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21 Animals Celebrating National Hug Day

January 21st is National Hug Day, so here are 21 animals celebrating with their own special species of hugs.

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1. The koala "Mom you're squishing m..ughfggh" hug

2. The Bunny "Eskimo kiss and a hug" hug

3. The otter "friendly float" hug

4. The puppy "you keep watch while I nap" hug

5. The cheetah "usually we're fast but let's take this slow" hug

6. The monkey "group sandwich" hug

7. The lab "hey there neighbor" hug

8. This lizard's "ok bro, but make sure no one's looking" hug

9. The snow monkey "I'm scared hold me" hug

10. The weasel "sneak attack" hug

11. This chimp's "everyone wants to hug a kitty" hug and this tigers "ok fine, you can hug me if you want" hug

12. These penguins' "don't you go marching anywhere but into my arms" hug

13. The frog's "let's go a-waltzing" hug

14. This fawn's "duuuuuh....I love hugs" hug

15. This cat's "nothing is better my mommy's hug" hug

16. This polar bear's "I love you so much I could squeeze off your head" hug

17. These monkeys' "everyone get in here" group hug

18. This beagle's "OMG WE ARE BEST FRIENDS!" hug and this cat's "UGH we are so not best friends...but whatever" hug

19. The fox's "we say, let's hug" hug

20. These gorillas' "everyone's looking at us, but I don't mind" hug

21. The sloth's "good old fashion snuggly huggly hug" hug

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