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    17 Supremely Underrated LGBTQ TV Shows That You Should Be Watching During Lockdown

    Rainbow TV is the best TV!

    So you've seen a season of Will & Grace (iconic), and you've caught a random episode of The L Word, and late one night you even watched Queer As Folk once, and you think you've completed LGBTQ TV!?


    Sis, that's just the tip of the sex toy! Here are 17 superb series, and I guarantee there will be at least one you haven't watched but you should start right now...

    1. Elite


    The tea: You may have heard of this Spanish-language thriller series before, but if you haven't actually watched it you're missing the hell out! Set within the confines of Las Encinas, an exclusive private school, three normal teens must mix in with a set of haughty, privileged kids who regularly get into all sorts of kinky trouble. Think Gossip Girl meets Sharp Objects. And if that's not enough to entice you, there are tons of queer and polyamorous hookups and lots of gratuitous male nudity, so yeah.

    Where to watch: Netflix.

    2. The Other Two

    Comedy Central

    The tea: Honestly SUCH an underrated series featuring two narcisstic siblings whose younger brother hits an instant Justin Bieber-like fame while they wallow in their own lack of success. The story focuses on gay actor Cary and his catty sister Brooke who moves from being a pro dancer to doing PR. It's a really smart series that doesn't take itself too seriously and excellently parodies influencer culture to an absolute tee!

    Where to watch: All 4 (in the UK).

    3. Pose


    The tea: Watch Pose Now. Are you kidding? Why haven't you already opened a new tab? This Ryan Murphy vehicle is probably one of the most seismic and incredible pieces of LGBTQ television in the last ten years. Largely made by trans people about trans people, the show depicts the iconic Harlem drag ball culture that exploded in '80s and '90s New York through the eyes of the community. It also shines a light on the AIDS epidemic. Unprecented. Heartwrenching. Life-affirming. Seriously, why haven't you opened that tab?

    Where to watch: BBC iPlayer (in the UK) and Netflix.

    4. Search Party


    The tea: Okay this one is more of a vibe than an explicitly LGBTQ series, although there is a compelling gay character in Elliott Goss – a larger-than-life gay stereotype who is pretty funny nonetheless. Basically, Alia Shawkat goes an existential journey after a girl from her school goes missing and Alia vows to find her. I've made it sound trite but honestly I can't praise this series enough... Go. Watch. Now.

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

    5. Gaycation with Ellen Page


    The tea: Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a queer person in different places around the world? Well, Oscar and Emmy award-nominated actor/director Ellen Page has! A few years back she teamed up with Vice and her super cute BFF Ian Daniel to take viewers on a journey around Japan, India, Ukraine, and the US – to name a few locations – in order to explore LGBTQ culture abroad. It's an insightful watch and I would highly recommend!

    Where to watch: All4 (in the UK).

    6. The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

    Brian Jordan Alvarez / Via YouTube

    The tea: Okay, okay, this one is technically a web-series, but it's too good not to mention! Caleb is a student living in LA surrounded by his complicated and effervescent friends. When he falls in love with a British actor, Caleb yearns for him to move to LA but it's not exactly smooth sailing. The story waxes and wains and the filming is lil' amateur, but the entire cast are freakin' hilarious beyond belief!

    Where to watch: It's on YouTube, baby!

    7. Looking


    The tea: Maybe you've heard of this one, maybe not – I'm not sure how popular Looking actually is – but if you live for that hipster HBO Girls type of television and you love super realistic dirty sex scenes, this is the one for you! Set in San Francisco, this show swings from cringe to quite touching, and definitely hits on a lot of gay issues whilst also being watchable and sexy AF. It also features some famous faces you'll definitely recognise!

    Where to watch: NOW TV.

    8. Lip Service

    BBC Three

    The tea: If you're looking for a sexy lil' alternative to The L Word's exhausting melodrama, look no further than this gone-but-not-forgotten British series! Focusing on a group of attractive young gay women living in Glasgow and navigating adult life, the show balances conflama with humour in a pleasant and super addictive way.

    Where to watch: Hulu.

    9. Broad City

    Comedy Central

    The tea: If you've never watched Broad City quite frankly you haven't been using your time correctly. The series ended its final season last year but really the entire show feels like the freshest comedy I've seen in years. We follow Abbi and Ilana, two young average joes living in New York and dealing with jobs, lovers, and womanhood – you've seen it before right? Wrong. This series is funnier, bolder, and weirder than any of those shows and I know you will stan if you give it half a chance.

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

    10. Sugar Rush

    Channel 4

    The tea: This one's a classic and it's nothing to do with that Netflix baking show! Sugar Rush is a brilliant coming-of-age sitcom that focuses on closeted lesbian Kim, who lives in Brighton with her singularly eccentric and lowkey neglectful family. When she collides with fiesty young baddie Sugar, she can't seem to stop thinking about her. The trouble is, Sugar is straight. Now it's up to Kim navigate her feelings and find her feet amongst the maelstrom that is her teenage life!

    Where to watch: All4 (in the UK).

    11. Banana


    The tea: Ya ever heard of a little series goes by the name of Cucumber? Well once upon a time, Cucumber was broadcast on Channel 4 and the people loved it! It was basically about an older gay man struggling with his sexual identity later on in life and in his infinite wisdom, series creator and TV genius Russell T Davies put out a sister show that followed some of the minor younger characters in an anthology type of series. It's absolute class and you should go check it out!

    Where to watch: All4 (in the UK).

    12. Now Apocalpyse


    The tea: This Gregg Araki vehicle hit screens mid last year and was cancelled after just one season – but boy was it a season! Starring several incredibly fit new-gen guys from Avan Jogia to Tyler Posey and Jacob Artist, the story follows sexually-fluid stoner Ulysses and his mates who are all living the dream in LA. While they get their rocks off, a potential alien takeover of earth looms. It's camp, sexy, and freakin' weird so if you like that, why not give it a go?

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime, but you can watch the first ep on Starz.

    13. The Fosters


    The tea: Bring back The Fosters! This show was so cute and uplifting and just wholesome as hell. Set in San Diego, USA, the story follows the lives of Stef and Lena, a lesbian couple, and their large multi-ethnic blended family who are all just trying to get by in modern day America. You'll recognise a few famous faces in this series and it's exec produced by the one and only JLo! Definitely watch for uplifting and diverse portrayals of the LGBTQ experience.

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

    14. Special


    The tea: Omg such a good series and definitely one you can binge in a single night because the episodes are only 15 minutes long! The show is the brainchild of openly gay actor and writer Ryan O'Connell, who has cerebral palsy. The series follows his character's life as he begins working for a strangely familiar media agency while juggling his love life and his need for independence from his super lovely mother (played by Jessica Hecht!) Give it a go because it's super lovely and it really won't take long!

    Where to watch: Netflix.

    15. United States of Tara


    The tea: If I ever need to say a prayer, I say it to Toni Collette's performance in this series. She plays Tara, a Kansas mum struggling with a perplexing and relentless case of Dissociative Identity Disorder. The series is super liberal, entertaining, and addictive. The cast is pretty stellar and they really carry the story when it stumbles (which happens a bit, ngl). I live for Tara's sensitive gay son, her wayward daughter, and her self-obsessed sister. Relatable comedy at its very best!

    Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

    16. Sex Education


    The tea: This is a pretty well-known show but still many people haven't seen it and I highly recommend! Confusingly retro and yet refreshingly modern at the same time, this paradoxical teen series follows Otis, a sexually frustrated amateur sex therapist who sets up a discreet advice service within his high school with help from resident bad girl, Maeve. Cue lots of teenage drama, some complicated romances, and many hilarious happenings!

    Where to watch: Netflix.

    17. RuPaul's Drag Race


    The tea: I mean, how could I not mention the reality TV behemoth that's continuing to push drag further into the spotlight than ever before!? Legendary drag queen RuPaul Charles hosts a pageant style competition in which queens compete to win a cash prize and serious notoriety. It's at times hilarious, emotional, and incredibly entertaining. To quote Drag Race alum Katya Zamolodchikova: "this is the gayest thing in the world – it's got height, it's got momentum, it's got drama!"

    Where to watch: Netflix.

    What did you make of these suggestions? Do you have any of your one? Shout out in the comments! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

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