bedroom. This sleek piece boasts two drawers with circular gold handles, and its neutral color palette ensures it’ll go with just about any decor.

    The square nightstand with four round legs and three drawers with circular handles

    8. A velvet accent chair with a petal-back design that’ll make you feel like royalty. This stylish chair has gold metal legs and a padded seat so you’re always comfortable.

    The petal chair in blush with a flower-shaped back and four gold legs

    9. An outdoor patio rug because your backyard deserves some love too. This bold rug, which can also be used inside, boasts a medallion motif with florals, and feels comfortable underfoot. It’s also easy to maintain since it can be vacuumed and spot-cleaned.

    The black and white printed rug with a medallion motif pattern under an outdoor fire pit and patio furniture

    10. A mid-century modern recliner with a massage function — sometimes you need to lay back and relax. This chair features a tufted back and a footrest that pops out, so you can lounge in style. It also has a side pocket that’s a great place to store the TV remote or a magazine.

    The gray recliner with a tall tufted back and a square shape

    11. A blanket ladder made from recycled and reclaimed wood to instantly bring farmhouse chic vibes to your home. While the rungs are great for holding blankets, they’re also wide enough to store books, pictures, toys and more.

    The ladder leaning against a wall and holding a blanket on each rung in a living room

    12. A super arched floor lamp with a hanging drum that’ll brighten up your space in a dramatic fashion. This elegant lamp can hang over a couch, a dining table, or a reading nook. Reviewers love that the lamp has an adjustable arc and a luxe marble base that keeps it steady. It’s also Alexa and Google Home compatible so you can easily turn it on or off.

    The floor lamp with a round base, big arch, and hanging drum lampshade

    13. A tufted storage bench that doubles as an ottoman because you never know when you might need some extra seating. The storage compartment even includes its own bin so you can stay organized. If you're tight on space, the bench can collapse in seconds, which is ideal for dorm or apartment living.

    The rectangular tufted bench in an entryway

    14. A rectangular mirror with a rounded gold frame so you can catch a glimpse of yourself in the bathroom or before you leave the house. Reviewers love that this mirror is versatile and boasts a fingerprint-proof frame that’s also scratch- and stain-resistant.

    Two of the mirrors, each over a sink, in a bathroom

    15. Or a square mirror with built-in LED lights that you can mount on your bathroom wall. This glam piece has a dimming function and can be turned on and off with the push of a button, as well as an anti-fog mode that keeps the mirror clear while you shower.

    The mirror with a square-shaped perimeter of LED lights hanging over a bathroom sink

    16. A set of four industrial-style bar stools with backs for added comfort. However, if you like a cleaner look, the backs can be removed and the stools can be stacked for easy storage. Each chair has a wood seat and a metal frame, which goes with most decor styles.

    The bar stools with a metal frame and back around a circular table

    17. A sectional sofa that’s ideal for a small apartment or tight space. This couch boasts thick, firm cushions and features a chaise that will fit on either side. You can also separate it from the couch completely and use it as an ottoman to prop your feet up.

    The L-shaped couch with thick cushions in a living room

    18. A ceramic planter with a bold gold stripe that’ll help your plants shine. The planter comes with a drain hole on the bottom that prevents overwatering, and a saucer base that can catch any overflow.

    The planter with a gold stripe in the middle holding a small plant

    19. A lift-top coffee table in case you need some hidden storage for your books, coasters and other knick knacks. The table also has two open shelves on the bottom so you can display photo albums and other accent pieces.

    20. A farmhouse chic TV stand with sliding barn doors that’s large enough to hold a 55-inch television. Reviewers love that this stand has ample storage, including four adjustable shelves behind the doors and two open compartments directly under where the TV would go.

    The TV stand supporting a TV with two open shelves and sliding barn doors on either side

    21. A Moroccan-style suede pouf that you can stuff with towels, a comforter, or clothes. This durable pouf comes unstuffed, so you can fill it to your desired firmness while storing things you don’t use all the time.

    The brown circular pouf with a vertical line pattern around the entire thing

    22. A console table with three tiers so you can display photos, books, and more. This narrow metal and wood table fits behind most sofas but can also work in an entryway.

    The console table with six open shelves, several of which are filled with books

    23. A dining set with four chairs and a matching rectangular table. Each rustic piece has wood accents and a durable metal frame, and everything can be spot cleaned.

    The dinning set with a table and four chairs that each have wood surfaces and black metal frames

    24. A double hamper so you can sort your whites and darks and save time on laundry day. Each compartment has a removable liner that you can take directly to the washing machine, and the hamper itself is made of durable polyester linen. It also has a lid to conceal dirty clothes.

    25. An entryway bench that comes with a cotton cushion because it’s important to be comfortable while putting on or removing your shoes. This farmhouse-style bench also includes three storage bins to hold all of your kicks.

    The bench with a cream-colored cushion and three matching storage bins underneath

    26. A kitchen cart with a stainless-steel top that’s easy to clean no matter what you’re cooking. The cart includes two hidden adjustable shelves, three storage drawers, a towel bar, and a spice rack. It’s also on wheels so you can move it around easily.

    The kitchen cart being used as a coffee bar with three drawers and a cabinet

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.