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    I Rewatched "Gilmore Girls" 8 Times And Now I Have A Lot Of Unpopular Opinions

    "I can be flexible, as long as everything is exactly the way I want it."

    Welcome to my exposé of the inconvenient truths of Gilmore Girls

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    Now before you decide to torch my house and call me a traitor, let me just say that eight full re-runs of Gilmore Girls and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life over the span of three years will give you quite a bit of perspective.

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    ...a perspective that needs to be shared with everyone else

    I mean at someeee level, we're all thinking it, but none of us want to actually come out and say this. Soooo... I'm volunteering as tribute. You're all welcome.

    1. Jason and Lorelai made a wonderful couple and had really good endgame potential.

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    Let's lay out the facts here, people. Jason and Lorelai both came from the same world, had weird, passive-aggressive controlling parents, and supported each other's ambitions. Jason respected Lorelai in every way and just got her. Unlike Luke, he was always honest with her and made it his priority to involve her in his life. Unlike Christopher, he had his life together and didn't mess around. He respected her choice not to tell her parents about them. They were the true definition of a proper adult relationship and should've been endgame.

    2. Richard was a terrible business partner and Jason had every right to sue him.

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    Remember how Richard couldn't wait to bring Jason on as a partner just to stick it to Floyd? Yeah, me too. So where did all that energy go when he ruined Jason's reputation, kicked him out of the business, and got into bed with Floyd again? Also, Floyd is a horrid human with absolutely no conscience. Who treats their own son like that? Jason had every right to sue Richard for the defamation he caused Jason. Bad move, Richard... bad move.

    3. Dean wasn't actually a terrible boyfriend before the whole cheating scandal.

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    Now I know I'm definitely gonna get some heat for this one, but hear me out. I'm not a huge Dean fan myself, but come to think of it, aside from cheating on his wife, Dean was not a terrible boyfriend in the earlier seasons. Dean stuck by her when it was obvious that Rory was in love with Jess, and unlike Jess, he made it his priority to become closer to the people in her life. And it does kind of suck when you tell someone you love them and they say "I love... the car." Sure he was a little bit clingy, but he was the best boyfriend 16-year-old Rory could have asked for and much like all the men in her life, Rory treated him like garbage and strung him along LONG after they broke up.

    4. Jess did grow into the perfect person for Rory, but Logan and Rory were supposed to be endgame.

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    It was definitely a treat to see bad boy Jess turn into a responsible, mature, and caring person, but I gotta say, Jess and Rory would not have lasted. In the later seasons, Rory becomes an entitled, high-flying, and kind of annoying Ivy League girl, and the only person that complimented her new lifestyle was Logan. Now Logan did also see quite a bit of character growth himself, but I really, really, really believe that at that point of Rory's life, Logan was the perfect match for her. And he did genuinely love Rory. I do kinda wish that they ended up together, that way, she wouldn't have to be his mistress in the revival (Rory, WTF man).

    5. Mitchum Huntzberger was right about Rory.

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    At the end of Season 5, we witness Rory make an unthinkable decision, all based on four, soul crushing words: "You don't got it". I remember watching that episode for the first time and really going off on Mitchum. Who the hell is he to do my girl Rory like that? BUT, after much more maturity and binge-watching myself, I have come to the realization that Mitchum was kinda right about her. Rory is probably an extremely gifted writer, but has no drive. She doesn't chase opportunities and expects everything to be handed to her. As a college student myself, I found it so weird that she NEVER made it her priority to look for an internship or any work experience during her summer breaks and the expected things to magically work out for her. Even in the revival, Rory is literally falling asleep while getting a story for the job she supposedly wants. Rory may have made a good writer or event planner, but she was not cut out to be a journalist.

    6. Lorelai was not such a great mother to Rory.

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    Lorelai Gilmore was the ultimate definition of a cool mom, but I think there were so many places where she didn't actually set Rory up to succeed. Now don't get me wrong, Lorelai did the absolute best she could for Rory, but in the spirit of being her "pal" she barely used the mom card on her. Rory was always coddled and told that she was special, and I hate that she embodies the very spirit of Millennial entitlement that every boomer will write a lengthy LinkedIn article about. The only time she really took charge as a mother was when she cut Rory off for her ridiculous decision to drop out of Yale. Lorelai didn't want Rory to hate her the same way she hated her own mother, and as a result, she became the "yes mom" and excused a lot of Rory's shitty behavior.

    7. Lorelai was also a TERRIBLE friend to Sookie.

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    The show has always highlighted Lorelai and Sookie's wonderful friendship, but the friendship is always one-sided. Sookie does her best to support Lorelai and be her best friend, but Lorelai on the other hand is a TERRIBLE friend to Sookie. Lorelai is not always super involved in her supposed best friend's life, consistently discounts Sookie's problems because they seem insignificant to her own petty drama, and uses Sookie for her chef skills every time she's in a pickle. She's mean to Sookie on multiple occasions and never actually takes Sookie's opinion very seriously. Grow up Lorelai, the world doesn't always revolve around you and the people in your life are not there to only please you!!

    8. ...and Rory wasn't such a great friend to Lane either.

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    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this case. Rory wasn't really the best BFF to Lane either. Rory ignores Lane when she gets a boyfriend, is barely involved in her life when she goes off to Chilton and Yale, and a lot of their friendship revolves around the fact that they've been best friends since forever. Rory is also super dismissive of Lane's problems — it seems like Lorelai is there for Lane more than Rory is.

    9. Christopher wasn't the villain of the story and people need to stop making him feel like one.

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    Everyone hates Christopher for the stunts he pulled in breaking up Luke and Lorelai, but can we just stop for a second and realize that he wasn't actually ALL that bad? Didn't Lorelai sleep with Chris knowing full well that he was with Sherry? And it wasn't Christopher's fault that Luke and Lorelai called it quits and he was there for her as a friend. Lorelai was the one that cheated on Luke. Lorelai was the one that agreed to marry Christopher when she was still clearly in love with Luke. Christopher always loved Lorelai and yes, he was childish and a little unhinged, but Lorelai always kept him on her leash to go back to when the men in her life supposedly disappointed her.

    10. Lorelai and Rory were kind of terrible to all the men in their lives.

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    Let's break it down shall we?

    Max: Left by Lorelai a few days before the wedding with no reason.

    Dean: Led on by Rory well after she was over him, had his marriage destroyed because Rory decided he was "her Dean" and consistently made to feel like crap.

    Christopher: Stayed on Lorelai's leash for whenever she was lonely.

    Alex: What the hell happened to him??? But also was always forgotten by Lorelai.

    Luke: Cheated on with Chris, pined for Lorelai forever and you're stupid if you think she didn't see it.

    Logan: Rejected by Rory BUT still stayed her boy toy because "what happens in London stays in London" ugh. Stop sleeping with unavailable guys RORY.

    Jason: Wasn't even given a fair chance after he decided to stand up for himself against Richard.

    11. Kirk and Paris were the best side characters on the show.

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    If there was anything that would categorize Gilmore Girls as a funny show, it would be Kirk (Sean Gunn) and Paris (Liza Weil). Both Kirk and Paris were the much needed comedic relief that the show needed. Kirk's silly and quirky personality made every single scene he was in a joy to watch, and Paris' intense demeanor just made her the character everyone loved to hate. I wonder if they had intense back pain from carrying the show's comedic appeal?

    12. Lane deserved better than Zach.

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    Although they were the ultimate "Rock and Roll" couple and turned out to be sort of okay in the end, Lane deserved much better than Zach. Zach was.... how do you put this delicately.... kind of stupid. Zach ruined that band's chance at gaining a name for themselves just because he got jealous of Brian, literally paraded girls around their apartment, and there was ZERO chemistry between the two of them. Lane already had her perfect man, and his name was Dave Rygalsky. I said what I said.

    13. And finally... Emily Gilmore was the true star of the show.

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    Emily Gilmore was a queen, and you cannot change my mind on this. She had impeccable style, high standards, and did not take anyone's crap. Lorelai was awful to her one too many times. Regardless of the crap that Lorelai gave her, she always loved her daughter and granddaughter unconditionally and did her very best to provide for them. I hate that people looked down on her for being a corporate wife and a high-society woman when she absolutely KILLED it in everything she did. She always defended her family and did her absolute best to support her husband in his every endeavor, even when it came to dealing with his god awful mother. She was a true star, a complete savage and Emily Gilmore deserved better from ALL of us.

    Phew... that took a load off my chest! Now, time for me to get back to my 9th binge-watch of Gilmore Girls!

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