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    14 Haley Dunphy Gifs That Described Your 1st Semester In College

    "I love you. I'll miss you."

    1. The day you never thought would come finally arrived. It was time to take the fully packed car and make your way to campus.

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    2. You had to say goodbye to your younger siblings.

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    Secretly, you knew you'd miss them.

    3. After move-in day you called your parents just to check-in.

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    You had no idea where you were and what you were going to do. Suddenly you were on your own.

    4. Your roommate and you became fast friends and she began asking you if you liked her outfits.

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    It was nice to know she felt comfortable asking for your opinion. Some of the outfits though, made you question her style.

    5. When Skyping home, it became clear that you were partying hard.

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    6. Your parents began to fear that your choices would be detrimental to your grades.

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    She went to Harvard Law, after all.

    7. As the weeks went by, you realized you were in love with a boy down the hall.

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    Opposites attract?

    8. Before you knew it, midterms arrived. You studied for days but you still left each one feeling like you failed.

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    Because yelling at yourself always makes things better.

    9. You made it through midterms though and you're parents sent you words of encouragement.

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    It's always nice to have their support.

    10. The second half of the semester then started-up. You were ready to take great notes to make sure you were ready for finals.

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    1...2...3... LET'S GO!

    11. Even though you were several months into school, you were still going through bouts of homesickness. You called up your parents and your dad came to visit you.

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    The fact that he's willing to drop everything and spend the day with you meant everything.

    12. The second-half of the semester flew by though. Suddenly it's time for finals.... which you aced!

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    Let the celebration begin!

    13. Within a few days you were on your way home for winter break. Getting into the car, you realized your parents were still just as weird as when you left them.

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    It was comforting to know that not much had changed.

    14. Once you were home, you couldn't wait to get back to campus!

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