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25 Of The Best Moments In "Elf" That Will Get You Excited For Christmas

"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?"

1. When all of the elves in Buddy's class recite the rules of being an elf.

2. When Buddy is frustrated with his inability to keep up with toy production.

3. When he's put in charge of testing all of the Jack-in-the-Boxes.

4. When Buddy snaps at the Arctic Puffin.

5. When Mr. Narwhal says goodbye to Buddy before Buddy leaves for New York.

6. When Buddy makes the long journey from the North Pole to New York City.

7. When he hops along the crosswalk.

8. When Buddy decides it'd be fun to run around in a revolving door.

9. When Buddy tries to give a raccoon a hug in Central Park and quickly realizes that animals in Central Park are not friendly.

10. When Buddy's elated to find the place that sells the "World's best cup of coffee."

11. When Buddy says this after looking at the elevator buttons.

12. When Buddy mixes maple syrup and tons of other sugary products into his spaghetti.

13. When Buddy explains all of the things he's planning on doing with his dad.

14. When Buddy goes up the escalator in this awkward position.

15. When Buddy explains his love of smiling.

16. When he gives his dad lingerie because that's what he thinks people give to "that special someone".

17. When Buddy isn't able to contain his excitement.

18. When Buddy calls out the Santa imposter at Gimbel's.

19. When Buddy eats cotton balls while at the doctor's office...

20. ... and then comes to this realization after getting his finger pricked.

21. When Buddy tries to answer the phone for his dad.

22. When Buddy gets hit with a snowball.

23. When Buddy decides to tackle the Christmas tree while trying to decorate it.

24. When Buddy picks a fight with Miles Finch over whether Miles is an elf or not.

25. When Buddy writes his goodbye letter to his family on an Etch A Sketch.

We can't wait to watch this movie over and over again, this holiday season!

We love you too, Buddy!