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    The "Gossip Girl" Reboot Will Air On BBC One In The UK – Here's Everything You Need To Know

    Get ready for Gossip Girl 2.0!

    Attention, Upper East Siders – Gossip Girl is getting a reboot and it's gonna be coming to the UK this August!


    It's been TOO long!!

    The reboot – which drops in the US on HBO Max this Thursday – will follow a brand new set of Manhattan private schoolers who once again become the subject of Gossip Girl's infamous rumour mill.

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    And I'm guessing it's not Dan Humphrey behind the wheel this time.

    The twelve-part series (which is being released in two halves) will jump back into the same universe as the OG show, but nine years on from its divisive 2012 finale.


    To illustrate just how much the internet has changed in nine years, Gossip Girl will expose New York's teen elite on an Instagram account instead of a blog.

    Emily Alyn Lind of The Babysitter will play Audrey Hope, Descendants star Thomas Doherty will play Max Wolfe, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina alumna Whitney Peak will play new girl Zoya Lott.

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    They are joined by Jordan Alexander, Eli Brown, Tavi Gevinson, Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, and Savannah Lee Smith in main roles. What we won't be seeing is any cameos from the original show's cast – well, at least not in this season! Although Kristen Bell returns as the voice of Gossip Girl.

    The show is billed as more "adult" than the previous iteration, and will feature a much bigger cast of 16 series regulars.


    Showrunners have previously spoken about making the 2021 revival more diverse than the original series by centre-ing LGBTQ and Black characters and stories. The reboot will also attempt to explore wealth and privilege in a more enlightened way, given recent demonstrations around income inequality in New York around the world.

    UPDATE: UK fans of the show won't have to wait much longer, as the series will soon be available to stream on BBC iPlayer!


    From Wednesday 25th August, the new Gossip Girl will arrive as a box set of six eps on BBC iPlayer! The first episode will also be broadcast on BBC One at 10.35pm, and will continue on a weekly basis. And as if that wasn't enough, you can watch the entire OG series on BBC iPlayer now!

    For now, here's a trailer for the series. Let us know if you're excited for the reboot in the comments below!

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