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People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Opinions About Travelling And Honestly, I Can Lowkey Relate

Turbulence is... fun!?

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what their unpopular travelling opinions were. Here are some of the best (worst?) things that came up:

1. "I don't like going on holiday! It's a lot of effort and money, plus I hate being away from home."

2. "If you're gonna go abroad and just eat your home cuisine, then what's the point of even going away?"

3. "I don’t like itineraries."

4. "Cities are garbage to visit."

5. "If you go to The Louvre, the Mona Lisa WILL be a huge disappointment."

6. "I actually like airports – they're not that bad!"

7. "I don't think cruises count as travelling, sorry."

8. "I couldn't give a shit about scenery or museums, but if there's something on the McDonald's menu that we don't have back home, I'm getting it."

9. "Packing light is stupid."

10. "Everyone I know wants to go to Australia, but I can't be bothered."

11. "Flying first class isn't all the hype."

12. "Wearing shorts on the plane is the best!"

13. "New York City is overrated."

14. "Times Square is definitely worth seeing for someone who hasn't visited NYC before."

15. "Open-top bus tours are amazing – even in your own home town/city!"

16. "Paris isn't worth all the fuss it gets."

17. "Don't go to any museums in Manhattan."

18. "Airplane turbulence is fun!"

19. "One of the best things to do abroad is to go to the supermarket and buy chocolate you don’t get the chance to eat at home!"

Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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