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What's The Wildest Story You Have About Your In-Laws?

There's nothing like a bit of familial humiliation.

No matter how much you love your other half, it's not always a given that you will love their parents... Or that they will love you!

In fact, one's relationship with one's in-laws can range from downright difficult to super strange. What we want to know is, what's an interesting anecdote you have about your S.O's parentals?

Maybe you accidentally flashed your partner's mum once?

Perhaps you don't speak to your S.O's dad because you unintentionally ran over his cat?

Perhaps you find it difficult to be around your in-laws because they sometimes speak in tongues?

Or maybe you once got all dolled up to meet your other half's parents for the first time, only to discover that you have *history* with one of them!

scene from fresh meat of oregon meeting her boyfriend's dad who happens to be her ex

Whatever it is, tell us the wildest story you have about your in-laws in the comments below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!