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    25 Cool And Fun Gifts From Apollo Box Because You Deserve A Treat

    It’s time to buy yourself something you wouldn’t ordinarily purchase but ~totally~ deserve. We’re lookin’ at you, cat paw slippers.

    1. A pair of slip-on cat paw slippers that are as comfortable as they are adorable. Slip ‘em on when you venture outside to run a quick errand, or use them to complete the ultimate cozy WFH look. Either way, you won’t regret it.

    The cat paw slippers with an open back in a bedroom

    2. A cute ceramic critter planter to put on your desk or bedside table. This little pal, which comes in a hedgehog or rabbit design, is perfect for a succulent or small plant.

    The ceramic planters with a rabbit and hedgehog design

    3. An artisanal margarita glass because nothing says “treat yo’ self” like a cocktail (or two) at the end of a long day. Each glass is just over 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide, so you’re free to pour yourself a hefty drink.

    Five margarita glasses in a row each with a different design

    4. A travel neck pillow with a hood if you ~really~ don’t want to be bothered while you’re en route to your destination. The cozy cotton hood is adjustable so you can pull it over your eyes while keeping your neck comfortable if you need a nap.

    5. An irregularly shaped ceramic dish that’ll add some character to your coffee table or dining table. Each handmade dish features a swirling design, a vibrant blue hue, and charmingly uneven edges. This beautiful piece also makes a great housewarming gift if you want to treat someone else too.

    Two of the uniquely shaped blue plates on a table

    6. A set of 12 LED globe pendant lights to brighten up your space any time of the year. Each plastic globe has five lights and can hang down up to 9.8 feet. The whole set comes with a convenient battery box so you can easily replace the batteries when they run out.

    The globe pendant lights hanging from the ceiling

    7. A bracelet with an intricate blossoming branch design because everyone deserves a gorgeous piece of jewelry. This bracelet is handmade using freshwater pearl buds and shell blossoms and will add a charming touch to your look.

    The gold bracelet with pearls and two blossoms

    8. A retro gramophone speaker so you can play your tunes in style. This small but mighty portable speaker plays music for up to eight hours at a time and connects to your devices wirelessly using Bluetooth or an AUX cable. It also supports your TF card and lets you make hands-free phone calls.

    The small gramophone speaker

    9. A corgi butt bag that’s perfect for any corgi lover. This bag features a realistic corgi bottom made of soft cotton and is bound to bring a smile to your face whenever you carry it around. The crossbody version even comes with a durable gold chain strap so you can carry it comfortably.

    A model wearing the Corgi butt bag with a gold chain

    10. A steampunk journal and pen set so you can write down all of the genius thoughts you seem to have in the shower or while you’re trying to fall asleep. This Victorian era piece is available as a notebook only, but you can also purchase it with additional goose feather pens and a wax seal if you ~really~ want to channel your inner Emily Dickinson.

    11. A crystal music box that’s equal parts stunning and enchanting. This rotating piece with a sturdy wood base is bound to catch your eye as it plays a lovely version of Pachelbel’s Canon. While the music is playing, it creates a calming light pattern on the ceiling. Reviewers love that this music box comes with a USB charging cable.

    12. A unicorn light because everyone needs a little dose of whimsy in their life. This fantastical lamp works great as an accent piece on a nightstand or a bookshelf, and is perfect for the young at heart.

    The yellow unicorn light on a shelf

    13. A white cherry blossom ring that’s delicate but beautiful. The open design means it fits most, and it is handcrafted from real silver so you don’t need to worry about it getting tarnished or discolored. Go ahead and treat yourself!

    The silver ring with an open design and a white cherry blossom

    14. A pair of elegant chandelier earrings to add some bohemian yet elegant vibes to your look. These earrings have colorful and jeweled accents that make ‘em really pop. The best part is that each earring is silver-plated so they won’t irritate your skin.

    The earrings with colorful accents and crystals

    15. A floral ice mold that’ll take your drinks to the next level. This BPA-free silicone mold creates a beautiful rose so you can chill your drink of choice in the chicest way possible. It’s great for a special occasion or if you just want to feel like the royalty you are.

    A rose-shaped ice cube from the mold in a glass

    16. An animal mug with a built-in infuser so you can make a nice hot cup of tea without making a mess. This adorable mug holds up to 8.5 ounces and is made of heat-resistant glass so it won’t burn your hands. We give you permission to curl up with a cup of tea and a book.

    two animal-shaped mugs with tea infuses inside

    17. A bubble tea AirPods case because you keep losing your AirPods and it’s about time you find a clever way to keep track of them. This silicone case not only stores and protects your earbuds, but it also comes with a matching finger strap that makes it difficult to misplace.

    18. A stylish ruffle bottom dress that’s miraculously designed to be one size fits most. This stylish frock boasts a ruffled tulle bottom and knit top with thin straps. It’s perfect for a special occasion or just a fun night out. The world is your oyster!

    The dress with a ruffled bottom and matching knit top

    19. A crown chair cushion to make you feel like royalty when you’re working from home. This plush cushion is designed to be attached to nearly any chair, but it also works if you prefer sitting on the floor and want to feel a tad more comfortable.

    The crown cushion on a chair

    20. An adorable pumpkin bowl with a matching lid so you can enjoy all of your favorite pumpkin foods in an appropriate vessel. This bowl is perfect for pumpkin soup, pumpkin yogurt, and everything in between.

    A yogurt parfait in the orange pumpkin bowl with a handle and matching top

    21. An official Quidditch set to help you channel your inner Harry Potter. This beautiful set includes one quaffle, two Bludgers, and one non-removable Snitch. There’s also a collectible poster as well as a lock and key inside the beautiful Quidditch trunk.

    The Quidditch set with one quaffle and two Bludgers inside a wooden trunk

    22. A charming bow pillow that’ll function as a great accent piece on your bed or in your living room. This velvet pillow is the ideal accessory for people who are ready to get comfy and cozy this fall.

    Two of the velvet bow pillows on a couch

    23. A crystal moon hair clip because your mane deserves a little gift too. This glam hair accessory features a moon pin with dangling crystals that really help your locks stand out in the best way. The clip works well in updos, but it also looks great if you prefer to wear your hair down.

    A model wearing the hair clip with dangling crystals

    24. A circular planter that you can hang on your wall and use to add more greenery to your space. That’s right, treat yourself to some plant pets! This planter comes in multiple sizes and colors, which means you can go all out and hang several of them on a wall to create a real floral focal point.

    The circular wall planters in different sizes hanging on a wall

    25. A retro suitcase because it’s about time you pack your bags and head off on a little trip. The suitcase boasts a faux leather exterior with a built-in handle and colorful accents throughout. Have you started planning your weekend getaway yet?

    The suitcase in blue with a handle and white accents throughout

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