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The ABCs Of "Full House"

Y is for "You got it dude!"

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A is for Aunt Becky

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The woman who stole Uncle Jesse's heart and was the perfect female role model for DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. A co-host on Wake Up, San Francisco and the mother of Nicky and Alex.

B is for Beach Boys

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A band featured on the show many times. They were initially introduced on the show when DJ won two tickets to one of their concerts. The family debated over who should use the two tickets. The Beach Boys showed up at the Tanner household and invited the whole family to the concert.

D is for Dating

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Throughout the course of the show's eight seasons, viewers were introduced to many different love interests. A frequent action on the show, viewers couldn't help but root for some relationships over others (ie. Steve and DJ).

E is for Elvis Presley


Uncle Jesse idolized Elvis Presley more than anyone else in the world. Almost everything Uncle Jesse did was influenced by the King of Rock 'n' Roll. From choosing wallpaper for the twins' nursery to choosing a wedding theme, Uncle Jesse tried to intertwine Elvis throughout his life.

F is for "Forever"

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The song that made Jesse and the Rippers famous and the song that he sang for Becky on their wedding day. Almost 20 years later, Full House fans everywhere are still singing this song.

G is for Girl Talks

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Whether it was Aunt Becky convincing DJ that she was beautiful inside and out or it was DJ giving advice to one of her sisters, "girl talks" were an essential part of the Tanner household.

J is for Jesse and the Rippers

NBC / Via

With a #1 hit in Japan, Jesse and the Rippers is Uncle Jesse's band. Their most recent appearance was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where they delighted Full House fans everywhere with a throwback performance.

K is for Kimmy Gibbler

Warner Bros. Television / Via

As DJ's best friend, Kimmy was always hanging out at the Tanner home. Sometimes she was invited and sometimes she was not but the Tanners loved her and for many fans we saw her as just another member of the family.

Q is for Queen (as in Prom Queen)

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Prom Night for Steve and DJ began to unravel when Rachel (Steve's ex) and Steve were named prom king and queen. DJ catches them in a kiss out on the dance floor. As in any Full House episode though, the episode ends with a happy ending. Steve reaffirms his love for DJ and explains how Rachel forcefull pulled him in for the kiss she witnessed.

R is for Ranger Joe and Mr. Woodchuck

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Given his own TV show, The Ranger Joe Show, Joey becomes "Ranger Joe". Entertaining children everywhere, he brings along his trusty sidekick Mr. Woodchuck too.

T is for Twin Competitions

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When Becky's snobbish cousins come to town to enter their twin daughters in a local twin content, Jesse is determined for Nicky and Alex to beat them. Don't worry though, we won't spoil who ultimately wins.

U is for Under the Influence

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When Kimmy gets drunk, DJ tries her best to keep her from driving home. The next day Kimmy says: "It's my life! What do you care?!". DJ explains why being under the influence of alcohol isn't cool to her and the two best friends reconcile.

X is for X-Rated Jokes

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The jokes that Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamons were often heard making in between takes on set.

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