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    26 "Unfun" Facts I Recently Learned That Are As Fascinating As They As Terrifying

    Babies grow a moustache in the womb. Then eat it.

    This week, Reddit user MC_gnome asked, "what’s an 'unfun' fact?", and the community did not disappoint! Here are some of the most mindblowing facts people shared, and please bear in mind, some of these are NOT for the faint-hearted...

    1. In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a smallpox sample they'd lost without even realising it.

    Three canisters and a scientist seeming to deposit a sample in one canister.

    2. Only one in every 1,000 sea turtles born make it to adulthood.

    A load of sea turtles in shallow water.

    3. When your skin burns and turns red due to sun exposure, it’s because your skin cells are killing themselves to avoid becoming cancerous.

    A man sunbathing on a lilo in a pool with sunburn.

    4. There is a rare and fatal condition in which the brain progressively destroys one’s ability to sleep.

    A woman huddled on a bed.

    5. The tarantula hawk wasp will hunt, paralyse, and entrap a tarantula to use as a live food for its larvae.

    6. There are at least eight nuclear weapons known to be missing across the world.

    Nuclear missiles in a row.

    7. Around 1.5 million people die from Tuberculosis every year – a disease that's treatable by antibiotics in almost all cases.

    Two doctors treating a patient in a tented hospital unit.

    8. Bananas are a little bit radioactive.

    Bananas on a wooden table

    9. The youngest person to ever give birth was Lina Medina, a Peruvian girl who gave birth to a child in 1939 at age five.

    A child's feet in sandals standing on dirt.

    10. Cockroaches are often ground in with large batches of coffee.

    11. There are brain-eating amoebas in freshwater ponds and lakes all over the world.

    A deck and a lake in the distance.

    12. Female ducks are so often forced into mating by male ducks that they have multiple vaginal defenses to confuse attackers and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

    A duck swimming in the water.

    13. The male honeybee exists only to mate with the queen bee, after which he is "castrated" and dies.

    A close up of two honey bees.

    14. There is a sunken ship in the Thames estuary filled with wartime explosives called the SS Richard Montgomery which, if disturbed, would detonate and send a tsunami up the river Thames in London.

    Several missiles poking above the surface of the sea.

    15. Scientists once observed a deep sea octopus guard its eggs for five whole years without leaving the "nest" or even eating.

    An octopus on the sea floor.

    16. There are only three states in America that have officially outlawed child marriage.

    A map of the United States.

    17. Every unborn baby grows a moustache in the womb, which then spreads to cover its entire body.

    A baby in the womb.

    18. There is a planet where it potentially rains molten glass horizontally at around 4500 mph.

    An alien planet.

    19. Anyone can have a sudden brain aneurysm, at any age, no matter your health situation.

    A man scratching his head.

    20. Scuba Divers are known to experience a sudden change in pressure when swimming near open pipes, drains, or valves and can get sucked inside, no matter the size of the hole.

    A silhouette of a scuba diver swimming.

    21. A single female tiger living in India at the turn of the twentieth century managed to kill 436 people.

    A tiger crouching in tall grass.

    22. Since the year 1950, it's estimated that around 2,500 to 3,000 languages have either died out or become endangered, with fewer speakers every passing day.

    A woman teaching a young girl sign language.

    23. Fossilisation is actually quite rare. It takes a very specific set of circumstances for an organism to even become a fossil, let alone for a fossil to survive into the modern era.

    A fossil of a dinosaur.

    24. Judith Barsi, a promising young actor who starred in The Land Before Time and All Dogs Go to Heaven, was tragically murdered along with her mother by her father at age ten.

    A picture of Judith Barsi and Ducky from The Land Before Time.

    25. Loads of people have their ashes scattered at Disneyland.

    A picture of the castle at Disneyland.

    26. And lastly, as if things weren't bleak enough, according to quantum mechanics there's a small chance the entire universe could suddenly disappear in the next five seconds.

    A colourful edit of space.

    H/T to Ask Reddit – much love and thanks for truly creeping me out.

    Note: some entries have been edited for length and clarity.