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    12 Times You Wished Lorelai Gilmore Was Your Mom

    "You've been Gilmored."

    1. Giving Rory this piece of advice.

    2. Telling Rory to go to bed even when she wanted to stay up and study for finals.

    3. Admitting one of her faults.

    4. Reminding Rory that screwing up was a part of life, but insisted it's how she dealt with it that mattered.

    5. Arguing with Rory even when it hit a little too close to home.

    6. Agreeing that eating pizza and watching TV was extremely important.

    7. Giving Rory moral support when she wasn't doing well at Chilton.

    8. Demanding Rory pick up this unique New Year's Resolution.

    9. Prohibiting a candy-filled movie from being seen without any candy to eat.

    10. Replying honestly to Rory about the fact that she can't keep a secret.

    11. Informing Rory of the fact that eating as much as they do takes a pro.

    12. Making sure that Rory realizes how little control she has.

    Overall, we can all agree that Lorelai gave some fabulous pieces of advice.

    We all wish she was our mom.