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17 Reasons Leslie Knope Is The Best Feminist Role Model On TV

Just your typical amazing yellow-haired female who likes waffles and news.

1. She has no tolerance for binders full of women.

2. She has a positive body image.

3. She is in a healthy relationship.

4. She always makes time for herself.

5. She isn't afraid to express her style.

6. She embraces her lady parts.

7. She is always going the extra mile.

8. She promotes safe sex.

9. She has great self esteem.

10. She's not afraid to tell it how it it is.

11. She doesn't back down.

12. She doesn't objectify others.

13. She inspires women everywhere (who watch Parks & Rec).

14. She is always there for her girls.

15. She supports the LGBT community.

16. She has big goals and dreams.

17. She ran for city council and won!

Who wouldn't respect all that?

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