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11 Last-Minute Things To Bring To Holiday Parties In A Pinch

Because everyone else is bringing the second-cheapest bottle from the wine store around the corner.

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2. Flowers 🌼 🌹

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Tuck a festive bouquet or even a small tree under your arm for a fun way to bring literal life to the party.

5. A disposable camera 📷 😁

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Pass it around so people can take turns snapping photos. Unlike your phone, it won't matter if people drop it or spill guac on the lens.

7. Treats for the host's pets 🐶 🐱

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Because people so often overlook some of the most important guests in the room.

11. And, of course, anything with electrolytes 💊 😌


Make sure your besties stay hydrated and pop some in the host's fridge as a surprise for the morning (in case they wake up feeling sluggish).

Want to make Friendsgiving even better? Bring along a six-pack of Samuel Adams.

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