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Build A Home Office And We'll Tell You The Career You're Supposed To Be In

Because your choice of chair reflects a lot!

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  1. Okay, first things first – you'll need a desk to work off of:

  2. And how about a little armchair in the corner of the room?

  3. Now choose a house plant:

  4. What colour will your walls be?

  5. Pick a storage option:

  6. Select a piece of art for the walls:

  7. How about a nice cushion for that chair?

  8. Pick a rug:

  9. Add a lamp for when you have to work late:

  10. Choose a knick-knack for your desk:

  11. Choose a little friend to join you while you work:

  12. Select a bizarre and unique feature to add:

  13. And lastly, what hot drink will you be having in your office?

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