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People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Opinions About Travelling And Honestly, I Can Lowkey Relate

Turbulence is... fun!?

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what their unpopular travelling opinions were. Here are some of the best (worst?) things that came up:

1. "I don't like going on holiday! It's a lot of effort and money, plus I hate being away from home."

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"I'd rather just take a week off, stay at home, and do my own thing, than have to do the same thing elsewhere 😂."


"I don't like travelling at all. That's the whole opinion."


2. "If you're gonna go abroad and just eat your home cuisine, then what's the point of even going away?"

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"I can understand children doing this but I don't know why as an adult you'd go away and not sample the local cuisine? And this is coming from a typically picky eater!"


3. "I don’t like itineraries."

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"I think having a rough outline of what you want to do or see is great, but it should be about going with the flow instead of packing your day full of work-like appointments."


4. "Cities are garbage to visit."

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"Go to a national park. That's where it's at."


5. "If you go to The Louvre, the Mona Lisa WILL be a huge disappointment."

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6. "I actually like airports – they're not that bad!"

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"They're easy to navigate, there's normally lots of shops to look at, plenty of food, and clean toilets!"


"There's something so magical about all those people coming and going to/from so many interesting destinations around the globe. It's a part of travelling I actually look forward to! I live near an airport, and driving by it during COVID I always realise how much I miss it."


7. "I don't think cruises count as travelling, sorry."

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"If you only port for a couple hours in one city in one country, you can't then say you've actually been to that country 🤷🏻‍♀️."


8. "I couldn't give a shit about scenery or museums, but if there's something on the McDonald's menu that we don't have back home, I'm getting it."

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9. "Packing light is stupid."

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"You're gonna need all those clothes and some places don’t have washing machines!"


10. "Everyone I know wants to go to Australia, but I can't be bothered."

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"Why would I travel that far if I'm only gonna end up in another country full of white people speaking English?"


11. "Flying first class isn't all the hype."

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"It's overpriced, and people judged me when I slept on one of the bed seats. It's just full of rich white guys and sometimes there's screaming kids just like in economy."


12. "Wearing shorts on the plane is the best!"

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"Larry David may not approve, but it feels great. Sitting on the plane, wearing a pair or shorts with a brand new pair of kicks – let the travelling commence!"


13. "New York City is overrated."

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"I’ve been several times and every time we go, we end up sitting around waiting for it to be time to leave. If you want a good New York Experience, go upstate. Spend a week in The Adirondacks – they're quieter, cleaner, and there's so much to do and explore!"


14. "Times Square is definitely worth seeing for someone who hasn't visited NYC before."

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"Born and raised New Yorker here, and though I can see how it can be overwhelming, it's famous for a reason! In addition to how amazing it is at night, just think of how many movies and shows have filmed there too!"


15. "Open-top bus tours are amazing – even in your own home town/city!"

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"I know lots of people think they're cheesy and touristy, but they are always SO interesting. I went on my own town's bus tour and learned so much!"


16. "Paris isn't worth all the fuss it gets."

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"IMO, it's the world's flattest city, and once you tick off all the major tourist attractions (which aren't that great) you come to realise all the little cafes, shops, and things are all exactly the same! Just skip the city of light and disappointment and go on holiday somewhere else."


17. "Don't go to any museums in Manhattan."

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"They're all crowded and have 0 Yodas. Go to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, which is less crowded and has at least 1 Yoda at all times."


18. "Airplane turbulence is fun!"

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"I've observed that most people on a flight clearly don't share my opinion, but for me it's more exciting than frightening! It really makes you feel like you're flying in the air!"


19. "One of the best things to do abroad is to go to the supermarket and buy chocolate you don’t get the chance to eat at home!"

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"Grocery shopping in other countries is THE BEST."


Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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