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Actually, My Mom Is The Best

There can only be one.

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So, this is my mother. The ultimate sass queen. I guess if you were ever wondering where I got my sparkling personality from, she is it.

I think she's going to kill me for creating this article, but I'm sure once she sees it published on BuzzFeed, she'll be okay. Plus, we're going to brunch and dinner on Mother's Day - she'll be happy regardless.

What can I say that hasn't already been said? My mom is truly my confidant and role model. I'm not talking Lorelai and Rory Gilmore style, we're much more than that. Think of us as Sophia and Dorothy from Golden Girls.

People always say we look like twins, but I don't really see it. My mom has been my ultimate role model and confidant. She's always been right, too.

Yeah, I said it. She's always right. It only took 25 years of my life to realize this. As much as I tried to doubt her and stay in my stubborn ways, I've learned that I never knew what I was doing and mother really does know best.

We've done a lot of things together. Eat, laugh, cry.

She's seen my graduate from kindergarten, high school, college, and even graduate school. She's given me the best advice to help me live my best life. She's done everything, you know, even raised me and stuff.

I honestly don't think a post does her justice, but it's a start.

So Happy Mother's Day, mom! I love you!

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