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    Channel 4 And Peacock Have Released A First Look At Their New Punk Rock Muslim Comedy

    I can't wait for this one!

    Channel 4 has teased us with a first look at its upcoming six-part comedy series, We Are Lady Parts, and I for one am super excited!

    The comedy focuses on a group of London-based Muslim musicians who together form a punk band called Lady Parts – hence the title!

    Creator Nida Manzoor, who has previously directed episodes of Doctor Who, Enterprice, and Hounslow Diaries, drew on her own experience when writing the show, and also took inspiration from London's rich and diverse culture and art scene.

    As well as being a traditionally unapologetic Channel 4-esque comedy, the show will also linger on the fundamental questions in life like "who am I?" and "where and with whom do I belong?"

    I've got high hopes that We Are Lady Parts will join the ranks of amazing female-led Channel 4 comedy series like Derry Girls, Chewing Gum, and Raised By Wolves. You can catch it on Channel 4 and All4 this Spring, and the series will be streaming on Peacock thereafter.