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I Want To Know A Thing Your Parents Told You As A Kid That You Later Figured Out Was A Lie

"They don't sell replacement batteries for that toy."

Parents. In most cases they nurture us, provide for us, and LIE TO US!

Have you ever had a parent or guardian tell you something that you later figured out was complete BS? Well, share it with us!

Maybe they told you that if you weren't quiet on long road trips, the car would spontaneously flip over.

Perhaps they warned you away from watching too much TV, and told you they would always know if you broke the rules?

Or maybe you were a super chatty kid, so your parents told you everyone had a 10,000 word a month limit, and if you reached your limit, you physically couldn't speak.

Whatever it is, tell us the lies you were told as a kid by a parent or a guardian in the comments, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!