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10 Times Taylor Swift's Mom Proved She Was The Best Mom

♫ I know I had the best day, with you, today♫

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1. When she coordinated these adorable Christmas outfits. / Via

2. When she was a ~cool mom~ and made an appearance in Tay's "Thug Story" video with T-Pain.

CMT / Big Machine Records / Via


3. When she texted Taylor a photo of her with 1989. / Via

Not all moms can take a photo with their daughter’s Platinum album.

4. When her and her husband put together an Easter egg hunt for their kids. / Via

Seriously, look how much they enjoyed it. / Via

5. When she stopped to take photos with fans.

Andreaも日本に来てくれたのね😂😂💓 闘病中にもかかわらず、、、 ほんとに嬉しいよ😭😭💗💗大好き💓 #Taylor1989WorldTour #TaylorSwift #andreaswift #tokyo #japan

6. When she joined in on the fun during one of Taylor’s GMA appearances. / Via

7. When she was so sweet when talking about Taylor’s success.

8. When she gave this speech at the ACMs.

9. During the same speech, when she pretty much became everyone's mom.

10. And when Taylor shared this darling photo afterwards: / Via

Happy Mother's Day, Andrea!

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