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Oct 2017
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    saman234 commented on I Just Wanna Know If You Think These 15 Movie Couples Stayed Together After The Credits Rolled

    They are so NOT together. Troy peaked in high school, went to college on a basketball scholarship but suffered when nobody gave him the attention he got in high school. Gabriella broke up with him after thanksgiving during their first year of college. Troy moved back to his hometown,… 


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    saman234 commented on 29 Unpopular TV Character Opinions That 100% Needed To Be Said Out Loud

    I am SO glad that someone finally called out Derek for being a douche and how George is overrated, but: - Ross was ABSOLUTELY horrible to his friends and all the women in his life (Emily, Rachel, Monice, Phoebe, Julie.... the list goes on) - Ted's only reason to be in a relationship… 


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    saman234 commented on "New Girl" Is Better Than "Friends" And Here's 19 Reasons Why

    YES YES YES FRIENDS IS SO OVERHYPED!! I’d rather watch New Girl or HIMYM any day. The “friends” in FRIENDS were all terrible people: Ross was trash, Monica was crazy, Phoebe was a terrible friend, Rachel was selfish and chandler was annoying. Joey was probably the only good friend… 


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    saman234 commented on I Rewatched "Gilmore Girls" 8 Times And Now I Have A Lot Of Unpopular Opinions

    I agree, Jess was wonderful and much better than Logan as a person but in the end, he was too good for Rory. Yale made her into this privileged, bitchy and frankly annoying brat and I think at that point of her life (and even at the start of the revival), Logan was her true match.… 


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