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    If Your Garden Has Seen Better Days, You Need These 25 Things From Lowe’s

    Flex that green thumb with a raised planter box and steel pruners.

    1. A bag of mulch so you can zhuzh up your garden. Use this mulch to bring some life to some spots that might need a little love. Reviewers love this stuff because it’s long-lasting and can help prevent weed growth.

    A person spreading the mulch in a yard

    2. A strong steel hand pruner that’s more than ready to cut any stubborn stems and small branches in your garden. This must-have tool has a low-friction coating that helps the blades glide through wood, and even has a sap groove to prevent the blades from sticking together.

    the pruners cutting a small branch

    3. A planter with a self-watering disk because it can be difficult to remember to water everything in your garden. The disk also helps prevent root rot, and the planter boasts all-weather durability as well as UV protection, allowing for long periods of use.

    the self-watering planter holding flowers

    4. Or, for something a bit more substantial, a raised planter box that’s ready to be filled with soil and seedlings so your garden can flourish. Made of solid cedar, this planter box has an included liner that allows for excess water to drain without losing dirt, as well as four drainage holes. Plus, reviewers love that it’s on wheels and can be moved around easily.

    the wooden planter box on wheels growing plants

    5. A 10-pack of plant labels to keep track of exactly what you are growing in your garden and where. Each label is reusable and easy to write on with a marker. Plus, the label’s pointed tip inserts easily into moist soil.

    the plant label in a garden with the word "cabbage" written on it

    6. A pineapple birdbath with a plastic top and cement base so all the birdies in your area can stop by for a drink. This piece is weather-resistant and boasts a cement finish. It’s also light (weighing less than 20 pounds!) which means you can move it around with ease.

    the pineapple birdbath in a garden

    7. A fairy garden kit that’ll surely delight any visitors (young or old!) to your garden. You can arrange and design this mini garden scene to your liking among your flowers, or you can purchase a pot separately if that’s how you want to display it.

    8. A tiered water fountain, because every garden needs a water feature. This fountain comes with a submersible pump that continuously recirculates the water, and gives off some serious Bridgerton vibes.

    the tiered fountain in a garden

    9. A periwinkle plant to add a pop of color to your garden. This easy-to-grow perennial plant comes in a 2.5-quart pot, and is best suited for shady spots. Due to its bright color, it may even help deter deer from munching on your flowers!

    10. Or, if you really want to flex that green thumb, a Red Delicious apple plant that’ll thrive in most areas of the country. This plant, which comes in its own pot, can easily be transferred to your garden, and will gift you with sweet and juicy red apples in September and October. If you take proper care of this little guy, it can grow to be up to 25 feet tall and give you apples for years to come.

    11. A three-piece patio set so you can relax and enjoy the splendor of your garden at any time. Each piece in this durable set features a steel frame that is rust-resistant, and the cushions are UV-resistant as well.

    The patio set with two rockers with cushions and a matching table on a patio

    12. A cordless, rechargeable lawn mower with LED headlights to cut your grass quickly and easily, giving you a picture-perfect lawn. This mower has up to 55 minutes run time on a single charge, and comes with a battery and a charger. Reviewers love that you can adjust the handle height for maximum comfort.

    a model using the lawn mower

    13. A 42-liter bag of garden soil for all of your flowers, plants, and shrubs, in case they need a little TLC. This soil improves existing soil to build strong roots, and is fortified with slow-release plant food to nourish plants for up to three months.

    the bag of garden soil in a garden

    14. A 5.5-pound bag of Miracle Gro all-purpose plant food because your plants will be at their best when they’re nourished and well fed with more than just water. This product is great for flowers, veggie plants, roses, trees, and shrubs, and can be used with a watering can.

    a person holding Miracle Gro

    15. A bottle of EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade that’ll rid your lawn of those unsightly brown spots and other damaged areas. This stuff functions as a combination of mulch, grass seed, and fertilizer, and will work in high-traffic areas in the sun and shade.

    a bottle of EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade

    16. A four-piece gardening hand tool set so you can tend to all of your plants like a pro. Each piece in this set is made of durable carbon steel and will allow you to tackle just about any garden project with ease.

    the tool set with a trowel, a transplanter, a cultivator and a weeder

    17. A durable garden hose to water all of the plants, trees, and flowers in your garden as needed. This backyard staple won’t get any knots or kinks, and is easily attached to a spigot. Reviewers love that each metal encased end is resistant to corrosion.

    18. A bird feeder fit for any budding birdwatcher. This large feeder, which can hold up to 6 pounds of seed, has a perching ring so birds feel comfortable, six feeding ports, and a slanted roof to protect the seed from rain. Just hang it in your garden and wait for the birdies to gather!

    birds gathering around the roofed bird feeder

    19. A piece of garden fencing made of black powder coated steel that’ll keep deer, raccoons, and other critters out of your flower beds. Featuring a classic, rust-resistant design that’ll go with any backyard or garden decor, this fencing is a cinch to install and easy to connect side-by-side to additional pieces.

    the black fencing in a garden

    20. A classic white garden arbor to make the entrance to your garden charming and grand. Made of weather-resistant vinyl, this elegant arch is easy to assemble and even includes lattice detailing to support climbing plants and flowers.

    the white garden arbor with a trellis on either side in a garden

    21. A steel citronella garden torch in case you want to illuminate your flowers and trees at night. In addition to being very durable, these torches can burn for up to five hours at a time, and even help keep mosquitos at bay thanks to BiteFighter Torch Fuel, which you can buy separately.

    the steel torch with a flame in a garden

    22. A traditional Cambridge trellis because what’s a garden without some regal accents? This trellis can be used against a wall or stand on its own, and is designed for any vine or climbing plant. Reviewers love that it’s UV-resistant and easy to clean.

    the classic white trellis in a garden

    23. A three-pack of unisex polyurethane-dipped gardening gloves so you can get down and dirty with your flowers and plants. Suitable for wet and dry conditions, these gloves boast a snug fit and solid grip that protects your hands. Plus, they are also puncture-resistant.

    24. A brown lab garden statue to instantly up the cuteness factor of your garden. Made of cast stone, this pretend but sturdy pup will look right at home among your roses and begonias.

    the dog statue with a brown tint

    25. And a simple yet sturdy wooden potting bench that’ll help you become the best plant parent you can be. This bench is a great place to pot, prune, root, transplant, and weed your smaller plants, and comes equipped with a spacious worktop, a durable stainless sink, a drawer and side hooks for tools, and plenty of storage space down below.

    the wooden potting bench with shelves in a garden

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