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    12 Pieces Of "Animal Crossing" Merch That Are Too Cute To Pass Up

    The release of New Horizons is soon. Until then, why not fill the void in your life with these adorable pieces of merch that Tom Nook would definitely approve of?

    1. Froggy Chair Patch

    2. Town Fruit Tree Candles

    3. "Home Sweet Home" Hoodie

    4. Animal Crossing–Themed Tiny Garden Pal

    5. The Roost Coffee Mug and Coasters

    6. New Horizons Aloha Edition Carrying Case

    7. New Horizons-Inspired Scented Candle

    8. New Horizons Skin

    9. Console Art T-Shirts

    10. Animal Crossing Sticker Pack

    11. Animal Crossing–Inspired Pins

    12. And of course, a Froggy Chair Hat